1. bossaddict

    NGD: 2003 (Braz?) J7

    That's right... I made up "J7" just now and I'm going to try and make it a thing. :P I got this 2003 '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior last week from Bernunzio Uptown Music in NY. I used to have a TV White non-reverse Firebird and really loved that finish, so I've been sort of on the lookout for...
  2. bossaddict

    Sold: 1964 Epiphone Coronet, Silver Fox - video added

    Up for sale is a vintage 1964 Epiphone Coronet in one of my favorite finishes ever, Silver Fox. This era of Epiphone guitars was made in the Gibson Kalamazoo factory by the same workers on the same machines. This is sort of the Epiphone equivalent of the SG Junior of the time. It's got a...
  3. Metlking

    NGD: 59 Junior!

    So I finally picked up a "bucket-list" guitar after a few years of casual searching for the right one at the right price! Its a 59' Junior! Appears to be all original, possibly the jack plate is not, its too clean! I took a peek at the pickup and it looks as if I'm the first one to see it since...
  4. Jewel the Sapphire

    The rarest junior epi made?

    I have never seen one of these hot tomales
  5. Jewel the Sapphire

    2019 Junior!!

    I'm blown away by the quality of mine let's all share a review here, First off the neck finish is satin nitro which is cool and dry to the touch. The carve is like my 2002 SG Special slim taper maybe thinner down at the 12th fret on this junior. The frets may be a bit taller than my other...
  6. J

    Fender Blues Junior Cabinet

    This listing is for a very clean excellent condition Fender Blues Jr black tolex cabinet. I built a different cabinet for mine so I have this shell left over. This listing is for the cabinet only, not the head obviously. Shipping is to the lower 48 CONUS only. $80 PPG shipped to your door. Any...
  7. Jewel the Sapphire

    Double Cut Junior P90

    This is my Junior double cut by Hamer
  8. J_Euphoria

    NGD: 2006 Epiphone '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior

    When I was 12 years old (11 years ago), I wanted one of these so badly; but $300 was a lot of money to kid who couldn't work. Last night I saw this beauty for sale on Craigslist for a really sweet deal. I impulsively purchased it from the seller, and now I am a happy camper. The stock...
  9. mrfett

    FS: 2011 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut VOS in TV White w/OHSC - Video Demo!

    Up for sale is an excellent condition 2011 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut VOS in TV White finish. The pickup is a Wolfetone Meaner P-90 and it is wired 50s style with a Russian .022 Paper in Oil Capacitor, Mojotone Vintage Taper Volume pot and 250k Audio Taper Tone pot. Frets...
  10. G

    do you trust headstock repairs?

    So there's a 60's SG Junior I might possibly buy that has a really solid headstock repair and I'd like to turn this into the ultimate Tony Iommi tribute over time. How do y'all feel about buying projects and husks online? The seller has been around for a while and has 100% positive feedback. My...
  11. Lloyd_m

    NGD - Thought I was cured

    Definitely not. I sold the white BJA Junior I bought earlier this year to fund another guitar. With Gibson support telling me that there was no plan for a Junior this year, I gave up waiting for an USA Junior. Went to check the new CS Specials (the double cuts and the single cuts) online, and...
  12. shickma0

    1955 Les Paul Junior Single Cut Build

    Hi guys, it’s me again. I’m still pretty new to this so pardon the mistakes. A while back I posted about wanting to make a replica of a 1954-1956 era junior SC in a 2 tone sunburst. So I’ve gone ahead a purchased my supplies and am waiting for them in the mail. This will be the build thread for...
  13. Lloyd_m

    Which one of you would buy one of these? Junior content

    Apparently, Gibson is making Junior prototypes for Billie Joe Armstrong. I'd like any of these not because of BJA, but because they are a different take on the Junior. From Armstrong's Instagram: I have no idea if Gibson is planning on releasing a new sig but I'd buy one... or three if...
  14. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1960 Les Paul Junior

    This might be the first time I've ever done an incoming thread, but I went by True Vintage Guitar here in Birmingham yesterday to check this out and have a feeling it's going to stick around for a while. Big thanks to John for a great Junior. I'm walking out the door now to pick it up. I'll post...
  15. shickma0

    54-55 Les Paul Jr Single Cut Build Questions

    Hi all! This is my first post on this forum so pardon any issues it may have. So here is a little background. Id like to build a Les Paul Jr, specifically a 1954-55 spec model. I'm a big fan of punk rock (yea I know so is like every other stereotypical high school student) and really like the...
  16. P

    Need help! About the set neck Epi LP Jrs ('57 RI) and Specials.

    hey all! First post, but longtime lurker and I've gleaned a ton of valuable information from you people! SO, everybody on here raves about the '57 Reissue Epi Jr, often going so far as to say it's as good as the recent Gibson juniors. So I went on the hunt for one, and word seems to have gotten...