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  1. T

    2007 Les Paul CLassic Plastic Klusons seem cheap Grovers vs Kluson

    2007 Les PAul Classic Ebony W/ chrome Chambered weight relief 8.2 lbs Plastic Klusons seem cheap THink I'm gonna swap out these tuners, there doesnt seem like much space to get a good wind on the posts i dunno maybe beeing overly critical Put strings on her and put too many winds on the...
  2. Lucascas

    Align pickup ring on Les Paul Standard

    Hi everyone! I recently got a 2005 standard but has the neck pickup ring misaligned with the neck. Neck is straight as an arrow, so I guess that the issue comes from the plastic ring. Now comes the noob question: Is there any way to fix that without having to drill new holes? The guitar...
  3. A

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s Tobacco Burst 2019

    If anyone was ever curious as to why the new tobacco burst/ dark burst Les Pauls were “black”, they’re not. I was actually really happy to figure this out. All of the research I’ve done, always showed them being a dark reddish brown. That’s exactly the color they are, you need to put the guitar...
  4. E

    Finish checking or neck crack?

    I recently bought a used Epiphone Les Paul Standard and when I got it home I noticed a small crack running along the neck joint and along where the fingerboard meets the body. Wondering if it's a finish crack or a crack in the wood, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. 519tbarr

    NGD - 60's Les Paul Standard - Bourbon Burst

    It has been a while since I posted an NGD here at my favourite forum. This is semi-new as I had sold through a few guitars for various reasons and stumbled upon this gem of a LP. It's a new Les Paul Standard 60's in Bourbon Burst. As soon as I tried it in the music store the neck immediately...
  6. 519tbarr

    New 2019 1960 Reissue - Wildwood Video

    If people haven't seen this yet - here's a good quality video of the new 1960 2019 Les Paul reissue in Washed Cherry. It's the first time I have heard the new unpotted Custom Buckers in action. Nice guitar. Enjoy the listen...
  7. Veritas0Aequitas

    SOLD Epiphone Elite / Elitist Les Paul Standard 2002 MIJ w/ Seymour Duncan SH-18 Pickups & Case

    Up for sale is an Epiphone Les Paul Elite Standard w/ Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Pickups and Original Hard Shell Case $1175 shipped. Payment via PayPal. Insured & shipped FedEx. This was one of the first Epiphone Elite Les Pauls ever made with a F200xxx serial number and this guitar is...
  8. americanstandardtele

    NGD - Finally!

    After maybe, what, 30 years of playing, finally got the Les Paul I wanted - 2018 Standard in Cherry Burst. Sure plays nice. Pickups are very articulate, QC is pretty good, really can't find any flaws, could maybe use a better nut but that's almost every Gibson. Man, I looked a long time to find...
  9. 519tbarr

    It's Official - a new 2019 Les Paul Standard! Pic included!

    Seems that Slash gave us the first hint. But here's a picture from the Facebook page of Gibson. Seem's we are getting a new revised Les Paul Standard from the USA shop. Look forward to seeing what the specs are on these! Or if they have just done away with the Standard vs Traditional moniker...
  10. 519tbarr

    Did anyone notice this on Slash's Instagram Page? 50's style Standard - NEW

    Claiming to be a new Les Paul Standard 50's style stock? On Slash's twitter feed/instagram. Looks like a modern day traditional with maybe a change in pickups? Maybe a sign of things to come in the USA lineup or a misquote?
  11. tm07x

    [Buying advice] Les Paul Standard 1978

    Hi, There's a local guy selling a 1978 Les Paul Standard (see pictures) and I was hoping you guys could help me determine whether or not I should buy it, and what would be a fair price for the guitar. (Seller is asking around 2300USD) The seller says the guitar weighs about 9lbs 4oz and it...
  12. sangandongo

    Production Numbers: 1971 Les Paul Standards

    I know that there were very few custom ordered Standards before '74. They're almost all Deluxes which have been modified. Even the few that are verifiable are still hard to be certain about. A friend has a '71 Standard that looks entirely legit. Years and years ago, I remember a discussion...
  13. S

    SOLD: 1990 Gibson Les Paul Classic Bouillion Gold

    SOLD! Gorgeous first year example of the Les Paul Classic, in Bullion Gold finish. This guitar is in remarkably good condition for a 28 year old instrument, with no major dents, dings, buckle rash or finish wear to speak of. There is one minor pit in the finish on the top near the toggle...
  14. B

    STOLEN: 2014 Les Paul Standard Halcyon , Gold Burst

    Hello all, on Monday some shit bag(s) burglarized my house and took 4 of my guitars (found the 4th missing after the fact ) among them was a 2014 Halcyon; Bill kelliher's sig. they also stole a laptop, Electronics , tools, and pedals totalling around $13,000 the thieves or associates were seen...
  15. SuperUnclear

    FS: 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Honeyburst ($1700)

    This is a gorgeous 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Honey Burst finish. Tasteful flame top, 3D and lots of mineral action that shimmers in the light. Beautiful marbled rosewood fingerboard. Frets have tons of life left. Pickguard never installed but included. 2005 means no chambering - this...
  16. Bemis

    NGD 2018 Standard - Cherry on top

    Been itching for some cherry goodness since I was a teenager, but it had to speak to me and be a player. Went over it with a fine tooth comb before pulling the trigger. She's so wonderful. Okay, I'll skip all the text and give you what you clicked on this post for... enjoy:
  17. TonyGOmad

    lary corsa conversion

    anyone have any experience with his conversion? how about pictures and a description of service, quality and tone improvement or lack there of.?I'm thinking of going threw with it. the price seems right. should I just do it myself? thanks in advance.
  18. Carl Compton

    Les Paul Standard Limited Edition unknown serial #

    Good day Les Paul aficionados, I'm having difficulty finding information on my newly acquired Epiphone Les Paul Limited edition MIK. The guitar is a custom color I have not seen on any other forum or website. The serial number is unique and unidentifiable, using traditional nomenclature the...
  19. James10101

    Does this look like an AAAA top? Gibson les Paul standard 2017 hp

    Hi, recently bought this les Paul standard hp. Plays and sounds like a beast! Absoulouteky love it! Just a bit concerned what it looks like up close! But far away the flame really comes through! Just wanted to know your opinion on this. Do you like The imperfections in the wood? Would you be...

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