1. M

    MIJ and Gibsons In 2020

    So Everyone knows the whole which is the best MIJ Lp? Does my top of the line or middle ground copy stack up or beat a gibby traditional/historic/standard? I've read all the forums and collected myself, but a lot has changed over the years. What use to be total scores or hidden gems in shops or...
  2. S

    Help me to identify this Greco

    Hi I recently bought this Greco strat and unfortunately someone has scratched the logo, And the trust rod cover and the bridge is kinda different can some one help me to identify the model number and the year of this guitar
  3. King Minimoose

    NGD Greco LP

    Hello all... again. My Dad has bought another MIJ LP and vows that this is the last one (we'll see about that). Anyway, here are some pictures. He knows what year and model it is, just thought I should share.
  4. Greco

    The MIJ Compatability Thread: Helping you find the MIJ LP you've been searching for.

    Hey guys! So I had an idea pop up when another member of our little MIJ community said he wanted suggestions on MIJ guitars. I then had the idea where instead of people making individual threads, why not make one consolidated thread where the new guys would like help on what model they are...
  5. Greco

    Left handed Greco!! Need help Identifying if it is legit and MIJ!

    Hello, this is my first thread here and I hear you are the guys who can help me with greco. I will post the link from reverb here. The seller says this is a 1990 Greco EG500. All original and there is dents in the neck (which I hope I can get fixed.) and has a pretty big price for it...
  6. 71 Silvertop

    Pickup Question re. 1981 Greco EGC 500

    Hi folks - longtime reader, brand-new poster. Just picked up a 1981 Greco EGC 500. I was expecting it to have Maxon UD pickups inside it, as that's what usually came stock with EGC 500s of this era. But the number code on the pickup looks more like what you'd expect on Maxon Dry Z pickups of...
  7. LPStation

    [GRECO] Need help identifying

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Greco's and the whole made in Japan deal, but I've picked this guitar up recently and I'm not sure what model it is or year? (I bought it as a "Early to mid 70's Greco") There is no serial number on the headstock or in the cavities but I've taken some pictures of...
  8. J

    '83 Greco EG59-65 or new MIJ?

    Hi All, Long time lurker first time posting. I'm ready to pull a trigger on an MIJ LP style guitar, but I'm stuck between buying an '83 MC Greco or buying a new or new-ish LP, either from Edwards or one of the new Grecos with the truss rod adjustment at the bottom of the neck. Would a new...
  9. Luxferre

    Help with some Greco's on Reverb

    Hi I got curious about vintage Greco LP, loving MIJ instruments. I'm definitely buying one but I'm on a budget (like U$500 for the guitar and shipping) so I'm ok with an Epiphone std quality like guitar. I need some help to see if some of the guitars below are worth the money or should I get...
  10. krugerj

    Old Pickups... I need some help!!

    What's up guys, picked up some old Japanese pickups that came out of an old Greco (according to where I bought them from), but we don't know the model of them. They measure 7.67k (braided cable) and 7.75k (plain cable). The plain cabled one has an inked stamp and nothing else, and the braided...
  11. aroomstudios

    Greco Les Paul Custom what is it and what year?

    Anyone know what year and model this is? SN: F 05006 I looked up SN and they seen to be different for different models. I can find every model except for the customs. I own a bunch of new and vintage MIJ guitars but not any Grecos. So, I am not really up on specs and models for Grecos. This...
  12. B

    Greco EG 800 identification help?

    The only store that is anywhere nearby that sells Greco guitars, sell either the earlier 70s models or mid 80s models. The one which seems the most appealing is the EG 800 which was supposedly made in 1985, but when I look at the Mint Collection 1985 catalog I can't find any guitar with that...
  13. C

    Can any one give me info on this greco?

    it's a greco semi hallow body pre 75 (from what I can gather) has a sunburst finish, double cutaways, F cut outs on the sides, floating bridge. trying to sell.
  14. H

    1970s National Les paul Big Daddy

    Hey can anyone help me I have this goldtop les Paul I got and I'm trying to name anddate her as well. As far as I can tell it's a National Big Daddy but I can find out if they ever made a goldtop hollow Body one or if more than one company shared the same plans and if so can anyone help me out...
  15. H

    Les Paul copy

    Hey can anyone help me I'd this goldtop les Paul I got and date her as well. As far as I can tell it's a National Big Daddy but I can find out if the ever made a goldtop hollow Body one or if more than one company shared the same plans and if so can anyone help me out I'd her. I have had both...
  16. M

    Help needed to recognize which Greco modei is this guitar?

    Hi. I am the new one in here, so, hello to everybody who's a LP freak. :) What is the point of this thread is that I have an oppotunity to buy a Greco EG from 1977 in collector shape. All I know for sure, is that pickups are changed (to Sanford Magnetics), same as truss rod cover (he still has...
  17. justinspv

    Double-cut MIJ

    If anyone is thinking of selling their MIJ double-cut please message me. thank you
  18. T

    Greco EG1000 Mint Collection 1986

    Just acquired this Greco which i believe is an EG1000. No major cracks or repairs... just not well treated. A few nick and scratches but super player. I was letting it pass but on a hunch bought if and found the exact pic of it in the 1985 Greco catalogue... supposed to have Dry Z but nothing is...
  19. JDZ

    NGD '80 Greco EGF-1200

    This is an overdue NGD, but there's a bit of a story Greco fans will enjoy. I got this guitar back in October and was really surprised just how nice its condition was when it arrived. Straight away I dropped it off at a local luthier for a level, crown and polish of the frets. Where I live is...
  20. B

    Mystery Greco

    Hi all. I've been collecting Greco guitars for a couple of years now and I feel I know Greco EG's fairly well. Having said that, I recently found one that has stumped me. Soooo, it's a standard copy with a 2 piece top, U3000 Pickups, double ring tuning pegs and from what I understand, no...

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