1. M

    SOLD - 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Top Honeyburst 50s Neck

    Listed on Reverb $1699 If you want to make a deal thru the forum I'll do negotiated price + $75 shipping with no added paypal cost.
  2. Tombrereton222

    Gibson Flying V with Case

    Open to offers over £900, pickup from Barnsley UK or I can meet in an appropriate area close to home.
  3. Reviresco

    PRICE DROP! Heritage H-150 Dirty Lemon Burst Solid Flamed Maple Top Brand New!

    Up for sale is a brand new Heritage H-150 in Dirty Lemon Burst. This guitar features a beautifully matched solid flame maple top. One of the best tops I've seen on guitar! It's classy and it rocks! Real mahogany neck a d body. Cream binding on the neck and body. Real mother of pearl trapazoid...
  4. K

    FS: 1973 Gibson ES 335TD in Ice Tea Burst Photoalbum + VIDEO (EU)

    For sale 1973 Gibson ES 335TD in Ice Tea Burst. Very good condition for it´s age, few small scuffs and marks as would one expect, but nothing serious and looks quite new. Please see photos. No mods, breaks, original electronics and HW, original pat no humbuckers with black sticker and fretless...
  5. Reviresco

    No longer available.

    No longer available.
  6. Just(A)Theory

    Guitar Center Financing

    So, i didnt really see a recent thread on this, so figured id post one. Thought we could share our stories of financing/buying guitars from guitar center. For me Monday i went to the guitar center closest to me because they were having a presidents day sale and were trying to clear out old...
  7. Stone76

    FS (EU): Gibson J-200 from 1995 in Antique Natural

    Howdy! Selling my lovely Ophelia due to a tremendous GAS attack on a guitar I've been searching for years and is now at reach. Therefore, something has to go. Later down the road I'll be looking for another J-200 for sure, Gibson jumbos are just unbeatable. This is 1995 J-200 in a fantastic...
  8. Reviresco

    No Longer Available

    Up for sale is my perfectly new mint condition 2019 Gibson Les Paul 50’s Goldtop. This guitar is excellent. Action is nice and low with zero fret buzz. Set up with 10’s. Plays wonderfully smooth and comes in weighing 9lbs. Comes with all the case candy and standard issue Gibson case. I have...
  9. Just(A)Theory

    Advice and Slash 2020 Sig

    So! I, am a 22 yr old who has had the fortune of having a nice job where i can save cash and now have the money to get a high end guitar. So! Im considering getting the new Gibson Slash Sig, though i have questions, i havmt seen much coverage thats not just people fangasming over another slash...
  10. josebcn

    Gibson Hummingbird 2011 Custom Shop 5 Star Dealer Ltd. Ed Cherry Sunburst 1/9

    Gibson Hummingbird 2011 Custom Shop 5 Star Dealer Cherry Sunburst 1/9 worlwide limited edition, A beautiful Gibson Hummingbird with excellent tone, no dings or scratches, excellent condition :) 2.900€ + shipping from Barcelona, Spain. European community countries free shipping USA 250€...
  11. P

    Scracths on my new Les Paul Standard 2019

    Hi everyone!!! Unfortunately I was playing guitar with some friends, one ask me the guitar and I didn’t realize that he was using a metal belt... here are the pics of he scratches Is it possible to solve this with some product that don’t damage the guitar, the sound? thank you!!!
  12. 2000classic-48.jpg


    2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic - Trans Amber
  13. kingsxman

    On hold deal pending: 2018 Gibson Aged Ebony 1957 reissue Les Paul. Historic R7 custom shop

    For sale is my 2018 Gibson 1957 reissue in the rare "ebony" color. The guitar is aged by the gibson factory and looks great. There are very few ebony 57 reissues that were made and even fewer that are aged. The patina of this guitar is fantastic and the creme plastics (and binding) have a very...
  14. bossaddict

    NGD: 1943 Banner LG-3

    I've been holding out for a couple of weeks on this one as I was thinking of waiting until I had a chance to make a video, but we're having some home renovations done and they're not scheduled to be completed for another month. I'll just post it on its own if/when I get it ready. Some of you...
  15. xxxneoxxx

    Help me identify these Gibson pickups

    I asked the seller. He says they "prolly" are some 490's from an LP or an SG. As you can imagine, that's not very helpful. Could you help identify these pickups? Thanks in advance!
  16. Vince Vatican

    Signature Player Plus Limited

    Who anyone know if the Signature Player Plus Limited is a ( Limited Run )? I was told it was a limited run of 350, I thought I'd ask some of you if you knew this to be true?
  17. GrayHawK1

    Opinions on my Tool “Adam Jones” tone

    I wanted to know your opinion on my tone for the Tool covers I’ve been doing. I think I have it down pretty good. Everyone’s ear is different though. Sorry for the quality on this one. It wasn’t uploaded the same as the other since it’s just a work in progress.
  18. mrmega

    My new (to me) 2011 Les Paul Traditional.

    Hi, First time post. :) I met the guys representing the forum at the Philly guitar show a few weeks back and signed up. I really enjoyed meeting them and look forward to getting to know y'all as time passes too. I went to the show to find a black Les Paul I could use live because I don't...
  19. Mark V Guitars

    I love my Studio Faded LP.

    Which guitar of yours makes your hair stand on end... Mine is a 2011 Studio Faded that I bought brand new. I've managed to hang on to it thankfully. Started out as faded cherry, but I refinished it a few years back. Has pretty grain in the maple top for a cheaper Gibson. Has the wonderful...
  20. J

    FS: Blank Gibson Historic Collection Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity

    I got this from my friend who used to work at the Gibson Custom Shop. I got it for my 2004 R9 because the guy I bought that guitar from had lost the COA previously. I have since sold that guitar, so I don’t need this COA. 100% original blank COA. Any questions just ask. Shipping to the lower 48...