1. Luboy

    QC comedy or strange damage?

    Noticed this on my LP a while ago. It seems to be a wood crack (two parallel ones actually), but the location, length and direction are quite odd. It seems that the lacquer is over the cracks and is unaffected, maybe it was already cracked before it got painted at the factory. Otherwise this is...
  2. D

    No Les Paul Signature?

    Hey everyone, Is it weird that my head stock doesn't have a Les Paul signature? I'm pretty sure I have a LP-100 because of the bolt on neck and I know its Korean from 1999, but all the other pictures I've seen say Les Paul, or LP-100. Don't know much else about it. #ThriftStoreFind Thanks for...
  3. Rob the Photog

    New Epiphone headstock???

    I just watched Premier Guitar's "Summer NAMM '19: Epiphone Vivian Campbell Holy Diver LP & George Thorogood White Fang ES-125 TDC Demos" video, and noticed that the headstock on the Vivian signature LP is different than the norm! More like the Casino or 100th Anniversary LP without all the...
  4. J

    Has this guitar had a headstock repair?

    Hi everyone, yesterday I was cleaning my recently purchased used Epiphone Sheraton II when I saw this little marks with kind of a U shape in the back of the headstock (that i hadn't seen when I tested the guitar, as they only can be seen under certain light conditions and angle) that made me...
  5. Hamsterean

    2018 traditional unparallel headstock

    What do I do now? This Les Paul traditional headstock neck carve on the right side goes in too deep. It’s supposed to go straight and then out. It’s not supposed to look like a C.
  6. Jewel the Sapphire

    Korea/Japan Hybrid Custom

    I just got this Les Paul and looking at things like the headstock shape and truss rod cover suggests it's made in Samick Korea between 1989-1991 but also looking at the features make me question if it's not. The wiring looks like it was done professionally not in a production line so it may...
  7. LesPeterGuitarJam

    "open book" headstock vs the gibson "mustage" ???

    so this one dude referred to the gibson les paul "open book" headstock as the gibson mustage.. i never heard that expression before. for me its always been a open book shape... but annoying as it is, now i cant fucking stop see a mustage at the top of my gibson les pauls headstock.. fuck that...
  8. Gentle Jesus

    Les Paul Trad 2018 Tuning Machine Replacement

    Hello I'm looking to replace my tuning machines on my Les Paul Traditional 2018 but I don’t want to drill extra screw holes or have the other screw hole showing at the back of the headstock. I like the look of the Grover machine heads but that would mean having one screw hole showing? What...
  9. H

    Advice for headstock face touchup

    I have a Black Gibson Les Paul standard double cutaway that has some damage to the headstock faceplate along the edges that is somewhere between dings and small chunks. Shes no case queen and has some road wear, but i want to make it look a lttle better than it does. Has anyone had good results...
  10. Alex Dovnar

    Silkscreen frames LP model

    Hi guys. There are several silkscreen frames for the headstock repair.

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