1. N

    Looking for a P90 Goldtop with a chunky neck (UK)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some recommendations for a Goldtop 'Les Paul' with P90's with a neck on the larger size (58/59ish) I'm planning to rip out the P90s and make a Pete Townsend esq reproduction and make it like an early 70s Deluxe with Mini Humbuckers. My budget is around £500-600 and...
  2. F

    MIJ Flying V - Mystery

    Hi all, Newbie to the forum at least officially, so glad to have finally registered. This is a bit of an odd one. Years ago, after discovering the Japanese copies of Gibsons, like Burny, Greco, Ibanez, Aria et cetera,I set my sights on buying a Flying V. Gibsons were a bit pricey at the time...
  3. T

    Help, looking for wine red MIJ LP custom. FGN? Suggestions??

    Hey guys, I’m jonesing for a wine red custom with an ebony board. Will most likely be buying used. I’m leaning towards a newer model like FGN, of which I really like the look of. Only thing is I’m not positive if FGN ever made a wine red custom? I’ve seen one past listing online that was listed...
  4. Jewel the Sapphire

    Epiphone Spotlight Nouveau

    Picked this up about 9 weeks ago, I had been lusting after one of these for a long time... I had a feeling to check out facebook marketplace because I had some extra cash and saw it first. This one popped up for sale like 15 minutes before I found the listing and had attracted multiple buyers...
  5. U

    Silverburst Custom Hunting in Japan

    Hi folks, Thought I'll introduce myself quickly. Thirty something guy in Singapore, played only an Epi Les Paul for the first 10 years of playing but now am lucky enough to own a bunch of nice Gibson LPs, including some unusual ones like a Bonabyrd, a Red Satin Widow Custom and a Voodoo. I have...
  6. J

    Problem identifying Epiphone les paul japan / gibson veneer

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I already learned a lot just by watching different topic about the problem i have... And some other cool stuffs! Here's the deal : I recently exchanged my gibson firebird usa (V2010 made in 2012 sunburst) with a friend's Les Paul made in Japan, on a base of...
  7. R

    F/S Bacchus BLP-59 Classic "VERY RARE" Re(Proto) FCS-Relic 2000s Burst

    Asking 1400 and $40 shipping in US. I am selling my excellent EXTREMELY RARE Bacchus "les paul" tribute. This guitar was made in japan. I bought the guitar new from Japan several years ago. The dealer told me this was "nos" from Bacchus. It was a prototype for Bacchus when they were...
  8. Jewel the Sapphire

    First time buying from Japan

    I have wanted to use one of the Yahoo Japan websites to buy this guitar and ended up using Rinkya. I have no idea whether or not Rinkya was the least expensive choice as far as fees and shipment costs to the US. Rinkya was the first Yahoo Japan site to successfully process a payment for my...
  9. Firefinger

    NGD: Fernandes Ravelle JPC-S

    Hi Folks, i just wanted to share with you some Photos of my newest Guitar. Bought it in nearly Mint Condition 2nd Hand. A very nice Fernandes Ravelle JPC-S (S for Sustainer). Only 50 of these were made. Handbuilt in the japanese Fernandes Custom Shop. -1-piece Honduras Mahogany Back...
  10. BKS

    Camel les Paul

    Went to other side of country to pick up this one. Not much to be found on the interweb on these. I have no idea what is original and what not. If anyone can tell me the function of the mini switch .... Could this be a CLP-60CS? Body is Mahogany type wood build in layers. Maple top. 3 piece...
  11. Jewel the Sapphire

    Korea/Japan Hybrid Custom

    I just got this Les Paul and looking at things like the headstock shape and truss rod cover suggests it's made in Samick Korea between 1989-1991 but also looking at the features make me question if it's not. The wiring looks like it was done professionally not in a production line so it may...
  12. Jewel the Sapphire

    Need advice-- Vintage Epiphone Custom!

    I'm going to buy this one after I get more photos in!! Heres hoping the neck and frets are in great shape as the rest.. the last time I found an open book headstock epiphone custom it sold right from under my fingertips-- this one I see a volute on the neck and a small post ABR1 style bridge...
  13. Epiphone LP Custom

    Epiphone LP Custom

    Made in Japan, Ebony with gold hardware
  14. Epiphone Les Paul LPS-85F

    Epiphone Les Paul LPS-85F

    Made in Japan, Photoflame Cherry Sunburst, Slash Alnico Pro II Pick up
  15. Epiphone Les Paul LPS-85F

    Epiphone Les Paul LPS-85F

    Made in Japan, Photoflame Manhattan Midnight burst?, Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pick up, Black Reflector Knob.
  16. Jenzzz

    Burny's - Made in Japan?

    Who can tell me which of the new Burny RLC models are made in Japan? So far I thought if they have a three-screw TRC, they're made in China, but doesn't seem to be the case. Any infos on that? Thanks, much appreciated!
  17. Dangitdan

    I'm the FNG and it's NGD!

    Finally found a Les Paul and it's a beauty! Exactly what I'd been looking for without the custom shop price tag. It's a 2015 limited edition Japan Les Paul traditional heritage cherryburst. The pick ups are amazing, build quality is great minus a couple pointy fret ends but nothing I can't fix...
  18. J_Euphoria

    NGD: 1978 Greco "EG-600" Les Paul Custom

    Hey y'all! It's been a while since I've posted the forum. I just got this sweet new (or old, if you will) guitar. It is a 1978 Greco EG-600 LP Custom copy. It is, however, not all stock. I replaced the neck pickup with a Genuine vintage DiMarzio PAF Pro Humbucker. I've also swapped out the...
  19. Marco78

    Tokai LS58 Custom Order

    This is my new Custom Shop Tokai Love Rock. This guitar have the specs of LS173/186 BUT with Honduran Mahogany body and neck that Tokai use only for top notch guitars like LS320 or LS540 and it was made for a shop from I got it. Plain top (that I like a lot) with some nice wood figure. Neck...
  20. I

    FS Feeler: Tokai ULS360 Premium MIJ

    Looking if someone is interested. Only posted on this and the tokai registry forum for the moment. Top of the premium line guitar from 2015. Made in Japan *located in Belgium atm 3.8!!!!! kg Plays like butter and sounds awesome. The finish is a Dark Heritage Cherry. I bought this one New Old...

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