1. I

    My little aged custom built 59ish monster.

    So I built this a while back, always wanted a really aged monster of a guitar. Spent a lot of time photo searching and researching and came up with this guy. Painted, Assembled, And Aged by me, Misc hardware from Faber, Stewmac, Creamtone etc. Pickups are Geppetto Guitars Camelots (PAF Clones)...
  2. bossaddict

    Sold: 2003 Gibson Custom Shop '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior, TV White

    I might be schizophrenic. I got this just a few months ago and love it, but I just added a vintage '50s Junior to my stable yesterday, so this is going to have to be the sacrificial lamb. It's a 2003 '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior in a gorgeous TV White finish. The fretboard is equally gorgeous to...
  3. S

    Mysterious 1997 Gibson Custom Art Historic Les Paul Gold top - with Bigsby!

    Hi - here's my 1997 Gold top. Bought 2nd hand in 1999 and the Bigsby appears to be be factory fitted. There is abs no sign that a stop tail piece was ever fitted. The paint and lacquer are immaculate where the holes would be if a stop bar was replaced with the B7 unit. But there is also no...
  4. DADF#AD

    SOLD Please Delete

    **SOLD (Pending Payment)** I've relisted my holy grail 2013 WW Lester for sale again after about a year due to a rather large upcoming family medical expense. Some of you may remember it. There's been a lot of interest but no sale yet, so I'm dropping the price once again. I'm looking to get...
  5. '59Fatburst


    Please delete. Thank you!
  6. H

    2014 R9 question

    Hey guys I bought this 2014 R9 on reverb a couple of days ago and I have some questions. The tuners are not correct but I can live with that however what I don’t like is the fact that the seller advertised it as 100 percent original. Here’s the reverb ad, is there anything else you guys notice...
  7. GuitarTalk

    Paging Fellow Historic MLP’ers on Instagram

    Hey fellow Historic MLP fanatics, I’ve seen some you put your IG handles in your MLP signatures, and I’ve already found some of you on there. Feel free to comment your IG handle below so I can find fellow MLP’ers on there.:cheers2: Also, I see that the LPF has an IG account, not sure if MLP has...
  8. bossaddict

    Sold: 2014 Robby Krieger '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom VOS - $3395

    I very recently got this Robby Krieger signature 1954 Les Paul Custom with the idea that I would swap out some parts to make it more like a non-signature '54 Reissue LP Custom, but have decided to just keep looking for the right one of those instead. It's in overall very good condition, with...
  9. PeteNJ75

    WTB: Circa 2000s Gibson Custom Shop Historic Leather Strap

    Looking for the leather strap that came standard with the case candy with new Historic Les Pauls in the early 2000s. If anyone has one they’d be willing to part with I’d appreciate it. Thanks!
  10. Luboy

    Historic Kluson Lubrication

    Been thinking to oil the Klusons on my R8 sometime soon. However, the holes on the back of the tuners seem to be blocked (seen this on many other LPs too). Do you have to puncture them, or is there another way? Do you guys have any preferred lubricants? Regards, L.
  11. PeteNJ75

    WTB: Early/Mid-2000s Historic Case Candy

    Just bought a 2003 R9 and it has the COA, but I'd really like a complete set of case candy to complete the package. Just feels like something is missing without it, I know it's crazy. If anyone has a set they'd be willing to part with I'd appreciate it!
  12. bossaddict

    NGD: 2013 CC#7 "Skank" Shanks R0

    I'm not sure I've ever been as excited to post a NGD thread in this section as I am with this one. I originally purchased this guitar from Panther Guitars in 2013 and it has since been owned by @Crotch (twice), @jenton70, @freebyrd 69, and @PontiacKendall (very briefly)... and that's just the...
  13. PierM

    NGD - 2018 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 - 50th Ann. (Wall of Text, Wall of Pictures)

    First of all I'm very sorry, yes, it's another Custom. And sorry for the wall of text, but might be helpful/useful for some guy on the fence for this (limited) run. Long time I was chasing an Historic LPC 68, but never managed to pull the trigger for a reason or another. Last run Gibson did, in...
  14. bossaddict

    Sold/Traded: 1998 Gibson Historic '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom

    This is a bit unexpected for me, but I need to move my 1998 Gibson Custom Shop Historic '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom with original Custom Shop case. This is actually the second time that I've owned this guitar (and second time selling :rolleyes: ). It has a fair amount of wear to show for its...
  15. Veritas0Aequitas

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Historic 1960 Reissue R0 / G0 in Ebony / Black

    Hello people of MLP, I am desperately looking for a Gibson Les Paul Historic 1960 Reissue (R0 / G0) in Ebony / Black / Blackburst. I'm looking for one with obviously a (60's) neck around 8.30 at the 1st fret to 9.30 at the 12th fret or somewhere thereabouts. Give or take obviously. I am willing...
  16. gary moore 92

    FS 2016 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Reissue Iced Tea Gloss

    Looking for 2800€ Paypal (fees and possible import taxes on your side), shipping inside Germany/the EU on mine. Here I'm offering you a Standard Historic 58 Les Paul from 2016 in Iced Tea Gloss. It's Custom bucker equipped and has long neck tenon. It weighs 3,99 kg. The neckprofile is a thicker...
  17. L

    Sold: Gibson Les Paul Custom 1954 Reissue R4 – Flame & Upgrades

    Here's a rare and nicely flamed R4 from a limited run by Dave’s Guitar. The wood was handpicked at the Gibson Custom Shop and the guitar has wonderful sustain. It's in pristine condition has only been used in my nonsmoking studio. The neck is full but comfortable, measuring .92” 1st fret...
  18. Luboy

    [NGD] '13 R8 lemon/blonde

    After months of CITES kicking my behind I found an affordable plain top lemon drop (burst) nearby. At almost 9.4 lbs it is heavier than my previous '14 R8 ice tea, but somehow it is more resonant. Seems to have a more pleasant neck angle and neck carve too, thus it operates and feels better...
  19. L

    FS: 1959 Les Paul Reissue (R9) - Flame!

    This 2004 R9 is nicely flamed and sounds great, with good clarity, smooth mids, and plenty of bottom end. Custom Buckers are installed and the original Burst Buckers are included. Comfortable neck (1st fret .87", 12th fret .94") and weight (8 lbs 13 oz). While the condition is excellent, it...
  20. PierM

    NGD - Yes another Black Custom, sry! BB7 2009, Huge Neck

    And here we go again, yet another Les Paul Custom in Black and Gold....I'm boring. :D BTW...after couple of years lurking and searching for a good historic '57, without paying the nonsense money for a TH, I managed to find a 2009 Gibson Les Paul Custom Reissue '57, which does fill many of the...