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  1. Les Paul Custom 68 Reissue - 2000 - Custom Shop

    Les Paul Custom 68 Reissue - 2000 - Custom Shop

    Les Paul Custom 68 Reissue - 2000 - Custom Shop - Amber Honey Burst / Butterscotch Burst
  2. J

    All mahogany 68 LPC

    Hi all, I’m a newbie here. Just wanted to see if anyone can share their knowledge regarding an odd feature with my early 68 LPC. It has all features of an early 68 including dotted ‘I’ and open ‘b & o’, long tenon, one piece neck, non T top pup’s, pots are Centralabs CBA-811 1053 6826 (engraved...
  3. M

    Is this Gibson Les Paul Custom Legit?

    I'm interested in buying this Gibson Les Paul custom but im not experienced enough to be certain its a real Les Paul custom. could any of you help me confirm that is either is or isn't real? if it's not could you point out what's wrong with it? It would be a huge help.
  4. Jewel the Sapphire

    NGD: LPC 198X

    The clouds opened up and down came this guitar to my hands! :cheers2::cheers2::cheers2::cheers2::cheers2: The pickups, electronics, tuners, nut, straplocks and knobs were changed. I have not one but two of these prototype Epiphone Les Paul Customs, wider block inlays, neck volutes and ABR1...
  5. 519tbarr


    Have to say I've been looking forward to hearing a demo of one of the new 2019 Les Paul Custom's with the Ebony Fingerboard! From Peach Guitars in the UK. Those old 498 and 490 combo pickups sound like good old 80's early 90's rock n roll to me. Enjoy the watch!
  6. egrassel

    Sold Please Delete

    Just picked this up - but ALSO just got laid off SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO f me right? Up for grabs is this 2018 (finished 11/18, and picked up by me a on 12/18) 1954 Les Paul Custom - weird story with this one. This was ordered by my local shop, for a really good customer of theirs. They didnt take...
  7. 519tbarr

    The Les Paul Custom is back!!! - Black Beauty 2019 - EBONY fingerboard returns!!!

    Finally!!! When I was a kid I absolutely loved the Les Paul Custom - Black Beauty. The standard old black beauty that was always available with an ebony fingerboard. I was just watching the new Anderton's video and the Gibson Rep says Ebony has returned to these guitars! That excites me...
  8. Z

    Replacing Parts On A 1959 Les Paul?

    Hey guys. You guys probably have seen a lot of 1959 Les paul videos on youtube. A lot of them guys say “Its all original parts” or “its bone stock” etc Does that mean nothing at ALL is replaced on this guitar? How does a toggle switch for example on a 59 60 les paul manage to last that long...
  9. Z

    Check the sound of this guitar

    Hey guys! I finally managed to record a sound demo video of my guitar. Don’t judge my playing alright and forgive the mistakes cause there are a lot of em. Here is the link but please read the msg before you watch the video please!! I wanna clear one thing first that everything is recorded...
  10. Veritas0Aequitas

    FS: 2006 Epiphone Les Paul Elitist / Elite Les Paul Custom in Arctic White w/ HSC - RARE

    Up for sale is a 2006 Epiphone Les Paul Elitist Les Paul Custom in Arctic White If you're here, you probably know what this guitar is. Made in Japan, rivals Gibson Standards/Traditionals for quality and playability. Maple top, mahogany body, long neck tenon, non-weight relieved body, 500k pots...
  11. bossaddict

    NGD: 1973 Les Paul Custom '54 Reissue LE

    After going through a few Custom Shop '54 Reissue Black Beauties, I started looking for a '72-'74 version and eventually got this 1973 Reissue last week. The Historics were actually great, but this one has a little better feel to it in the neck department. Not quite as beefy. I really love the...
  12. Death Incarnate


  13. E

    FS: 1971 Les Paul Custom

    I am selling my 1971 Les Paul Custom. I bought this guitar in 2004, and have barely played it in the last 8 years. The serial number is 913438 (the stamp is very light and difficult to see in the pictures). The guitar is in great condition for being 47 years old, but of course has some wear to...
  14. deadringer

    FS: 2011 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Silverburst Floyd Rose Ebony Fretboard

    Selling a used 2011 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom in Silverburst gloss finish. Real ebony fretboard, long neck tenon, Floyd Rose bridge, Gibson Deluxe tuners, chrome hardware. Weighs 8 lbs., 6.2 oz. Neck measurements: 1st fret - .815", 12th fret - .943" All original. Gibson 496R & 498T...
  15. Dropq

    WTB: Les Paul Custom

    Looking for a clean LP Custom in white from 1990 - 2006. The more original the better. Not looking for a 100% collector's piece, so light playwear is fine! Looking for closer to the 50s neck than 60s, but somehwere in the middle is ok. Not a fan of slim necks. Let me know if you've got one...
  16. PeteNJ75

    *SOLD* 2015 Gibson Custom Shop 1968 Les Paul Custom VOS Reissue True Historic Spec (Ebony Board)

    Sorry - this guitar has been sold. Near mint condition 2015 '68 Les Paul Custom Historic VOS Reissue - super resonant unplugged (loudest of the 7-8 LPs I've owned), plays like melted butter, stays in tune better than any of my other guitars, and has that big, full, chunky Les Paul sound...
  17. bossaddict

    Sold: 2014 Robby Krieger '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom VOS - $3395

    I very recently got this Robby Krieger signature 1954 Les Paul Custom with the idea that I would swap out some parts to make it more like a non-signature '54 Reissue LP Custom, but have decided to just keep looking for the right one of those instead. It's in overall very good condition, with...
  18. PeteNJ75

    2015 Gibson Custom Shop 1968 Les Paul Custom VOS True Historic Spec (Ebony Board)

    This Gibson Custom Shop 1968 True Historic Reissue “Black Beauty” was the 3rd ever made in 2015, the first year they started making them. Yup, #3 out of the factory. They picked some really good wood for this one, because out of my 4 Les Pauls, this one is the loudest acoustically. It’s super...
  19. PierM

    NGD - 2018 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 - 50th Ann. (Wall of Text, Wall of Pictures)

    First of all I'm very sorry, yes, it's another Custom. And sorry for the wall of text, but might be helpful/useful for some guy on the fence for this (limited) run. Long time I was chasing an Historic LPC 68, but never managed to pull the trigger for a reason or another. Last run Gibson did, in...
  20. LeonC

    Billy Preston's Nothing From Nothing on guitar

    I just had to learn this song...clearly not written on (or for?) guitar...so I had to come up with my own adaptation. Figured I'd share it and maybe learn something in the process. Les Paul Custom -> Marshall 2204 clone -> Marshall 1936 clone Oh and I gotta say...there aren't many songs out...