1. R

    How to copper shield an Epiphone with a metal jackplate

    Hello any and all, I hope lockdown and quarantine etc hasn't got you all down. My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, though I have been looking for hours and cannot seem to find something that pertains to my needs quite fully on this topic. So, I have a stock Epiphone Les Paul...
  2. K

    Help ! Both pick ups only make sound in neck position!!

    :rofl:this is driving me crazy as I have pulled everything out twice and rewired it ,I have done over 10 guitar wiring jobs exactly like this ,I've checked continuity, tried different switches,different pots ,my soldering looks bright and solid ..In really curious to know why both pick ups would...
  3. xxxneoxxx

    Help me identify these Gibson pickups

    I asked the seller. He says they "prolly" are some 490's from an LP or an SG. As you can imagine, that's not very helpful. Could you help identify these pickups? Thanks in advance!
  4. R

    WTB Used PAF style pickups

    Just wondering if anyone has any old PAF style pickups like Seymour Duncans or any clone they would want to get rid of.
  5. Rob the Photog

    Pros and Cons of 3 Humbuckers

    I have a 2016 Les Paul 50's Tribute (a great guitar, by the way) that I've thought about adding a middle pickup to. I searched for other posts about 3-pickup guitars, and it seems that a lot of people dislike 3-humbucker LPs because they say the middle pickup gets in the way of...
  6. PauloQS

    What's your favorite pickups?

    What the title asked. What pickups do you like for your LP reissues? I'll start. Personally, I like the stock CustomBucker, BurstBucker 1 & 2, BK Mule/Riff Raff and BK Mule/Black dog. I've also tried other combinations of those pickups, which also sounded great to me. Specifically...
  7. BlueCajun

    SOLD: Righteous Sound Pickups Brielle Humbucker Set

    Selling a set of Brielle humbuckers from Righteous Sound Pickups. Very good condition with light wear including a few light scratches and some patina on the covers. Neck lead wire is approximately 15” long with an output of 7.08k. Bridge lead is approximately 8” long with output of 8.03k. Short...
  8. BlueCajun

    SOLD: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker Set

    FS: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker Set. Nickel covers. In very good condition with some light scratching on the nickel covers. Comes in original packaging with mounting screws and springs. $170 Paypal'ed and shipped within the lower 48 continental US.
  9. S

    Sheptone AB Custom Humbucker Set

    Sheptone AB Customs Sheptone VERY accurate take on a set of 1959 Humbucker PAF’s 6.5/10 Cosmetic 10/10 Functionality Specs: Alnico 5 Magnets (neck & bridge) 42 Plain Enamel Wire 4-Conductor Split-Coil Wiring 8.18K NECK 8.41K BRIDGE Price: $190 Shipped IMG_0195 by Scero Guitars posted...
  10. BlueCajun

    SOLD: Rewind Creme Brulee Humbucker Set

    Selling a most excellent set of Rewind Creme Brulee humbuckers that I recently bought from a fellow member. I measured the output on this set to be 7.49k (neck) and 7.99k (bridge). These sound fantastic and really live up to the hype. It really hurts to part with them, but I simply need to sell...
  11. W

    Should I change out my '57 Classics?

    Hi everyone, I know this is to do with an Epi LP, however, it's more to do with the pickups in general so thought I would post in here. I have a 2015 Epi LP Tribute Plus with the '57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus pickups. Amongst other improvements such as nut, bridge, tailpiece which are...
  12. MasterEvan07

    SOLD: Echopark 60s Sticker Humbuckers

    Echopark 60s Sticker Humbuckers (now discontinued) - $325 shipped N - 7.5k @ 13", B - 8.5k @ 10"
  13. kboman

    FS: ReWind Electric True Kalamazoo 1960-spec

    This one hurts a bit, but ya gotta do etc etc - right? These were bought in summer of 2014 to go into a custom order luthier built guitar. That project unfortunately went south and now I have these great pickups and no guitar for them. Better they find a good home with someone else! They're...
  14. BKS

    Old boo heung epi pickups.

    Tried a search here but found nothing. Cleaning my smokey epiphone lp custom 3 plus got curious on the pickups. They are the standard korean set in bridge and neck and there is some info on them tho most is about the chinese version. Can not find any information about the middle Pickup. It...
  15. deadringer


    Sold on eBay.
  16. K

    PAF Pickups.

    Hi. Would anyone know how old these are? Thanks.
  17. deadringer


    Sold on Reverb.
  18. deadringer


    Sold on ebay.
  19. Frogfur

    I Love My Gretsch

    I had this out with The Champ Today. Nice ! 6120 Chet Atkins Nashville Model. The primary difference between the Classic 6120, and the model above is nothing more than circuitry. The Classic has two switches on the upper bout. One is the pickup selector, the other being the tone switch. Two...
  20. bossaddict

    SOLD: Bare Knuckle Stormy Monday (?) humbucker pickup set - aged nickel

    I got these in the ES-335 that I bought recently, but also restored it with a set of Pat. Number pickups. They're Bare Knuckles, but unfortunately, I really don't know what model pickups they are. The only clue that I have is that when I played them before doing the swap, they sounded...

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