1. 59fan

    Klipp era Laney amps

    Calling all Laney Klipp/Supergroup aficionados...a couple Klipp era heads seem to have popped up on Reverb, but what really caught my eye was a 60W PA do these differ from the Klipp's normal channel (which I've been told is simply a Supergroup circuit)? Is it similar to what Marshall...
  2. Dr.Tj

    Can't find my sound. Frustrated. (Laney CUB12R)

    I recently bought my first Les paul, the traditional 2018 along with my first tube amp the Laney CUB12R (with HH driver thing). I feel really disappointed lately because I can't get the sound I imagined. I bought it because I wanted a low wattage amp strictly for home use and I will never gig...
  3. Frogfur

    Sleeping Giant

    Tucked away is this belmouth 100 watt Laney GH100L. This thing is a hold over from the old days. I'm keep'n it too. Its in perfect shape, currently with 6L6 power tubes. I have a spare set of tubes for it as well. It can make you go bald, unable to have children. I feed it other amps. Outside...

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