handwound pickups

  1. jonesy

    NEW '63 Custom handwound Strat pickups Video demos by Jonesyblues

    Just released my newest set of Pre CBS Vintage style Strat pickups. More details at my Jonesyblues.com website '63 Custom Strat pickups Neck 6.5K Middle 6.5K Bridge 6.8K Heavy 42 Formvar wire and Alnico 5 magnets with custom bevel. #Vintagetone Clean demo into a Fender Vibrolux Gain demo...
  2. jonesy

    Jonesyblues Premium Upgrades for Les Paul, 335, SG, P90s, PAFs and more Built In USA

    Hope everyone is doing well. I invite you to check out my new Jonesyblues.com website The webstore has lots of new products Jonesyblues.com webstore As many of you may already know I offer a wide variety of premium guitar electronics for Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, PRS and many other guitars...

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