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  1. J

    Are there ebony fretboards on japanese vintage guitars?

    Hello, so i wanted a guitar with a history, with mop inlays and ebony fretboard. Kind people on the internet recommended to me mint collection grecos but my question is are there egc grecos with ebony fretboards? When i google white egc greco all results show rosewood fretboards. I dont know if...
  2. G

    Need help to identify this Epiphone Les Pul from Japan

    Hello. Brand new member here. I am posting this for some help to identify this particular lp from Japan. It has the made in Japan on the headstock with a serial number 003003. If anyone has some insight let me know. Thanks. Need help posting more pics. Too large for server is what is doing. Thanks
  3. J

    Problem identifying Epiphone les paul japan / gibson veneer

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I already learned a lot just by watching different topic about the problem i have... And some other cool stuffs! Here's the deal : I recently exchanged my gibson firebird usa (V2010 made in 2012 sunburst) with a friend's Les Paul made in Japan, on a base of...
  4. Luxferre

    Help with some Greco's on Reverb

    Hi I got curious about vintage Greco LP, loving MIJ instruments. I'm definitely buying one but I'm on a budget (like U$500 for the guitar and shipping) so I'm ok with an Epiphone std quality like guitar. I need some help to see if some of the guitars below are worth the money or should I get...
  5. N

    Question about this Greco EGC 700

    Hello Greco experts, I'm new to the whole Greco, Tokai, Burny etc. thing. I'm not new to Les Pauls though. I've found this Custom on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/5782347-greco-egc700 She looks just stunning and I'm in contact with the seller already to negotiate shipping costs. He is...

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