1. A

    FS : Gibson Les Paul Supreme AAAA Flame Top Heritage Cherry Sunburst 2015 - $2850 Shipped/PayPal

    Gibson Les Paul Supreme in AAAA Flame Top in Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish made in 2015 with Original Hard Shell Case. This guitar features a Double Bound semi-hollow mahogany body with a AAAA flame maple Top/back, mahogany neck and bound ebony fingerboard. Equipped with a Gibson Floating...
  2. H

    Help about guitar wiring for Epiphone Dot

    Would the wiring of a Les Paul such as shown in the kit here fit in an Epiphone Dot? If not, would there be a way to modify the dot to fit them? And would a humbucker meant for a Les Paul like Slash's Signature's fit as well? Also, is the product in the link good quality for the price or would...
  3. L

    What Les Paul Is This?

    Looking to bought my second Gibson and found this the seller only said this is Gibson Les Paul, but I never see this one. Any information about this guitar? Might want to pull the trigger. How's it compared to newer Gibson, especially tribute. Is it better? On par? Or worse? Thanks in advance!
  4. Aleix

    August 1975 Les Paul - Kalamazoo or Nashville?

    So I've got this gorgeous 1975 Les Paul Deluxe with special ordered factory T-Tops. The online S/N decoders say it's made in Kalamazoo, but what you guys think? I'd love if it was made at KLMZ, so it'd be from the same factory as my other beloved Les Paul (Heritage H-157 from 2002). Here's a...
  5. S

    Help me choose the top?!

    Help me choose?! So I’m in love with the slash November burst. And ordered another one. Which top do you guys like more? Left or right? Right one’s seems a bit darker in the center and more golden than the left one. Flames seem to be more prominent too and visible from more angles. But I kinda...
  6. DingusKhan

    Question about slides

    So I’m sitting here noodling on my Gibson, and I pick up my slide and try to use it. For what ever reason, I just can’t get it sound good… my brother has no issues making his Gibson sound awesome with a slide, but I just can’t seem to make it sound right. It’s very rattley and the notes aren’t...
  7. DDR82

    My 2022 Gibson Les Paul gold top standard 50s

    Picked this up in October of 2022 and totally love this guitar it's in my top three LPs and as of about 4 or 5 months ago I ordered and paid for my first Gibson Les Paul custom Alpine white! And for now I play the waiting game! I was told it could take 8 months to a year to show up! but I have...
  8. LPaddicted

    FS : Gibson vintage gold stopbar

    Hello :slash: Is anybody interested by this stopbar ? Don’t know exactly the year, from the 70’s
  9. Dauminator

    The Gibson SG Tribute is a rip off - here's why

    I'm a fan of the les Paul Tribute. It is great, a no-frills Les Paul (that actually looks like a Les Paul) that's $900-$1,700 less than the Classic or Standard. It has no binding, but with reflector knobs, the selector plate (that it comes with), and great feeling satin neck it's hard to beat...
  10. MrCrowley

    Gibson 2024 Lineup rumors.

    I’ve read all sorts of different speculations, maybe some of you heard it too. Apparently a month ago there was this long conference call with dealers about future updates. Gibson would be done with PCB circuits soon. And some even believe the Classics would be fully discontinued in favor of...
  11. G

    FS: Gibson Les Paul Traditional Faded 2011

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional Faded 2011 in a Honeyburst satin finish. These were limited to 200 to the Canadian market. She's all original with checklist, pamphlet & OHSC. The guitar is in excellent condition but does show a couple of marks and imprints with the soft satin finish. Any questions...
  12. D.Vial

    2016 R8"S" - What does the "S" stand for?

    Hi guys Hope you are all good, My main guitar is my 2016 LPR8"S" which I love, currently loaded with WIZZ PAF'S and VIP wiring - along with Grovers Just wondering what the "S" stands for? I been told it's a selected top however I haven't encounter nor the information confirming this or...
  13. Knightrich

    WTB Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    Looking to buy a TV Yellow Gibson Les Paul Special, one of the newer ones. Ok with Cherry but really looking for the yellow.
  14. A

    My Gibson Les Paul Tribute won’t stop “humming”

    Hello just got a new Gibson les paul Tribute and when I plug it into my amp it won’t stop humming. I don’t know what to do. I watched a few videos and from what I understand this is a normal issue. The thing is that when I put my fingers on any of the metal parts on the guitar ( strings...
  15. JRtele


    Last guitar to sell prior to moving to the North Carolina at the end of June. 1982 “Norlin Era” Gibson Les Paul Custom Ebony (Black Beauty). Way more pictures available, I would also want a FaceTime or Skype to ensure forum members can see and hear before purchasing if they’re looking to have...
  16. Jewel the Sapphire

    LP junior pro 1988

    Found this for sale locally $1,100 Can't be that many of these around! Cash only in person "Is available" messages will be ignored. PRICE FIRM NO OFFERS NO TRADES 1988 Gibson Les Paul Junior Pro This is a rare guitar, you don't see these come up often. This is basically a Les Paul double cut...
  17. Noir

    NGD - November Burst

    Just arrived. Managed to grab this one for the old EU price 2699. Now 3300. i think I am set with Les Paul Guitars. 4,2kg, after initial inspection everything seems top notch. I think the burst is quite close to the NB. Here with the Standard 50. Few more things to attend to work wise and then...
  18. renabreu

    Guitar trade advice (firebird/fender duo-sonic)

    Hello guys! I'm just about to trade my 1964 Fender duo sonic for a 2015 Gibson Firebird V. No money, just one guitar for the other. I live in Brazil and there's really no other guitar like my fender to compare price with here. Also, the market here works different, with things like a Les paul...
  19. Hamsterean

    are Gibson Les Pauls mainly for collectors? (or not gigging)

    I can’t imagine myself taking out a $3000 Les Paul (in a garage band setting) to risk getting the headstock snapped, or it getting stolen, either scenario is a 2 to 3000 dollar loss. It’s also very heavy and tougher to play up the neck. I think a cheap Fender Jaguar might be better suited for...
  20. D

    Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute Raven

    I've bought and returned 5 Gibson Les Pauls since January. #6 is finally the one I'm keeping. Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute Raven 2021 EMG 81X/60X brushed black chrome ABCX active balance control instead of a switch VMC variable mid control EXG expander VLPF active tone Master volume Kluson...

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