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  1. Brians Evil Twin

    Guitar Center Screws the Pooch Again

    GC will not honor this ad mailed to tens (hundreds?) of thousands of musicians across the US. I tried multiple times, and they know they f'd up, but they will not sell you these monitors for $99.99 the pair. Call it a typo or bait and switch, but whatever, they will never see another dime...
  2. PlainT0P83

    SOLD! 2006 Gibson Custom "G0" 1960 Les Paul VOS

    2006 Gibson "G0" 1960 Les Paul VOS Plain Top in Lemon burst (or Honey Burst?) Model: "LPR-0" $SOLD!!! Thanks Rex!!!! Weight: 9#3.2oz (9.2lbs) on digital scale I cannot find that exact "spec sheet" or an old GC ad for this guitar, but if you're looking for one of these GC "G0's" then you know...
  3. zaqintosh

    Thoughts on the cheaper Les Paul 1960 pg. 129 reissue?

    I've been preparing myself to fork over too much money on a reissue. Likely a 1960s because I'm fearful of an uncomfortably fat neck. The "True Historic" price seemed hard to justify when the "Standard historic" at $6.5k was comparatively a huge savings, giving up a few things that I'm not sure...
  4. LP Standard (Limited Edition)

    LP Standard (Limited Edition)

    2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Silverburst), GC Limited Edition