1. KiltedGuitarist

    Why pay such outrageous prices for beat up replicas of 58-60 Les Pauls?

    I realize I'm risking backlash here, but hear me out. I am genuinely curious as to why so many folks are paying 3,4 and 5 times or more than the price of a good used or new Les Paul to buy a modern built, intentionally beat up Murphy Lab "aged" replica R8/9/0. I mean; $7500 for an "Ultra Light...
  2. mapletmtnguitarguy

    SOLD: 2010 Slash AFD - Gibson Les Paul Slash Signature

    Selling my 2010 Gibson Slash Signature Les Paul in the iconic Appetite For Destruction (AFD) finish. Gibson only made 600 of these Slash AFDs in 2010/2011. Comes with Slash "skully" hardshell case + COA. Price = $5,000 + $100 shipping. Here's the Reverb link but if we can avoid seller fees I...
  3. LesPaulBluesFan

    Firebird ceases production?

    Do you think the firebird will be discontinued from Epiphone and Gibson's product line? I love the guitar, I'm attempting to get one soon, but I feel more and more guitar players are turning their backs on the firebird.
  4. A

    WTB: Left-Handed/Lefty Les Paul Doublecut Special

    I know, I know, could I ask for a rarer unicorn? It's a sad thing to have a type and then find that your type is next to impossible to find these days. I imagine everybody who has one is keeping it for the long haul...I know I will when I find mine! - Gibson, Hamer or anything decent that fits...
  5. J

    New Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded coming?

    Are there new faded versions of the Gibson Les Paul Standard coming out? Thomann is advertising them on their website, without any pictures, but with these specs: Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded 60s, electric guitar, mahogany body (swietenia macrophylla), maple top, cream binding, mahogany neck...
  6. T

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Special or Junior in White!

    Wanted: A Gibson LP Junior in White. Ideally I’m looking for the limited edition “Nashville” series that had a faded, non-glossy finish and the flowery pickguard, but I’m open to other models. Must have a slim or 60s neck profile and a bridge P90. Preference for faded finishes and doublecut...
  7. T

    FS: Seymour Duncan Hot P90 pair - $150 shipped!

    Selling a pair of SD’s Hot P90 pickups. This is a great set of higher-output P90s for anyone who wants to kick things up a notch! SP90-2N Neck: 11.96k SP90-2B Bridge: 15.29k Cream covers, about 16” of lead on each one and in good shape overall. Will include mounting screws, although one is a...
  8. G

    Raw Nickel Covers for my Epiphone - Help!

    Hi! I want to buy raw nickel covers for my Epiphone Tribute 1960+ with Gibson 57 and 57+ pickups. I am between these two PLT options:
  9. G

    SOLD: Please delete

    Just wanted to put out some feelers to see if anyone here is interested in my 1955 Les Paul Junior. It's been professionally refinished and aged by GM Vintage Restorations, no breaks, all original electronics, pickguard and knobs, 50's Grover tuners. Below is a reverb link for all the details...
  10. searswashere

    NGD: 70th Anniversary 68 Reissue

    Saw this 2022 68RI Custom on Reverb, emailed Lovies, scooped it up the next day. Travelled from California to Canada and here we are! Didn't take a ton of pics when I unboxed it yesterday due to having a very energetic child nearby (iykyk). If I buy from Derrick again I'll save all the listing...
  11. T

    Kauer Starliner Deluxe - Killer P90 Tone! - Price Drop!

    Reluctantly selling my Kauer Starliner Deluxe. Incredible guitar that easily lives up to all the hype and takes the "Slab w/ P90s" to a whole new level. Playability is set with 10s and the neck profile and finish are extremely comfortable - Kind of a Goldilocks thickness, and the satin finish...
  12. S

    NGD Gibson LP Axcess Custom Hardtail

    I’ve had a few Gibson LP Customs over the years but wanted something more ergonomic. To be blunt, this Axcess is exactly what I want in a guitar: The action is almost laughably low without buzzing, it’s under 8lbs so my back is happy, plays wonderfully and it sounds (to my ear) indistinguishable...
  13. Kansas_LP

    2019 Gibson Classic Honeyburst available

    $1650 plus $50 shipping More photos can be sent following request... I would consider this guitar Mint condition Thanks for viewing - Frank
  14. A

    is my epiphone les paul legit?

    hi guys, my grandpa recently passed away and he left me all of his guitars, it would mean so much to me if you guys could tell me if it’s legit.
  15. L

    First Les Paul, Case Recommendations?

    Hi all, I'm new member here and just bought (trade) my first Gibson Les Paul/first ever MIA guitar. It's a Les Paul Special Tribute and come with the ugly asymmetrical gig bag. I want a better protection but also a flexibility. My friend's Strat got well protected on his Mono Vertigo (even...
  16. T

    WTB 82 Black Beauty w/ speed tuners

    I’m looking for a specific ‘82 Black Beauty that was my first guitar and was given to me by my father when I was 13. I traded it off 20 years ago and have been looking for it for the past 10 years. If anyone has one for sale, or even not for sale at the moment, please let me know. Im prepared to...
  17. notslavvy

    PRS Paul Reed Smith Carlos Santana Signature Model Santana I (1996) Grey Black (BRW Board) (Signed by PRS) MINT

    Hey y’all, here goes another one from the collection. Signed by Paul Reed Smith himself. CONFIRMED BY PRS CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO BE BRAZILIAN AND NOT INDIAN ROSEWOOD AS MANY ON HERE HAVE CLAIMED. (See photo) $9000 on reverb $8500 net or best reasonable offer for the forum boys for such an...
  18. Architect

    FSOT: Historic Makeovers - Full RDS Brazilian Package - Gibson Les Paul Hot Mod '55 flametop - Throbaks

    Up for grabs is an absolute stunner from Kim and the team at Historic Makeovers. This beauty started off as a 2010 Gibson Custom '55 Les Paul Refin which was then transformed by way of a complete Historic Makeovers 'Deluxe' rebuild Everything. This top has a killer peek-boo flametop that is...
  19. bossaddict

    NVGD: 1956 ES-175D

    Some of you saw that I was selling my '56 Les Paul Junior in the classifieds a few weeks ago and here is what I "replaced" it with. It's an ES-175D from the same year. A few years ago, I had a '53 ES-175N and it was a really nice guitar, but the single pickup in the neck-ish position left me a...
  20. bossaddict

    SOLD: 1956 Les Paul Junior

    I've decided to put my 1956 Les Paul Junior up for sale. It's a great guitar, but I have three Junior types (also a double cut and an SG) and am just trying to diversify a bit. This guitar sounds fantastic, just like you would expect from a 1950s Les Paul Junior and is very resonant. The only...

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