1. L

    How to put price on this Gibson Les Paul?

    Hello, I'm looking to sell a Gibson Les Paul but feel totally lost as to what its value would be. From the serial number it was made in Nashville May 31, 2007. Is there any way to know which model it is by the serial number or by its appearance? It was purchased new in 2008 for about $3000...
  2. ArtWerkOrange


    ... at least potentially so. I have searched for any info on FAKE "Amos" Bonamassa Flying Vs. My initial thought was, "why would China fake a made in China product," and then my second thought was... it is a perfect crime. I am only half kidding. The serial number seems legit in terms of numeric...
  3. M

    UPDATE: Finally got my 1st Gibson. Is this normal?

    Hello everyone out there, it's great to meet you all! So I finally got my 1st Gibson; a 2013 Les Paul 70's tribute. My question is this: Is it normal to see what appears to be a seam running the length of the fingerboard just underneath the fret tangs? I realize Gibson does hand scraping and...
  4. notslavvy

    Gibson Custom Shop Made to Measure M2M Les Paul Custom (2014) in Honey Flame

    Here we have a Gibson Custom Shop Made to Measure Les Paul Custom in Honey Flame with an AA flame top This one of a kind custom order includes a 50’s neck profile, poker chip card suit toggle switch, Ebony board (not richlite) and gold hardware with lightly flamed maple top in a “Honey Flame...
  5. LP-Lover

    Les Paul Special P90 weight.

    Just interested to hear peoples thoughts on guitar weight. I’m having to send a Gibson Les Paul Special in TV yellow back, it weighs 8.2lbs and the one I’m receiving is 7.3lbs. I’m interested to hear how they compare. I’m used to the heavier Standards and this is my first Special. Is the general...
  6. LP-Lover

    How do I delete?

    Sorry! How do you delete? Can see how!
  7. Alexp88

    WTB 50’s P90’s

    Looking to buy ideally a pair of soapbar 50’s p90s. Would consider whatever is out there but my preference would be soapbars, ideally no rewinds / repairs. Covers not essential. Thanks
  8. amgomez

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Nashville Bridge Question.

    So, I had a spare Nashville bridge made of aluminum laying around. When I got my guitar, I decided to try it out. I felt with the Nashville, my guitar sounded a bit more resonant when played acoustically. I also felt that it sounded like it had way more chime. Messing around with it, I noticed...
  9. Knightrich

    Real or fake? 2012 ES-335

    Howdy Folks, I am looking at trading for a 2012 Gibson ES-335 Dot in cherry. SN is 10502703, which indicates Nashville 2012, but I wanted your better sets of eyes on it before I made the trade. Has a couple of holes from a removed bigsby, and pickups have been replaced with Lindy Fralins Pure...
  10. Gibson Les Paul  1950s advertisement $240!!!!!

    Gibson Les Paul 1950s advertisement $240!!!!!

    Les Paul guitar sale!
  11. jonesy

    Jonesyblues American Made Handwound Pickups & Guitar Electronics For Les Paul, SG, 335, Strat, Tele

    Hope everyone is doing well. I invite you to check out my new website The webstore has lots of new products webstore As many of you may already know I offer a wide variety of premium guitar electronics for Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, PRS and many other guitars...
  12. Alexp88

    WTB Gibson 50's soapbar p90's

    HI, I'm looking for a pair of 50's soap bar p90's. Ideally 55/56 but open to anything from the 50's that is a soap bar. Not after anything rewound or had any repairs. Covers are not necessarily needed. Thanks
  13. G


    Very very clean condition from 2004 Includes pickguard, COA, OHSC and all the case candy! All original in Cherry Sunburst finish with gold hardware. Neck: 7.7 Bridge: 8.5 readings measured off a short pedal cable. Bathroom scale says 9.6 pounds. $3500 free shipping west of the Mississippi...
  14. amgomez

    Has anyone ever opened a Nickel Covered Mojotone 59 Clone?

    So, I recently bought a set of Mojotone 59 clones. I love the bridge, but felt the neck was way too bass heavy. I was going to mail it back to Mojotone to have it looked at. It is abnormally bassy. Anyhow, I think I’m probably just going to keep it because I don’t want to go through a hassle...
  15. H

    WTB 2016 Gibson Es-275 Montreux Burst

    Hi all, WTB/LF a 2016 Gibson ES-275 in the Montreux Burst color. Located in Los Angeles.
  16. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1962 ES-355

    I have been kicking around the idea of selling my '68 faded Sparkling Burgundy ES-335 for a little while now and a couple of weeks ago, decided to list it for sale just to see what would happen. It got snatched up in literally a few minutes. Turns out it was exactly what Dan from Danocaster was...
  17. 1st LP TookLongEnough

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Supreme 125th Anniversary in Autumn Burst

    This is my new guitar. I found it at Motor City guitar in Michigan. There were only 125 of these made and I was told most of them left the country. The pics really don't do it justice. Seeing this guitar in natural light is jaw dropping. I absolutely love this guitar and encourage anyone that is...
  18. notslavvy


    Hi all, first post on here but I have 33 perfect transactions on ebay as sama-eliz, where you will currently find this guitar listed Limited Run of 200 from the Memphis Custom Shop EBay auction ended at 2475, buyer backed out, back on the market. $2800 OBO + Shipping, I'll eat the paypal fee...
  19. bossaddict

    Sold: 1973 Gibson '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom Limited Edition

    I'm chasing something really cool, so I'm going to have to get rid of something really cool. This time, it's my 1973 Gibson '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom. This guitar sounds really great, especially with that AlNiCo staple neck pickup. See below for a clip of me playing it (back when it had...
  20. GrayHawK1

    What’s a good T-Top clone?

    I have an original set in my 79. I’m looking for a good equivalent for my 2014 Classic Custom.

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