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  1. V

    WTB: Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr in Sunburst

    Hi all, I signed up because I need to cast a wide net in search of this guitar. I'm looking for a Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr in Sunburst, new or used. The most important thing here is I would like all original parts, including the leopard print case. Please let me know! Thanks!
  2. J_Euphoria

    NGD: 2019 Les Paul Junior (Vintage Sunburst)

    After selling some gear and working over time, I went ahead and ordered a brand new 2019 Gibson Les Paul Junior from American Musical Supply. I have to say, this lovely instrument is simply killer. 2019 Les Paul Junior by J Euphoria, on Flickr 2019 Les Paul Junior by J Euphoria, on Flickr...
  3. bossaddict

    NGD: 2003 (Braz?) J7

    That's right... I made up "J7" just now and I'm going to try and make it a thing. :P I got this 2003 '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior last week from Bernunzio Uptown Music in NY. I used to have a TV White non-reverse Firebird and really loved that finish, so I've been sort of on the lookout for...
  4. V

    Various guitar parts New / Used "one lot"

    Selling this as a grab bag box lot. Buy it all, one money. Electric and Acoustic stuff. Pics are in the Google Photos link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/s1gVmtNyzi1Go5RR6 $100.00 shipped in the lower 48 USED - Guitar Fetish Zebra Humbuckers, I don't know what model. There is no PN Looks like 7.6...
  5. Live_junior


  6. Rick Benegbi

    Gibson Les Paul Special '57 Style Single Cut- 2001 Transparent Ferrari Red-WOW and Rare!

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the MLP Forum but have been on TGP for years as "Juicyproducer" and on Reverb as ricksvintage. Check my stellar feedback. Don't know why it took me so long to join but here I am. MLP members, you can have this one for $1199 instead of $1399 :)...
  7. F

    Just purchased one - WTB 2004-2011 Les Paul Junior - Single Cut

    Hey there, I am sure that i am not the only one, but I am looking to add a 2011 LPJ to my collection.. If anyone is looking to part with a Pelham Blue or TV Yellow...I AM INTERESTED!!! I also have a 2015 LPJ TV Yellow that I will be posting for sale here as well. Nice guitar, but the wider...
  8. TVBob

    1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior Video

    I'm pleased to introduce you "Coffee", an original vintage 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior with terrific tone.
  9. rmchrgr

    Kauer Daylighter 2011 Pelham Blue relic SOLD 8.30.19!

    Up for sale is my 2011 Kauer Daylighter. Color is "custom aged" Pelham Blue. 7.2 lbs., solid Spanish Cedar (essentially mahogany) with Wenge fingerboard. Single Wolfetone P90 with one volume (250K) and one tone (250K) control. Pigtail vintage wraparound bridge, Sperzel locking tuners. Fat Kauer...
  10. S

    Fattest sounding P90 pickup? Maybe a P100?

    Hi y'all, I have bought a used Epiphone '59 Les Paul Junior equipped with a dog-ear P90-style bridge pickup. Even considering the limitations of this pickup configuration I'd like to get the fattest sound possible from it. This pickup (which has been rewound - to unknown specs - by the previous...
  11. J

    Case for 2010 Gibson Faded Les Paul Junior SC

    Hey all, Last week I purchased a 2010 Gibson Faded Les Paul Junior Singlecut. It came with a gig bag. I LOVE the guitar but would like a case that is significantly more secure. At Guitarcenter they told me that the normal Gibson Les Paul cases do not fit the Junior because of the flattop...
  12. TateTheGreat

    Pre-reissue Les Paul Junior? 1983?

    Hi, Does anyone have a pre-reissue Les Paul Junior from '83 with a wrap around tailpiece, years before the official reissue Juniors with TOM bridges? I know early 80's Gibson did some quick batches of guitars not telling the public really of 59 specs and other weird things.
  13. mrfett

    FS: 2011 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut VOS in TV White w/OHSC - Video Demo!

    Up for sale is an excellent condition 2011 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut VOS in TV White finish. The pickup is a Wolfetone Meaner P-90 and it is wired 50s style with a Russian .022 Paper in Oil Capacitor, Mojotone Vintage Taper Volume pot and 250k Audio Taper Tone pot. Frets...
  14. keeponpicking

    1955 les paul jr

    what do you guys think about the re-fret? Guitarforum1 by keeponpicking posted Jan 13, 2018 at 2:48 PM20180113_141406 by keeponpicking posted Jan 13, 2018 at 2:48 PM20180113_141355 by keeponpicking posted Jan 13, 2018 at 2:48 PM20180113_141337 by keeponpicking posted Jan 13, 2018 at 2:48...
  15. PontiacKendall

    SOLD: Gibson Les Paul Junior 2011 - TV Yellow gloss

    For sale is my 2011 Gibson Les Paul Junior in gloss TV Yellow. This Junior plays like butter and the P90 sounds fantastic. As the pictures show this is a players guitar with some dings, chips, color wear, etc but structurally sound. It weighs in at 8.1 pounds and the neck measures .84" at the...