1. K

    [FS][US] Gotoh SG381-MGT P8 3x3 gold locking tuners w/ amber pegs, brand new! - $80 shipped

    I have a set of 3X3 Gotoh gold locking tuners with amber buttons. I was planning on building a guitar neck, and had actually shaped and fretted a neck, but COVID came along with the colder weather up here in the Northeast (along with grad school stuff)... and I just don’t see myself continuing...
  2. Rob the Photog

    Knob differences

    I found this whole process to be interesting and educational, and I wanted to share my story with MLP. Hopefully this info will help others in the future. I have zero affiliation with any of these companies. The backstory, for those who like reading about the journey: I bought a used 2016...
  3. W

    Looking for gold matching roller bridge and tailpiece SUGGESTIONS

    My current guitar is a Epiphone 2008 Les Paul Standard. I am getting all new gold hardware (switch, pickup covers, tuners, etc.), and I'm having a bit of trouble finding a bridge and tailpiece that come from the same brand that are BOTH gold. If anyone has any suggestions for a combo that have...
  4. deadringer

    FS: Kluson Revolution G-Mount Diecast Tuning Machines Gold Sets KED-3801G

    Selling two sets of Kluson Revolution G-Mount Diecast Tuning Machines. Two gold sets are $45 shipped & PayPal'd per set. PM me if interested. No trades please. Introducing the new Kluson Revolution 19:1 high ratio tuning machine. Kluson has truly introduced a game changer with the traditional...
  5. deadringer

    FS: 2015 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Peacock Blue Flame Top Gold Floyd Rose

    Selling a used 2015 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Flame Top in Peacock Blue gloss finish. Richlite fretboard, long neck tenon, Floyd Rose bridge, Grover tuners, gold hardware. Weighs 8 lbs., 5.8 oz. Neck measurements: 1st fret - .841", 12th fret - .976" All original. Gibson 496R & 498T...
  6. deadringer

    SOLD: Bare Knuckle Emerald Gold Humbucker Pickups

    Selling a used set of Bare Knuckle Emerald humbucker pickups. Specs: Gold covers & screws, long leg baseplates, 53mm F-Spaced bridge, 4-conductor wiring. Includes original box, paperwork, guitar pick and springs and gold mounting screws as pictured. Great condition, they have some very minor...
  7. GuitarTalk

    NGD: 2016 True Historic 1957 Goldtop [featherweight champion]

    My first R7: a 2016 True Historic in “Antique Gold”! 7 6064, named her “Aury”. Only 8lb (7.9 without the metal switchplate), my lightest solid body LP:) Enjoy the photos (better ones coming later) and congrats everyone on the other NGD posts today, beauties! P.S. Goldtops are much easier to...
  8. deadringer


    Sold on Reverb.
  9. deadringer


    Sold on ebay.
  10. deadringer

    FS: 2011 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Wine Red Floyd Rose

    Selling a used 2011 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Flame Top in Wine Red gloss finish. Real ebony fretboard, long neck tenon, Floyd Rose bridge, Gibson Deluxe tuners, gold hardware. Weighs 8 lbs., 6.4 oz. Neck measurements: 1st fret - .815", 12th fret - .943" All original. Gibson Burstbucker...
  11. bossaddict

    Sold: 1960s Gibson gold ABR-1 bridge

    Up for sale is a vintage 1960s Gibson gold ABR-1 bridge. This is the type of bridge that would have been found on models like the mid- to late-'60s ES-345 and ES-355 as well as the '68-'69 Les Paul Custom and others. It has the original nylon saddles and the retaining wire to hold the saddle...
  12. deadringer


  13. deadringer


  14. B

    Epiphone LP Custom Pro Gold Pickup Cover??

    hi guys, New here but I recently purchased my first LP a used Epi Custom Pro in Black. As it’s used, the gold hardware is fading pretty badly. I was wondering if anyone knew where I can find the gold cap that would fit the Epi. I’m pretty happy with the pickups themselves so I was wondering if...
  15. jwinger

    Celestion Gold G10 & Hudson Broadcast

    Installed this speaker in a Tone King Falcon replacing the stock Eminence Ragin Cajun and I've put about 4 hours on it now. Have to say I'm hugely impressed. The Eminence was nice but a bit flat and one dimensional sounding... It didn't compress much and felt and sounded quite hard, especially...
  16. azbuck11

    HELP! Does anyone know what model/year this is?

    So I was given this guitar a few days ago and since then have searched nearly everywhere for it with no luck. The serial number is nowhere to be found. I have found similar styles but nothing close enough for me to be at peace. I know somebody somewhere knows the story behind this piece. Thanks...
  17. A

    2006 lp custom ebony question

    HI everyone. This is my first post. I actually made this account just to get some advice and tips and to ask a question about my guitar. I have a gibson custom Lp that was made in 2006. I purchased it used. It was in, id say 7/10 condition. Its ebony and had gold hardware. The hardware itself...
  18. Trogly

    25/50 Anniversary Les Paul - Nice Condition - $3675

    I have a few 25/50 Gibson Anniversary Les Pauls that I am selling. Many people have this model as a bucket-list dream guitar and have other unused guitars sitting around - so lets make your dream come true! I am open to trades for other Gibsons only - or Gibson Parts, +/- cash. The trade value...

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