greco les paul custom

  1. ranchonmars

    NGD....sort of 1978 Greco EG800 Custom Cherryburst

    Bought this Greco 1978 EG800 Custom Cherryburst from a U.S. Seller for what I thought was a fair price. I knew it wasn't going to be in mint condition, but due to their poor packaging the neck got one of these... I've obviously started a return on eBay, but if they offer a partial refund...
  2. dcurran87

    My first MIJ LP - 1987 Greco EGC 68-60

    Hi all, After a long time browsing the MIJ market and chickening out of taking the plunge with a purchase, I finally pulled the trigger on a mint collection Greco LP. I always wanted a birth year guitar and since this one was also birth MONTH then I couldn't say no! All the way from Japan to...
  3. G

    What model Greco is this beauty??

    Hey all. I've been offered this gorgeous Greco guitar and I love the tones... But it's in a high price range for me atm. It's definitely a '78 from the serial number, but I'm at a loss to know whether it's an Eg500c, Eg600c or even Eg800c (I think that's a bit hopeful though!) Is there anyway to...
  4. Frankie_B

    1979 EG800PR Ace Frehley Budokan

    I've wanted a Greco or Burny Ace Frehley Budokan for a long time. I thought more of an EG600PR because they are easier to find on the market. However, I came across this nice 1979 EG800PR a few days ago at a fair price. I hope it will arrive soon. In the meantime, here are some pics of the seller.
  5. eheiser

    Greco or Orville?

    There are currently 2 white Les Paul Custom (Rhandy Roads style) replica's available near me -- would like to hear some opinions on which one the forum members would prefer. 1. 1990 Orville (Terada) - completely stock, has apparently had a neck break in the usual spot but appears solidly...
  6. T

    Help ID'ing this Greco

    Hi All, I'm looking at this Greco in a local listing but really not sure what model it could be: This is an old ad but it's the same guitar I'm looking at. Open O, split diamond headstock but no Serial no to be seen. Tuners...
  7. aroomstudios

    Greco Les Paul Custom what is it and what year?

    Anyone know what year and model this is? SN: F 05006 I looked up SN and they seen to be different for different models. I can find every model except for the customs. I own a bunch of new and vintage MIJ guitars but not any Grecos. So, I am not really up on specs and models for Grecos. This...
  8. P


    HELLO :) GREETINGS FROM POLAND. Could I ask for my guitar identification and information about her. From what is done, what exactly is the model, maybe he has some history? what is its market price. Thank you for your feedback and help. Greetings

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