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    This is a recent commission. HÜ Tonelabs York Bl. Mini Humbuckers. 99% we build our own shapes but we made an exception here. Hope you like.
  2. W

    Where to buy replacement connector for 2015 LP Junior Output jack (PCB BOARD)

    Hey all, I have a 2015 Les Paul Jr. I want to put the PCB stuff back together, but need the little black computer-type connector thingy (I do not know the exact word for that item). I have the jack itself with cables, but the end tip is missing. Is this something I can do myself ? (i have a...
  3. D

    WANTED: Les Paul CM or CM T

    Hello- Does anyone want to sell a Les Paul CM or CM T? Or if you know of anyone selling one, I’d love to be connected. Thanks everyone!
  4. S

    Poll: Would you buy a Mark Agnesi signature Les Paul Junior?

    Mark Agnesi. Norman's Rare Guitars Guitar of the Day host/Gibson Director of Brand Experience/Les Paul Junior lover.
  5. S

    Poll: Which P-90 Gibson model do you prefer? SG Junior, SG Special, Les Paul Junior or Les Paul Special

    Which is your favorite P-90 slab model from the 2020 Original Collection?
  6. bossaddict

    NGD: 2003 (Braz?) J7

    That's right... I made up "J7" just now and I'm going to try and make it a thing. :P I got this 2003 '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior last week from Bernunzio Uptown Music in NY. I used to have a TV White non-reverse Firebird and really loved that finish, so I've been sort of on the lookout for...
  7. T

    Fano Alt de Facto SP6 Custom Order Rare Set Neck w/P-90 2012 Medium Distressed Gold Top

    Excellent and very rare Les Paul junior Custom guitar from Dennis Fano era, inspected by the man himself. You will not find any of this kind again. Asking $2999 shipped and paypalled worldwide! I5hk2qatwh05htxmwtqv by tyleresco posted Nov 14, 2018 at 1:21 PM Plhdpojejjake133aajq by tyleresco...

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