1. M

    I love my Studio Faded LP.

    Which guitar of yours makes your hair stand on end... Mine is a 2011 Studio Faded that I bought brand new. I've managed to hang on to it thankfully. Started out as faded cherry, but I refinished it a few years back. Has pretty grain in the maple top for a cheaper Gibson. Has the wonderful...
  2. J

    FS: Blank Gibson Historic Collection Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity

    I got this from my friend who used to work at the Gibson Custom Shop. I got it for my 2004 R9 because the guy I bought that guitar from had lost the COA previously. I have since sold that guitar, so I don’t need this COA. 100% original blank COA. Any questions just ask. Shipping to the lower 48...
  3. J

    FS: Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection Faded Cherry 1959 ES 335

    This is an exceptional Custom Shop 1998 Historic Collection ‘59 Reissue ES 335. The color is the very desirable faded cherry red. Very early production late 90’s vintage accurate orange label guitar. Neck is exceptional on this one (0.92-1.02 is what I get on my caliper). Weight is a very...
  4. 2019r9sitf-50.jpg


    2019 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 50th Anniversary 1959 Reissue VOS - Slow Iced Tea Fade
  5. LP Studio Swirl

    LP Studio Swirl

    2011 Gibson LP Studio Swirl (Black Silver) -Babicz FCH Locking Bridge/Tailpiece -Seymour Duncan Custom bridge (SH-5) -Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates neck (PG-1n) -Martin Six String Custom 50s Wiring Harness -Gotoh Locking Tuners -Schaller Strap Locks -Engraved Pickup cover -Engraved TRC
  6. Les Pauls Unite

    Les Pauls Unite

    L to R: LP Studio Swirl (Silver), LP Axcess Custom (Bengal Burst), LP Standard (Silverburst)
  7. LP Axcess Custom 5

    LP Axcess Custom 5

    -2019 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Figured Top (Bengal Burst) -Stop Tail
  8. LP Axcess Custom 4

    LP Axcess Custom 4

    -2019 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Figured Top (Bengal Burst) -Stop Tail
  9. LP Axcess Custom 2

    LP Axcess Custom 2

    -2019 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Figured Top (Bengal Burst) -Stop Tail
  10. LP Axcess Custom 1

    LP Axcess Custom 1

    -2019 Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom Figured Top (Bengal Burst) -Stop Tail
  11. deadringer


  12. P

    FS: 2005 Gibson 61 Reissue SG Cherry Red

    For sale is a 2005 Gibson SG '61 Reissue. Small chip behind headstock and plugged-in holes on body near bridge. Barely noticeable on first glance as evidenced by the pictures provided. This particular model had its frets recrowned and is intonated wonderfully. This used example is in very good...
  13. ThisGuy

    F/S - Gibson Premium Soft Case

    I am selling an as-new Gibson Premium Soft Case which came with my 2018 LP Faded. The case has never been used save for transportation home from the shop when the guitar was purchased new, and has occupied space in the mancave closet since. There are no wear marks, scuffs, scratches, or funny...
  14. BadMojo

    SOLD 1986 Les Paul | BadMojo Makeovers

    $900 + Shipping & PayPal Fees 1986 Gibson Les Paul Studio This my personal guitar. It has been refinished by yours truly in Inverness Green Metallic Nitrocellulose. Medium distressing with lots of weather checking. Playability and functionality: Plays excellent and is fully functional. No...
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  16. T

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 2019 60's (Unburst Finish/Flamey :)

    Hey folks, this is my first post in a while here. I hope you're all good! Months and months ago I posted a few pictures of a les paul that I got second hand (through reverb) that I ended up not liking and ended up returning (with help from the forum) due to some cosmetic issues that weren't...
  17. M

    Is this Gibson Les Paul Custom Legit?

    I'm interested in buying this Gibson Les Paul custom but im not experienced enough to be certain its a real Les Paul custom. could any of you help me confirm that is either is or isn't real? if it's not could you point out what's wrong with it? It would be a huge help.
  18. bossaddict

    Sold: 2003 Gibson Custom Shop '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior, TV White

    I might be schizophrenic. I got this just a few months ago and love it, but I just added a vintage '50s Junior to my stable yesterday, so this is going to have to be the sacrificial lamb. It's a 2003 '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior in a gorgeous TV White finish. The fretboard is equally gorgeous to...
  19. Matt1515

    What Les Paul Model is this? Anybody?

    Just curious what kind of LP this is. Maybe a 70s Deluxe with routed for humbuckers or something else? Thanks! (Guitarist is Wurzel R.I.P)
  20. eric ernest

    Dave Gilmour's '55 Les Paul nets $447,000 at Christie's guitar auction

    Christie's quote: Gilmour's 1955 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop sold for $447,000, setting a new world auction record for a Les Paul, Gilmour used it on The Wall tour for “Happiest Days of Our Lives,” “One of My Turns” and “Last Few Bricks.” David Gilmour's 1955 Gibson Les Paul guitar.