1. A

    NGD One of a kind guitar - rare Ibanez VIDEO

    Hi there, I recently bought a second hand Ibanez Arc500. It turns out to be a great guitar with extremely nice wood selection and craftsmanship. The top is not for everyone but I like its 3dimensional figuring. It sounds and plays great too. I'm overall impressed with it and even thinking to let...
  2. F

    MIJ Flying V - Mystery

    Hi all, Newbie to the forum at least officially, so glad to have finally registered. This is a bit of an odd one. Years ago, after discovering the Japanese copies of Gibsons, like Burny, Greco, Ibanez, Aria et cetera,I set my sights on buying a Flying V. Gibsons were a bit pricey at the time...
  3. L

    Ibanez 2671 Randy Scruggs edition. Pre serial number

    Would anyone be interested in this guitar? It is in mint condition but just need a good cleaning. It has barely been played as it has sat under a bed the last 40 years. And I can’t find many that are pre serial number with this vine fretboard and the same headstock. It has the original case but...
  4. Niloy63

    1990 Ibanez RG570, Original Edge Tremolo Arm is Loose

    I'm hoping you great folks at MLP can help me out with an issue. I busted out the '90 Ibanez RG570 (my first guitar ever) for the first time in a looooong while. Like the title says, the trem arm is looser than a... [insert inappropriate euphemism]. :facepalm: adolescent Niloy, always itchin'...
  5. Greco

    The MIJ Compatability Thread: Helping you find the MIJ LP you've been searching for.

    Hey guys! So I had an idea pop up when another member of our little MIJ community said he wanted suggestions on MIJ guitars. I then had the idea where instead of people making individual threads, why not make one consolidated thread where the new guys would like help on what model they are...
  6. kingsxman

    90's Ibanez Artstar AS-80 335 style guitar: like Gibson 335: Local Minnesota sale only

    For sale is my 90's AS-80 Ibanez Artstar 335 style guitar. These are pretty rare as they are exactly a 335 style body. Only thing different is the headstock and the pickguard is a bit different. Usually the Ibanez stuff has the goofy looking horns (IMHO). Not this one. 335 body all the way. This...
  7. socialhero

    NGD (unexpectedly x2) - Ibanez RG Shredder Content

    Recently I fell down an Ibanez rabbit hole. I had a beat to shit RG570 when I was much younger that I stupidly sold away. I didn’t like the middle pickup - back then I lusted after the RG520, the dual HB model. I haven’t really thought about Ibanez guitars in many years, but lately I've been...
  8. B

    Do I have a Lawsuit Ibby ?

    Hi all - I'm more of a semi-hollowbody guy than an LP guy, but I bought this Ibanez LP Custom back in '78 (I think - those years are a little foggy for me, if you know what I mean..) from a guy in college who said he liked to beat the crap out of his guitars onstage, and this wouldn't stay in...
  9. mdubya

    ngd! Ibanez Fireman

    FRM 100 to be exact. I have been GASing for a Fireman for a long time. I kept waiting and hoping Ibanez would release an reasonable and affordable version of the Korina MIJ Custom Shop guitar they made initially. However, I still wanted a production version, one way or another. I really liked...
  10. krugerj

    Old Pickups... I need some help!!

    What's up guys, picked up some old Japanese pickups that came out of an old Greco (according to where I bought them from), but we don't know the model of them. They measure 7.67k (braided cable) and 7.75k (plain cable). The plain cabled one has an inked stamp and nothing else, and the braided...
  11. P

    Ibanez RT-150 1992-1993 Red Finish Electric Guitar

    Ibanez RT-150 1992-1993 Red Finish On Ebay Electric Guitar ASAT G&L Electric Guitar, Leo Fender On Ebay
  12. Ozzy

    FS: 90's Ibanez TS5 Tubescreamer - $30 shipped.

    Selling my Ibanez TS5 I've had stored for probably years. Basically a TS9 circut inside impact-resistant plastic, wich made it more afordable. 9V power supply needed. A few scratches and scrapes here and there, typical condition for a 90's pedal. $30 Shipped, PPG.
  13. I Break Things


    Ibanez S670QM in Dragon Eye Burst! Got this about 7 hours ago. Took me awhile to setup. I've never had a guitar with a trem like this. Action was too high for my taste, and it was strung with D'Addarios - yuck! Yanked those off, put on some Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, and set the action at 1/16"...
  14. I Break Things

    NGD soon to come

    So I'm broke, but my folks are wildly irresponsible with cash and I'm the baby of the family. Upon learning about the CITES issues with rosewood, my folks decided they were going to get me a birthday present now - my birthday is in May. Anyways, this was put on backorder and has now shipped! It...
  15. Smitkis

    2013 NASH S-63

    2013 Nash S-63 guitar. Great shape. Body is Ash, with relic Olympic White. No issues. No wear to speak of. Plays like a dream. Setup very well and ready to rock. Lollar dirty blonde pickups are top notch. All stock. Comes with original Nash case and arm. $1450 shipped. You cover fees.
  16. Donal

    NGD - Ibanez 12 String Acoustic

    Well, what can I say :laugh2: As most know I was looking for a 12 Strng acoustic for playing live and I came across the Ibanez AEL2012E in a cool Black burst. It plays and sounds really great (at least first tests at home) and is excellent quality for the money. I`ll know more next monday then...

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