1. jonesy

    Free Shipping and Special Deals for MLP Members from Jonesyblues

    If you are an MLP member be sure to let me know when you order from my website I offer Free Shipping on most orders. (refund on shipping after you order) If you are looking for something in particular, Call me, Email me or send me a PM here at MLP. I have some "Unadvertised"...
  2. jonesy

    Custom wound PAFs, P-90's & Humbuckers made in the USA - Jonesyblues

    I offer a variety of custom wound PAF's, P90's and humbuckers made in the USA. Check out my website for more details. My Jonesyblues FAT PAFs are my best selling pickups. Great for Classic Rock and Blues and...
  3. jonesy

    Kalamazoo 59' style Historic PAFs -Video Demos & Pics by Jonesyblues

    "Kalamazoo" 59' style PAFs only $325 a pair with Nickel covers @ (Free Aging and decals) "Corksniffer correct parts and design" Unpotted No Wax, Butyrate bobbins, stamped plates with PAF decals) Machine wound on a 1950's Gibson type winder Approx. DC readings 7.6K Neck 8.6K...
  4. jonesy

    Custom PAF & Humbucker Options from Jonesyblues USA

    I offer a variety of PAF & Humbucker options at my website Video demo: Gibson SG with my Jonesyblues ROCK Humbucker set Video demo: Gibson Les Paul with Jonesyblues PAF set
  5. jonesy

    Historic series "Kalamazoo" PAFs by Jonesyblues USA

    Historic "Kalamazoo" series PAFs @ Fully Aged "Kalamazoo" PAFs with braided leads Only $325 a pair with aged Nickel covers & PAF decals "Corksniffer correct parts and design" Unpotted No Wax, Butyrate bobbins...
  6. jonesy

    JP#1 and 21 Tone Jimmy Page wiring options for your Les Paul or SG @ Jonesyblues USA

    At my website I continue to offer a variety of Premium Jimmy Page wiring options for your Les Paul, SG and many other guitars. From the simple JP#1 Phase, or Phase-Coil rig to the 21 Tone Jimmy Page wiring with 4 push pull pots. These are some of the finest wiring harnesses...
  7. jonesy Pickup & Wiring Upgrades Back on MLP

    Greetings, I took some time off over the Summer from the MLP Vendor forum but I'm back. Still offering premium quality wiring & pickup upgrades for Les Paul, SG, 335 Flying V, Strats, Teles and many other guitars. (Contact me for a quote on PRS or specialty wiring) Check out my
  8. jonesy

    Premium Guitar Electronics Upgrades for Les Paul, Jr, SG, 335, Flying V, Explorer by Jonesyblues USA - Worldwide shipping available I use the finest CTS 550K audio pots, Mojo .022 oil filled one caps, solid 18 ground wire and professional assembly work. These are some of the best wiring upgrades available. The CTS...
  9. jonesy

    $10-$20 Off Les Paul, SG, 335 Wiring for MLP Members from

    SPECIAL OFFER FOR MLP MEMBERS If you are an MLP member in good standing I am offering you $10 Off your next order. ($20 on Jimmy Page rigs) If you buy any Les Paul, SG, 335 or Flying V wiring harness from now until the end of July 2017 I am offering $10-$20 savings. How does it work? Simply...
  10. jonesy

    Jimmy Page premium wiring options shipped world wide @

    Premium Jimmy Page wiring options shipped to over 20 countries around the world. Get yours at mention your an MLP member and get $10 off of your order! Best quality parts and assembly work available. Pigtails for easy installation of pickups. Black molded CTS 500K audio pots and...
  11. Danomyte

    NGD! 2010 Trad Pro...and an Introduction.

    Hey y'all, It's been ten years since I last owned an electric guitar. In that time I've been to Afghanistan and become a father, among many other adventures. I clung to my acoustic and found myself trying to bang out Zep licks on my poor sweet '74 guild D35. I started to feel bad about...
  12. jonesy

    The 59' Les Paul & SG harness with Luxe .022 PIO Bumble Bees by Jonesyblues USA

    This 59' vintage style LP rigs is one of my best sellers Specs: The best CTS 550K audio taper pots Luxe .022 pio Bumble Bee tone caps 50's wiring circuit with solid busse wire Available with short or long shaft pots For Historic, Standard, Custom, Traditional, Classic and...
  13. jonesy

    Jimmy Page 21 Tone wiring 4 push pulls for LP, 335, SG

    Jimmy Page wiring from Jonesyblues Custom Shop 21 Tone Jimmy Page wiring with 4 push pull pots that gives you "out of phase" "series" "series out of phase" "split coil" and all kinds of combinations of those switching mods. Available with long or short shaft pots. This month I am...