1. W

    Super Low Output On B String

    I have an epiphone les paul custom pro and today I changed the strings, Ive used this same string brand and model for years. Now I get really low volume on the B string. Strings are Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom and the guitar is completely stock. Please help me
  2. E

    wiring help epi LP Standard + SD hot rodded humbucker set

    I recently bought a 2007 epiphone les Paul standard with a set Seymour Duncan hot rodded humbuckers I open the back to see if the wiring was done right but I can’t seem to find a wiring diagram that shows how it’s set up and some of the solder spots touch each other I don’t know if that would...
  3. P

    Help identify my Epi

    Hello, hope im posting this the right place. I have what I believe is an Epiphone 339 of some sort, but its not the Epi 339 Ultra because it doesnt have the USB-port. Sticker in the f-hole doesnt help me much... Hope someone can help identify this guitar
  4. BlayneT94

    Please help identify my les Paul

    I bought this at an auction years ago, it was missing parts and pieces so I just made it what I wanted with new equipment. In hindsight I wish I would’ve asked this first but any idea what year this les Paul custom is? Or if it’s fake? I didn’t pay very much for it so I wouldn’t be upset but I...
  5. Just(A)Theory

    Advice and Slash 2020 Sig

    So! I, am a 22 yr old who has had the fortune of having a nice job where i can save cash and now have the money to get a high end guitar. So! Im considering getting the new Gibson Slash Sig, though i have questions, i havmt seen much coverage thats not just people fangasming over another slash...
  6. D

    No Les Paul Signature?

    Hey everyone, Is it weird that my head stock doesn't have a Les Paul signature? I'm pretty sure I have a LP-100 because of the bolt on neck and I know its Korean from 1999, but all the other pictures I've seen say Les Paul, or LP-100. Don't know much else about it. #ThriftStoreFind Thanks for...
  7. LPStation

    [GRECO] Need help identifying

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Greco's and the whole made in Japan deal, but I've picked this guitar up recently and I'm not sure what model it is or year? (I bought it as a "Early to mid 70's Greco") There is no serial number on the headstock or in the cavities but I've taken some pictures of...
  8. A

    My dad wants to sell his gibson, how much should it go for?

    Hi, I'm not too into guitars, but my dad wants to sell his old 1995 Gibson and he was getting some (what seems to be) incredibly low offers. It's a 1995 Gibson Les Paul with a Floyd Rose Tremelo, it's not been kept up very well, so the paint that used to be white has yellowed, and the neck has a...
  9. M

    First build lp seeking advice!

    Hi chaps and chappettes! I've started my first build and am seeking some advice. I'm a little stumped on neck angle etc. My template was a 59 LP but my top is flat (didn't want to carve on my first attempt), body depth is 50mm total and my top is 5mm. Have I screwed myself over with a top not...
  10. Jewel the Sapphire

    Need advice-- Vintage Epiphone Custom!

    I'm going to buy this one after I get more photos in!! Heres hoping the neck and frets are in great shape as the rest.. the last time I found an open book headstock epiphone custom it sold right from under my fingertips-- this one I see a volute on the neck and a small post ABR1 style bridge...
  11. GuitarTalk


    Hey guys, Local shop ID’s this guitar as a 2014 “1960 Goldie Burst” reissue... Say they got it from a Gibson roadshow, being sold as new. The serial number is 0 4690 (which is an R0... but hats aren’t reflectors, there’s no pickguard/hole either). The colour is closer to a bourbon burst than a...
  12. Jewel the Sapphire

    Which Les Paul Custom? +more

    I need to pick up another guitar and I've narrowed it down to two les paul customs both priced at $350 and two wildcards. The first is a 1989 and ships with a gibson soft case. The second is a limited edition 1955 reissue with original case for $350 and is almost a 2 hour drive away...
  13. Jewel the Sapphire

    Which guitar should I buy? Poll!

    Hey y'all there are three Les Pauls I am looking at and I should only pick one up at a time, here are photos and a poll to cast a vote. Thank You! First off over an hour drive but the only local sale out of these... a Special SC with hardcase $250 Second I have found a transparent amber...
  14. B

    Greco EG 800 identification help?

    The only store that is anywhere nearby that sells Greco guitars, sell either the earlier 70s models or mid 80s models. The one which seems the most appealing is the EG 800 which was supposedly made in 1985, but when I look at the Mint Collection 1985 catalog I can't find any guitar with that...
  15. C

    Can any one give me info on this greco?

    it's a greco semi hallow body pre 75 (from what I can gather) has a sunburst finish, double cutaways, F cut outs on the sides, floating bridge. trying to sell.
  16. Jewel the Sapphire

    Help me identify this Les Paul Standard

    Hey new member here, I just got this guitar the other night and it only says Made in Korea on the back of the headstock help! So the serial number sticker is gone, is there any patterns to distinguish the year and where it may have been manufactured in Korea?
  17. GuitarTalk

    Gibson Historic or Chibson - Post Your Encounters!

    Educational thread on how to spot a fake Gibson historic for those in the market. Post your encounter with a suspected and-or confirmed fake. I’ll go first: So I’ve been doing more research on historic LPC’s as I might be getting one soon and I ran across this listing on reverb (ANY dealer...
  18. S

    Did my MXR EQ break?

    Hope im posting this in the right place, if not please let me know> But . i have an MXR 10 band EQ pedal and as of recently its starting hissing/buzzing uncontrollably. Even through a noise suppressor its unusable. I've noticed that it calms down a little if i completely take the 125Hz out of...
  19. P

    I have pictures and a model number but what is it? Help!!

    So i'm looking at buying a Les Paul used and I can't tell what model it is for sure. I figured this is the best resource so here it goes. It looks like a studio faded and the model number is LPJWZCH1. i'll post some pics momentarily. It has a really nice hard shell case that's yellowish outside...
  20. A

    Need Help with noise!...

    Before I turn my LP Replica into Ashes (due to ultimate rage) I need your help to make my guitar stop making this awful noise.. It's wired with the usual LP format: 2 Humbuckers (2 conductor), 2 volume and 2 tone pots, 3 way switch and output jack, using 50s wiring. The problem is that it...

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