1. dazzypig

    Un-Made Tom Bartlett 1959 Kit For Sale

    Hi folks, It looks as though I’m okay to sell this in the classifieds so I thought I’d better make a proper thread for it. Here for sale is a Tom Bartlett 1959 replica kit I brought directly from Tom about eight years ago. I had hoped to get it built myself but have come to the conclusion that...
  2. J_Euphoria

    DIY Guitar Kit Build: 1959 Southern Rock Tribute Les Paul

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great Winter season so far! To jump straight to the point, I have built a 1959 Les Paul out of DIY Kit I got from AliExpress. I was heavily inspired by Gibson's 1959 Southern Rock Tribute Les Paul. I just loved the "heart" design at the center of...
  3. Cjsinla

    Fender Super Tweed Build

    Everything arrived from Weber today. I'm already lost. Should I mount the choke in the middle or on the end?
  4. Cjsinla

    Questions about Weber 100 watt JCM800 build

    Weber has a 10% off sale this weekend and that would put their 8CM100 kit at about $500. Does anyone have any experience with this kit? I notice that it comes with a couple of variations. You have the choice of four EL34 tubes or two KT88 tubes. What are the pros and cons of the two...

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