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  1. L

    On the hunt: Trying to find my late father's Gibson Les Paul Custom Plus!

    The title says it all! I am trying to hunt down my late father's Gibson Les Paul Custom Plus, or one similar to it, as it was supposed to be an heirloom guitar. I reached out to Gibson to get the model, and they were fantastic! They say it's a Les Paul Custom Plus Vintage Sunburst, but the...
  2. G

    Tokai les paul custom serial number

    Hi all , newbie here , so not sure if I’m doing this right . Looking to buy a second hand Tokai les paul custom . Looks beautiful , but I have some concerns regarding the serial number stamp on the headstock . It’s a 6 digit all number serial code . Wondering what year it’s from , where it’s...
  3. L

    Help me identify this 1990 Les Paul Custom. How much is it worth, and what should I look out for when picking it up?

    -Pickup Neck: Pat No 2737842 -Pickup Bridge: Pat No 2737842 -Potis: R1379110 – 440 71079A For the Gold Plate on the Headstock. Seller describes that German Resellers werent allowed to sell usa gibsons in Germany, so they put the plate on, that they couldnt be tracked by Gibson. I've read some...
  4. M

    epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty upgraded

    So a while back on eBay I grabbed an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty - I remember it being affordable enough and coming with a nice hard case, and I’d always wanted to check out the 3 humbucker sound - open it up and see what the wiring looked like. The first two pics are how she looked...
  5. E

    Gibson les paul custom 2004 neck finish crack?

    Hi guys, two years ago I bought a beautiful used 2004 custom shop les paul custom, which still inspires me everytime I play it. At the time, it had a a finish crack (a line) along the fretboard, starting from the nut, up to end of the first fret. I was told by a luthier, who checked the...
  6. TXOldRedRocker

    NGD GLP Custom Classic Gold Top 2011

    This is the follow-up thread for the Incoming NGD thread I started a few days ago. Absolutely love this guitar. I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of Gibson pickups. But these 2011 '57 Classic sound great. I'll be leaving this guitar completely stock. It's stunningly beautiful. Only two very...
  7. Shelkonnery

    Silly Les Paul Custom question.

    Growing up, a Custom was always my dream guitar - still is, lucky to own one. But I get the feeling they have slowly lost their prestige for not featuring historic specs as Reissues started coming out more often. (At least in the forums). Was there ever a time when the regular Les Paul Custom...
  8. hellzington

    Unusual LPC on Gibson Demo Shop

    I was reviewing the latest batch of guitars from the Gibson Demo Shop on Reverb and came across this rather odd Les Paul Custom. It's a 2020 model and at first glance looks rather usual. However, if you dig into the specs there are three that really caught my eye and I wondered what everyone's...
  9. dothedew

    2015 Gibson Memphis ES-Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

    Selling my 2015 Gibson ES-Les Paul Custom Black Beauty (3 pickup/bigsby) variant. Comes with OHSC and all paperwork/hang tags. I bought this as a replacement for another LPC but ended up getting that one fixed, so I have no need for this. I'd love to see this go to someone who's going to play it...
  10. P

    Vintage 1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar - Wine Red

    Vintage 1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar - Wine Red On Ebay
  11. P

    1970-1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom, ebony fretboard, black paint job

    1970-1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom, ebony fretboard, black paint job On Ebay
  12. P

    Gibson Les Paul Custom 1957 RI 3-Pickup "Black Beauty" Historic Series in Ebony

    Gibson Les Paul Custom 1957 RI 3-Pickup "Black Beauty" Historic Series in Ebony On Ebay
  13. Shelkonnery

    1953 vs 1960 Les Paul Custom headstock comparison.

    Hey guys, recently came across this side by side comparison and thought it would be cool to share. 
LPC 1953 on the left, LPC 1960 on the right. It may not be apparent at first, but the ’60s headstock is a bit longer.
 You can see the truss rod cover overlay a bit of the diamond on the ’53. 
  14. C

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Bridge

    Hi, everyone! Does anybody knows how can I get the original pieces of the LP Custom? I want this part: Les Paul Custom bridge PBR-102 Best.
  15. A

    I need help!! Is this Greco Les paul custom MIJ??

    Hello, I came across a seller on Reverb who is selling a Greco Les Paul custom but I am not sure if it is the real deal. Can anyone help me determine if this guitar is made in Japan?
  16. Grey N

    3 Pickup Custom Wiring HELP...

    Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I was hoping to get some help with a wiring schematic. I'm good with soldering but rubbish at reading schematics, so a dumbed down version would be GREATLY appreciated. Ok, so I have a 3 pickup LPC. I am replacing the pickups with...
  17. T

    2016 LEs paul custom ebony chrome w/ 3 piece neck

    Trying to find more info on my custom, I bought it used serial is cs 6xxxxx. It has a 3 piece neck which i thought is odd but i'm a noob so maybe someone can shed some light. I know it is a 3 piece because it has 2 line on back of neck where finish has settled. Anyway are these...
  18. Kitsune

    It's time to "Pop Your Cherry!" (Cherry and Wine Red thread)

    Hi guys! Since I had my first Les Paul in Cherry color, I wanted to open a thread here to let you guys show off your Cherry Les Paul I also think Wine Red guitars should be allowed here too as they sometimes look similar and I love both colors! From Worn Cherry and Black Cherry burst to Les...
  19. RandomMishaps

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Silverburst

    So the guitarist of my band is selling a few guitars and he offers me this Epiphone Les Paul Custom which was refinished by the previous owner in a tear burst Silver Burst, the guitar also has a JB in the bridge and a TUSQ nut. All for £200 (mates rate). Here are some photos.
  20. TXOldRedRocker

    NGD! New 2020 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul

    My brand new Gibson Custom Shop Peter Frampton 3 PUP Ebony arrived today. It was completed on 6/8/2020, verified by Gibson. It arrived late in the day and I barely had time to take a few pictures before some family stuff. I'll get some more later.

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