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  1. bossaddict

    NGD: 2003 (Braz?) J7

    That's right... I made up "J7" just now and I'm going to try and make it a thing. :P I got this 2003 '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior last week from Bernunzio Uptown Music in NY. I used to have a TV White non-reverse Firebird and really loved that finish, so I've been sort of on the lookout for...
  2. M

    NGD Les Paul Black Beauty

    Got this recently. Weighs in at 10lbs and 12ozs. Even at that weight it feels "light" maybe due to the third humbucker routing? I havent fully played it yet. Waiting for a trusted luthier to come back from vacation. I want to form a zeppelin cover band now.
  3. 519tbarr


    Have to say I've been looking forward to hearing a demo of one of the new 2019 Les Paul Custom's with the Ebony Fingerboard! From Peach Guitars in the UK. Those old 498 and 490 combo pickups sound like good old 80's early 90's rock n roll to me. Enjoy the watch!
  4. P

    2018 Gibson Les Paul Signature Plus Guitar w/OHSC Limited Run SPOTLESS

    2018 Gibson Les Paul Signature Plus Guitar w/OHSC Limited Run SPOTLESS On Ebay
  5. P

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic 57 PU w/ Hardshell Case

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic 57 PU w/ Hardshell Case On Ebay
  6. P

    Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar Black P90's 2018 OHSC

    Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar Black P90's 2018 OHSC On Ebay
  7. '18 Special DC Front Body

    '18 Special DC Front Body

  8. 519tbarr

    A 2019 - 58 Reissue video for your delight.

    Another new Wildwood video - this time a 58 reissue in Lemon Burst - new for 2019. https://wildwoodguitars.com/product/89053/2019-historic-1958-les-paul-standard-2/?cat_id=21896 Nice to see videos of these rolling out. For the Canucks in this room - L&M still doesn't even have info posted on...
  9. FB_IMG_1501039345628.jpg


    gibby and my '07 SRV stratocaster.
  10. M

    Please Delete

    I decided to keep it
  11. L

    Corsa Big Dog Special

    Another incredible guitar from Larry Corsa. With a one piece chambered mahogany body and Manalishi P90 and splitbucker pickups, this highly resonant instrument provides a wide range tones. It has three 500K push-pulls: bridge volume (coil split), bridge tone (“cocked wah”), neck tone (change...
  12. W

    Looking for gold matching roller bridge and tailpiece SUGGESTIONS

    My current guitar is a Epiphone 2008 Les Paul Standard. I am getting all new gold hardware (switch, pickup covers, tuners, etc.), and I'm having a bit of trouble finding a bridge and tailpiece that come from the same brand that are BOTH gold. If anyone has any suggestions for a combo that have...
  13. M

    2019 Traditional - Observations

    I was at the 100 Oaks GC (Nashville) yesterday, and to my surprise they had a full compliment of the new 2019 LP's. I was especially interested in the Traditional model. I had the sales guy take it out of the locked stand and that thing was a beautiful piece of LP. The price was MSRP of...
  14. Gibsonguy57

    WTB 1950’s P90 Anico Staple Pickups

    Looking to buy a set of 50’s P90 and staple pickups...Let me know if you have one or both! THANKS!
  15. B

    help to Identify my Japanese Vantage entertainer.

    Hi, I got this beautiful guitar in a trade, plays very well, sounds amazing, very well built, however, I can't find any info or pics about this exact model, most of them are semi hollow, this one is solid with a set neck, which is strange because every other solid one on Google has a bolt neck...
  16. Chakalawaka

    2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard faded info

    Hello to all of y'all, I am calling out to any owners or anyone who knows anything about the 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard faded. I may have the chance to purchase one, and I need some info on the beast! I will have to get it shipped as it is located quite far away from me. The one I'm after...
  17. Dick Banks

    I stroll into a Guitar Shop in 1959....

    Travelling in my newly invested time machine, I stroll into a Guitar Shop in 1959, and see a '57 Strat and a '59 Les Paul for sale, and I say to the owner: "I'm from the year 2019, and I'm here to tell you that up to the year that I come from, no one has really made any significant upgrades to...
  18. verde


  19. treyrab

    FS: 2003 Les Paul R7 Custom Shop (Brazilian) - Free Overnight Ship

    Hi All - I am selling my 2003 Gibson Custom Shop R7. I just got a new Historic Makeovers R9, so this has to go. The R7 is in fantastic shape and is 100% stock and a good weight at 8.5lbs on my scale. While it is out of the "Brazilian S/N range", many R7s still received Brazilian; based on a few...
  20. Parker Fleming

    Help me Identify/Date this Les Paul (Deluxe?)!

    Hey everyone, I am a first time poster hoping for the collective knowledge on this forum to help me figure out what this thing is. I know this category is for "Vintage Les Pauls" (up to 1968), so if there's a more appropriate place for this conversation, please move the thread for me! I can't...