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  1. Architect

    FSOT: Historic Makeovers - Full RDS Brazilian Package - Gibson Les Paul Hot Mod '55 flametop - Throbaks

    Up for grabs is an absolute stunner from Kim and the team at Historic Makeovers. This beauty started off as a 2010 Gibson Custom '55 Les Paul Refin which was then transformed by way of a complete Historic Makeovers 'Deluxe' rebuild Everything. This top has a killer peek-boo flametop that is...
  2. PeteNJ75

    NGD: Joe Perry/Slash Dark Burst R9 w/ Deluxe Historic Makeovers Package

    New (old) guitar day: As I did with my CC#1 VOS, I sent Kim and the team at Historic Makeovers my Joe Perry Signature VOS R9 to do a custom aging job to match the real guitar famous for being the burst Slash used in the November Rain video. I was never going to be able to afford the Gibson...
  3. GuitarTalk

    NGD (kind of) - Pearly Gates HM RDS with ORIGINAL 1957 Les Paul PAFs (pre-sticker, steel covers!)

    TL;DR - rare original, pre-sticker Les Paul PAF’s (steel covers) combined with one of the first Real Deal Series (Historic Makeovers) Pauls (1959 Reissue, 2009). Unreal tone and looks! It’s been about a year with this beauty. All my other LP’s have been sold since getting this one and I haven’t...
  4. IRussell

    FS: Cellulose Nitrate Historic Les Paul Inlays

    Bought them from Historic Makeover / Retrospec years ago for an R9 but never got around to it. They've yellowed nicely over time. 50$ USD + shipping / Located in Canada (Ottawa area)
  5. bossaddict

    SOLD: 2007 R9 Les Paul, Historic Makeovers Deluxe (RDS) - NEW PICS

    EDIT 4/14/18: I added some new pics that I just took this morning in a new post, which shows the guitar as it will come (with the parts listed below). _____________________ I usually try to shy away from guitar-selling cliches and hyperbole, but... "I must be crazy" and similar lines are...
  6. treyrab

    New 1956/1959 Conversion - A Flamey Success!

    Hi Everyone! I just completed a very fun journey that I wanted to share with you all. Knowing that I would (probably) never own a real 'Burst, I wanted to get as close as I could....and that meant going the conversion route. It took me a long time to find the perfect guitar as I wanted A) The...
  7. treyrab

    A HistoricMakeovers NGD - Skinnerburst^2!

    Hi All - This was a fun project that Kim and I conjured up recently. This Les Paul started its life as a 2017 Gibson Historic. Given the maple reminded us both of the Skinnerburst, we decided to go all-out and try to recreate it. Here's the final product and some fun pictures for you all...
  8. Sunbury les paul man

    NGD Historic makeover 1960 Les Paul Brazilian board and the works

    Thought I'd post up some pics of my magic wand... It's a 2013 1960 reissue that was sent off to Kim at historic makeovers for the full works and what a job he's done.. Top carve, neck carve, vintage style truss rod, hot hide glue neck reset, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, Retrospec inlays...
  9. Kim

    True Historic 2015 with Historic Makeovers® Standard Package

    2015 Custom Shop True Historic with Historic Makeovers® Standard Package. As you may already know the Custom Shop outdid themselves with their latest creation of the True Historic. This was purchased by a prominent Collector who has owned and sold more original 1959 Burst than most of us...
  10. treyrab

    New Historic Makeovers Dirty Lemon - Wowza!

    After much anticipation, the Historic Makeover is completed! Woohoo! This was done with the Deluxe (RDS) package with added parts shadows, broken-in aging, and Grovers. Kim & Team really knocked this out of the park and I couldn't be happier! I have to big give a shout-out to my pal Andy...
  11. Kim

    Historic Makeovers® 'RDS' 2016

    2016 Gibson Historic Collection R8 with our full Deluxe Package Makeover that includes: A complete guitar refinish with authentic aniline dyes and Historic Makeovers' exclusively formulated nitrocellulose lacquer. Top re-carved to match a real 1959 Gibson Les Paul. Guitar body and fingerboard...
  12. Kim

    4th of July Sale Begins Today!

    Since 2008, RetroSpec has developed and supplied the very best, most authentic vintage-inspired guitar parts available. Luthiers and players choose RetroSpec parts for their vintage Les Pauls, Gibson Historic Reissue Les Pauls, and conversion project guitars. RetroSpec guitar parts were created...
  13. mrfett

    My First Historic Makeover

    ok so i've been pretty skeptical of this kind of thing but the truth is i've wanted a beat-up goldtop for a long time, and there ain't no way i'm shelling out $12-$15K for a '68 with thick cutaway binding lol. i love my 2010 R6, it was my first Les Paul and it sounds just killer. not a...
  14. Idle South

    1956 Gibson Les Paul Historic Makeovers burst Brazilian-Fralin Hum-cancelling

    $6250 PayPal and shipped in CONUS. Please let me know if you have any questions Offered here is a superb LP from the folks at Historic Makeovers. This beauty started off as a 2014 Gibson '56 Reissue which was then transformed by way of a complete Historic Makeovers 'Deluxe' rebuild which was...
  15. Idle South

    2013 Gibson Les Paul Historic Makeovers 1957 Gold Top Brazilian Peter Green

    $5200 PayPal and shipped via UPS ground in CONUS. Please feel free to ask any questions. 2013 Gibson VOS Reissue Historic Makeover 1957 Gold Top Les Paul with the Deluxe Package inc BRAZILIAN Fret board. 8lbs 13oz. Guitar has many upgraded parts on it. Here is a list of Parts True vintage...

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