1. L

    Greco (EGC-550 (?)) without serial number. Worth the price?

    Hello, im currently looking at an apperantly 90s Greco. Im having a hard time identifying it, since it has no serial number and the greco font looks thick. Seller claims it to be japanese though, egc 550. Asking price is 950+Shipping (Europe). I was wondering: - Is it actually a japanese egc...
  2. ranchonmars

    NGD: 1977 Greco EG500 (corrected)

    Because everyone needs at least three Grecos and my last Greco (White SG style) showed up with a "dislocated" neck I decided to take the plunge again with this bad boy here. I just took these in my office so i haven't had an opportunity to open it up and inspect it, but based on the color and...
  3. ranchonmars

    Greco Dry Pickups Score

    Just picked this up on YJ. Did some research on these and while they aren't the infamous Dry Z's, I didn't exactly spend "Dry Z" money on them. Seems like the black plastic covers come into play around the mid 80's based on the catalogs. I guess an effort to match the look of EMGs? I'm going...
  4. 59fan

    NGD - '82 Greco ECG57-60

    Happened to snag one on Reverb after longing for one for months. And interestingly enough, this one has quite the story to tell - it started its Reverb journey in (a music store in) Hawaii, got sold to someone in NC and ended up in AL. People kept listing it on Reverb, someone eventually bought...
  5. 59fan

    Greco SA-90 or Tokai ES100R

    Both have recently popped up on my local Craigslist. The main difference is a headstock break on the Tokai so I’m not quite sure if it'd be worth it or if I should rather go for the Greco. This is the Tokai
  6. 59fan

    1981/82 Greco SS500

    EDIT: Been trying to insert a link to the actual listing. But apparently it was considered spam so this thread wouldn't post...figured I had to save the pics and paste 'em here. Considering to pull the trigger on this Super Real era SS500, the TRC and logo seem a bit confusing though. Lots of...
  7. 59fan

    Super Real era Greco SG Specials

    EDIT: Been trying to insert a link to the actual listing. But apparently it was considered spam so this thread wouldn't post...figured I had to save the pics and put 'em in here. Considering to pull the trigger on this Super Real era SS500, the TRC and logo seem a bit confusing though. Lots of...
  8. 59fan

    Greco Super Real era SG Special

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  9. ranchonmars

    NGD....sort of 1978 Greco EG800 Custom Cherryburst

    Bought this Greco 1978 EG800 Custom Cherryburst from a U.S. Seller for what I thought was a fair price. I knew it wasn't going to be in mint condition, but due to their poor packaging the neck got one of these... I've obviously started a return on eBay, but if they offer a partial refund...
  10. 59fan

    Greco SG Juniors/Specials? Considering to pull the trigger on this one. Any experiences with Super Real/1982-83 era SG...
  11. C

    Greco with mini humbuckers and strange color

    Hello I am new to this forum but I think this is the best place to search for the information about a guitar I came across on a local advertising portal. The seller wrote only that this is more than 40 year old Greco with original mini humbuckers and wiring and new Gotoh hardware but I cannot...
  12. 59fan

    MIJ 3-Pup Black Beauty LPs

    What I'm essentially looking for is a (MIJ) 57-ish Black Beauty LP, and I've seen a few of these (especially early 80s Greco EGC57-60s) pop up on reverb every now and then...has anyone ever owned one (or maybe a Tokai/Burny equivalent of these)? There seem to be a couple of 3 pup Grecos and...
  13. Central Scrutinizer

    Greco chambered?!?

    Came across an interesting Greco, which is listed as a 1978. The back of the guitar has a multitude of covers and routing. This appears to be a type of weight reduction. The cavities are routed professionally, just like the control cavity and the switch cavity. Would Greco or other Japanese...
  14. M

    Lefty Greco EGC 600 (?)

    Hi all, I've just won an auction for this lefty Greco ECG at (what I think) a very reasonable price. Since I'm kinda new to japanese guitars, could you please give me more information/confirmation about its model and features? The serial is E9090xx and the fretboard looks rosewood to me, so my...
  15. dcurran87

    My first MIJ LP - 1987 Greco EGC 68-60

    Hi all, After a long time browsing the MIJ market and chickening out of taking the plunge with a purchase, I finally pulled the trigger on a mint collection Greco LP. I always wanted a birth year guitar and since this one was also birth MONTH then I couldn't say no! All the way from Japan to...
  16. A

    I need help!! Is this Greco Les paul custom MIJ??

    Hello, I came across a seller on Reverb who is selling a Greco Les Paul custom but I am not sure if it is the real deal. Can anyone help me determine if this guitar is made in Japan?
  17. Bdavolley

    Pros and Cons of 1970s MIJ vs Epiphone Les Pauls

    Budget $300: I have the opportunity to purchase a "No Name," lawsuit era (open book headstock),1976 MIJ blonde Les Paul copy with a maple fretboard in very good condition that is within my budget. It is a "pancake" and, from what I can gather, was made to sell either as an Ibanez or Greco but...
  18. G

    What model Greco is this beauty??

    Hey all. I've been offered this gorgeous Greco guitar and I love the tones... But it's in a high price range for me atm. It's definitely a '78 from the serial number, but I'm at a loss to know whether it's an Eg500c, Eg600c or even Eg800c (I think that's a bit hopeful though!) Is there anyway to...
  19. surelyjamie

    1978 Greco Les paul; Looking for some Info

    Hi guys, I am looking for information on my greco les paul, I can work out from the serial number that it is from either march or july of 1978, ( cant tell if its a C or a G) I was also interested to know any information on the pickups, the gentleman I bought it from last year said they are...
  20. M

    MIJ and Gibsons In 2020

    So Everyone knows the whole which is the best MIJ Lp? Does my top of the line or middle ground copy stack up or beat a gibby traditional/historic/standard? I've read all the forums and collected myself, but a lot has changed over the years. What use to be total scores or hidden gems in shops or...

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