holy grail harness

  1. Veritas0Aequitas

    FS: MSSC Martin Six String Custom Guitar Prewired Holy Grail Les Paul Wiring Harness- 50s Sprague Bumblebee .022/400V PIO- Long Shaft

    Up for sale is are some MSSC Martin Six String Custom Prewired Holy Grail Les Paul® Wiring Upgrade Harnesses the ultimate wiring harness upgrade since 2010 THESE ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED IN AVAILABILITY DUE TO SOURCING ORIGINAL 1950'S SPRAGUE BUMBLEBEE PIO CAPACITORS I had installed these in some...
  2. M

    Doyle Coils - aka ripoff of my product

    Looks like Tom Doyle is at it again. Not only did he STEAL the product name "Holy Grail Harness", he STOLE the exact same content on my webstore for the HG product detail (I've since changed it). Here's a link...

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