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  1. Jam Pedals - Retro Vibe Review with Video

    Jam Pedals - Retro Vibe Review with Video

    +++Check also my video demo of the Jam Pedals Retro Vibe+++ Introduction I had been looking for "the UniVibe sound" for years. I've already seen a lot of pedals, from well-known manufacturers from the USA and GB to insider tips for little money from Far Eastern countries. The pedals only really...
  2. fenderbender484

    FS: Pigdog, Tonehunter, JAM Pedals, Lovepedal, Analog Audio Design, More

    For sale are a few rare and unique pedals. Prices are Shipped/PP'ed CONUS. Willing to ship internationally but it will cost more. The Open Range is a great boost that can do the Klon thing amazingly well but can also do what other boosts do like the LPB-1, Micro amp, and even treble boost...

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