1. xmacvicar

    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Custom 2020 - but bad....

    I had my eye on this guitar since it was announced. I always wanted a black beauty custom, and this was a chance to get an affordable one! I got one yesterday here in Canada and I came home and rocked out hard for an hour or two. I realized the intonation was a bit off so I started fine...
  2. T

    Satin Les Paul Traditional Scratching Really Easily

    Hey guys, Check this out - I recently picked up this beautiful used Les Paul Traditional 1960 Zebra (limited run for Long and McQuade in Canada). It’s the first LP I’ve had with a satin finish which I was super psyched about. The guitar was mint when I got it but after just two jams it’s got...
  3. M

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 2009

    Good morning everyone, I'm looking for an advice regarding an used 2009 LP Standard. I always wanted one but I'm not that expert to evaluate the price I've been offered (1500 Euro). What is an average range of price for this type of guitar, provided that it is in good shape and all in order...
  4. E


  5. nicolasrivera

    New Mike Burn 1959 Les Paul Video

  6. Z

    Super confused... Help

    I just wanna say one thing, that I need a les paul as close to vintage specs as possible without having to pay for a reissue. I have no budget for Historics. By being close to vintage means the color, weight and everything else. And these trads are killer guitars imo. So I have these two...
  7. Thinlizzyfan98

    Guitar setup help

    I got my first guitar which is an epiphone les paul ebony when i tune my strings they break im not sure am i tuning to high because i dont yet have a tuner does anyone know what size and what socket i need for these i aslo have fret buzz when i put on one of my new strings some frets were not...
  8. Z

    2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    Hey guys! I tried these two guitars and both of them play amazing!! Im getting a great deal on these for Christamas Sale. Both are exact same models but the tobacco burst has a little fat neck than the other one. The only main difference is the weight. Tobacco is 8.9 Pounds or 4.04 Kg and the...
  9. T

    Unsure about my new 2002 Les Paul Standard Rootbeer Burst. Help please.

    Hey Folks, first-time poster here (made an account just for the occasion after lurking for ages, hello everyone!). This may be a long one so sorry about that, just want to get my points across properly here so y'all good folks can help. I was hoping some of you could offer some advice on this...
  10. T

    CL Ad - No Relation

  11. Z

    Planning to buy a 2004 Les Paul in Japan.

    Hi. English is not my first language so apologize me if I am not able to explain properly. I live in Japan. Im new to this forum. Im really confused right now. I saw this beautiful 2004 Les paul in Sweet cherry kind of a burst and its super gorgeous but Im not sure if all the parts are original...
  12. DaveK99

    Slash AFD Les Paul Real/Fake?

    Hi, I’m new to this forum so I hope I’ve posted this thread in the correct section, if not my apologies. I just wanted to ask you guys some advice on the authenticity of this Slash AFD that went up for sale a few days ago...
  13. J

    Trade with a Les Paul Studio

    Hello everybody, I'm selling a Stratocaster (in particular a partscaster) and one guy asked me if I'm interested with a exchange with his Les Paul. It's a Les Paul studio 120th anniversary (2014) in ebony. He has replaced the nut (bone) and the bridge (Gotoh), but the main problem is the finish...
  14. HardCore Troubadour

    Norlin Trifecta

    Not really a lot to say right here as the pics pretty much speak for themselves..... For those interested, 74 Deluxe-82 Custom-78 Standard- all 100% stock.
  15. M37a11

    Help! Need assistance identifying what's wrong with this Les Paul neck

    hi I bought by first Gibson Les Paul studio off of reverb.com. It is a 2010 silver burst. The silver burst and fretboard (baked maple almost ebony colored) look fantastic but I am really worried about these cracks near the headstock and along many of the frets. Does anyone know what might be...
  16. pulse.

    FS EU Gibson Les Paul Studio '06

    Hello there, I'm selling a '06 Gibson Les Paul Studio, fireburst, equipped with a pair of Seymour Duncan Seth lovers, rewired with CTS pots, evidence cable & 50's style wiring. 650€ PPG plus shipping
  17. bc7889

    Seeking info on MIK LP

    I recently acquired a 1993 Samick made Les Paul with a Birdseye Maple top and a lighter wood back (alder or maple) and a mohagony neck. According to the serial number it was made in December of 93, but every time I try to find the value it only shows model years 94-97 or 99, and only opts for a...
  18. James10101

    New Amp for Gibson Les Paul

    Hi guys, I currently own a line 6 amplifi 150 modelling amp and want an upgrade in sound for my Les Paul standard as I don’t think it does the guitar justice. There a few reasons I want to get rid of this amp: 1. The fiddling around to connect my phone on Bluetooth to change the tone 2. I only...
  19. Chakalawaka

    Pickup Rings

    Hi everyone! So I recently had the chance to have my les paul refinished and reliced by master Tony Berrington.. And to complete the look, I would like to replace the original pickup rings for taller ones, just like on a '59, so I bought historically accurate pickup rings, only to realise...

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