1. W

    Made a lyric video for my second original song

    So this is the second song that I’ve recorded at home and I would love some feedback on it! Always looking to improve so don’t be afraid to give me honest, crushing feedback!
  2. Custom Made Guitar Straps

    Custom Made Guitar Straps

    About Ethos: "Ethos uses the finest leathers in the world. Sourced mainly from Italy, our leathers are handpicked to represent the organic and earthen color palette for which Ethos is known. Each leather guitar strap is designed to herald this old world quality. From the moment you receive...
  3. GibPhone

    Epiphone || Showcase your guitar...

    I don't care if it is Epi, or Gibson, or any guitar (Just Mainstream Epiphone and Gibson, electric preferably). I just want to see/hear about what everyone else has in store. Edit: Skim through most of the third (mostly) and forth (some) pages, there is a good...
  4. Danny James Guitar

    A Bluesy Acoustic Guitar Instrumental...

    Hello! Here's a bluesy acoustic guitar instrumental that I recorded. Hope you like it!
  5. bossaddict

    SOLD: 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom, Natural

    Up for sale is my 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom in original Natural finish. It is in good working order, but does have a bit of natural play wear on the body and the back of the neck, including some circular wear marks from possibly a capo. On the body, there is a bit of arm wear, such that the...
  6. eric ernest

    Dave Gilmour's '55 Les Paul nets $447,000 at Christie's guitar auction

    Christie's quote: Gilmour's 1955 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop sold for $447,000, setting a new world auction record for a Les Paul, Gilmour used it on The Wall tour for “Happiest Days of Our Lives,” “One of My Turns” and “Last Few Bricks.” David Gilmour's 1955 Gibson Les Paul guitar.
  7. C

    Is this a quality issue

    Picked up a new guitar, today (frampton, LE) everything seems okay with it, except a patch on the ebony fretboard seemed worn and there was a lot of dust on the guitar overall, maybe from the factory. I called the shop, they said it was a brand new one. Would you consider this normal for ebony...
  8. eric ernest

    1956 Gibson Les Paul Standard. 1959 Conversion. Continuing the discussion about modified Goldtops.

    Since there has been a fair amount of discussion about modified Goldtops, I thought I would post some photos of this unique guitar. While the center seam is not down-the-middle, it does run through the G string....pretty close. The guitar has been modified and had conversion work done on it...
  9. bossaddict

    NGD: 1968 Dove

    My first ever vintage guitar experience was with a 1969 Gibson Dove acoustic that was in a shop in Huntsville, Alabama in the late '90s. I just happened to stop in there while I was off from college visiting my parents. It was the best-playing acoustic I've ever played. The action on it felt...
  10. Z

    Rubbing Wet Alcohol Tissue on Nitro Finish?

    Guys my guitar's neck was super sweaty and dirty because I was playing for hours and I cleaned it with dry microfiber cloth which is for the guitar and what i did after that is I rubbed it with wet alcohol tissue and wiped it right off again with that dry microfiber cloth I had. Now when I...
  11. Z

    Replacing Parts On A 1959 Les Paul?

    Hey guys. You guys probably have seen a lot of 1959 Les paul videos on youtube. A lot of them guys say “Its all original parts” or “its bone stock” etc Does that mean nothing at ALL is replaced on this guitar? How does a toggle switch for example on a 59 60 les paul manage to last that long...
  12. TheWGuitar

    Debut single has been released!

    Today is one of those "bucket list" types of days. I've been so busy trying to get this done while working full-time, that I haven't even had much time to do stuff like MLP much lately. My debut single from next year's debut album released today...
  13. Z

    Planning to buy a 2004 Les Paul in Japan.

    Hi. English is not my first language so apologize me if I am not able to explain properly. I live in Japan. Im new to this forum. Im really confused right now. I saw this beautiful 2004 Les paul in Sweet cherry kind of a burst and its super gorgeous but Im not sure if all the parts are original...
  14. deadringer


    Sold on eBay.
  15. deadringer

    FS: Kluson Revolution G-Mount Diecast Tuning Machines Gold Sets KED-3801G

    Selling two sets of Kluson Revolution G-Mount Diecast Tuning Machines. Two gold sets are $45 shipped & PayPal'd per set. PM me if interested. No trades please. Introducing the new Kluson Revolution 19:1 high ratio tuning machine. Kluson has truly introduced a game changer with the traditional...
  16. deadringer

    SOLD: Bare Knuckle Emerald Gold Humbucker Pickups

    Selling a used set of Bare Knuckle Emerald humbucker pickups. Specs: Gold covers & screws, long leg baseplates, 53mm F-Spaced bridge, 4-conductor wiring. Includes original box, paperwork, guitar pick and springs and gold mounting screws as pictured. Great condition, they have some very minor...
  17. MisterLutherMan

    Olly Murs - Dance With Me Tonight Acoustic, with Danish Pete

    I've been doing some looking on Instagram guitar teachers and I came across 'Danish Pete', a cool guitarist and teacher. I followed his links to a song he did with Olly Murs, and for an acoustic song with minimal instruments/ voices, it sounds fabulous! Pete really drives the rhythm with his...
  18. MisterLutherMan

    A different approach to bar chords...

    I like this approach the guy takes in this lesson. Besides the average video and audio quality, he has good presentation. What do you lot think?
  19. MisterLutherMan

    What is the playing quality of a standard Les Paul?

    I was looking to buy one at £200, which as I can tell was a bargain, but it got away. :( Still, what is the playing quality of one? Are they any good?

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