1. R

    Gibson es 330l wanted

    tried one earlier this year and fell in love with it, so much so ive decided to sell my 2006 Les paul standard. However I cant seem to find a 330l humbucker model for sale in the UK or western Europe. So I thought id reach out to people on here and see if anyone has one or knows someone who has...
  2. renabreu

    Are those Tim Shaw PAF s?

    Hello guys I just got those pickups from a quite high value because they are almost impossible to find here in Brazil. The seller told me those are real Tim Shaw PAFs and he is from a very famous and respected guitar store here in Brazil. I just wanna know if it's possible to determinate if...
  3. amgomez

    Has anyone ever opened a Nickel Covered Mojotone 59 Clone?

    So, I recently bought a set of Mojotone 59 clones. I love the bridge, but felt the neck was way too bass heavy. I was going to mail it back to Mojotone to have it looked at. It is abnormally bassy. Anyhow, I think I’m probably just going to keep it because I don’t want to go through a hassle...
  4. G

    FS: BB pro lead and 490r humbuckers

    For Sale Zebra Burstbucker pro lead humbucker- $85 shipped Zebra 490r humbucker- $75 shipped These are cream and black. They were taken out of a 2013 LP Deluxe II. 4-conductor wiring. Pickups only (as pictured). Good condition. Worked fine while in the guitar. Just over 12 inches of wire...
  5. 8

    Mystery Wiring, No Capacitors - What's going on?!

    So I'm totally baffled by this wiring setup... Disclaimer, i'm not an electrician, but I'm an engineer and I've build a few pedals and modded a few amps so I'd put my capabilities at maybe 30% between layman and pro. I recently got a 2nd hand SG standard, really nice neck and resonant 1 piece...
  6. D

    PAF Humbuckers out of 1958 Gibson, are they real?

    So i took it to an 'expert' today who took the pickups out, i knew they had the sticker from a small dental mirror i used, but wanted to know if they were the real deal. He told me he thought they were just good fakes, his main complain being the "A's" from the sticker, too much black in the...
  7. deadringer


  8. deadringer

    FS: ThroBak SLE-101 Plus PAF Gold Shiny Guitar Humbucker Set

  9. T

    Two Filtertrons and a Humbucker?

    Hey guys I just have two questions. Would it be possible to half 2 Gretsch Filtertron pickups for the bridge and neck position while having a (Gibson Style) Humbucker for the middle? If so what wiring you recommend I should have? Thanks.
  10. BlueCajun

    SOLD: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker Set

    FS: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker Set. Nickel covers. In very good condition with some light scratching on the nickel covers. Comes in original packaging with mounting screws and springs. $170 Paypal'ed and shipped within the lower 48 continental US.
  11. Chakalawaka

    '59 PAF Talk

    Alright peeps, To all of you guardians of the knowledge, I was wondering something... And by the way, this is purely hypothetical: Are the humbuckers on a 1959 ES-335 the same paf as the ones on a 1959 Les Paul Standard? Or are they wound differently? And if you had a well made R9 and throw a...
  12. J

    Gibson 1957 classic pickup set

    These are out of a Gibson 1959 reissue Les Paul from the year 2000. Great natural patina, no issues. Bridge reads 7.95 ohm, neck reads 7.63 ohm. Shipping to lower 48 CONUS only. $145 PPG shipped to you. Thanks for looking!
  13. myoldfriend

    SOLD: PRS Pickup Set 57/08 & 59/09

    This is a PRS "takeoff" set that I put together years ago and has been sitting in the pup box waiting for a project for long enough now... Time for someone to enjoy them. Covers have not been off. Makes for a well balanced pair with the slightly hotter output (not ohms) of the 59/09. xxx...
  14. W

    Advice needed for pickup combo on Epi LP Tribute Plus

    Hi everyone, I have an Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus which has the Gibson '57 Classic humbucker in the neck and '57 Classic Plus in the bridge. It has been professionally set up and I have some other modifications on the way such as Tusq nut, Gotoh tailpiece and bridge. I’m now onto the...
  15. ToneSpecific

    PAF Humbucker Journey of Nashville Pro Ford Thurston - Tone Specific & Virgil Arlo

    Ford Thurston is an in-demand session & touring guitarist based out of Nashville. Known for his tasty chops and ever evolving collection of vintage guitars, this guy is a tone-monster. He currently is touring with Randy Houser and formerly toured with Bonnie Bishop. In addition to being a busy...
  16. BKS

    Old boo heung epi pickups.

    Tried a search here but found nothing. Cleaning my smokey epiphone lp custom 3 plus got curious on the pickups. They are the standard korean set in bridge and neck and there is some info on them tho most is about the chinese version. Can not find any information about the middle Pickup. It...
  17. kingsxman

    (SOLD) Tom Holmes H450/H455 PAF pickups. Double creme bobbins with nickel covers

    For sale is a brand new set of Tom Holmes PAF pickups. They have nickel covers but underneath are double creme bobbins. Unpotted 2 conductor. Avoid the over 9 month wait and get a brand new set now. The pictures are actually me unboxing them for the first time... I bought 2 sets. I have the...
  18. F

    Pole Piece Setup Advice - PAF Clones

    Hi All, I've been trying to setup the pole pieces of my OX4 PAF pickups and at this point I'm quite desperate. I tweaked the poles for days but still not happy the results and because I can't tell how they were originally I can't revert them. I have unmounted the pickups now and I'm about to...
  19. deadringer

    SOLD: Bare Knuckle Emerald Gold Humbucker Pickups

    Selling a used set of Bare Knuckle Emerald humbucker pickups. Specs: Gold covers & screws, long leg baseplates, 53mm F-Spaced bridge, 4-conductor wiring. Includes original box, paperwork, guitar pick and springs and gold mounting screws as pictured. Great condition, they have some very minor...
  20. cooljuk

    All About Rough Cast & "Polished" AlNiCo Magnets

    This comes up fairly regularly so I thought I'd just put together a comprehensive post, outlining some of what I've learned through my experiences and experiments with different foundries and magnets. Rough cast guitar magnets and “polished” guitar magnets are made the same way (at a given...

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