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  1. robbin

    2016 Gibson Les Paul traditional

    Gibson Les Paul traditional 2016 I'm selling my gibson les paul traditional 2016 guitar practically new, almost used, comes with a leather case, and a vox valvetronix amp (worth $300) Reason for sale I don’t really use it for 2 years and it’s just decorating at the moment I'm asking $1549 ...
  2. bigwhitecloud

    Should I be worried about this truss rod?

    I have a Gibson Les Paul November Burst. I noticed the first couple of times the truss rod reset to its original position. Afterward, it didn’t do it again.. fast forward a few months. I decided to make the neck close to straight. With maybe .005 of relief. Plus great, if not better. I used to...
  3. L

    Gotoh Tuner for $26, Worth It or Not?

    Sooo, I have a Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute Humbucker. I don't have any issues at all, except tuning issue (sometimes). Actually I don't have any plan to buy new tuning machine. But I have an opportunity to buy Gotoh tuner for $26, model SD-90MG. Anyone have any experience with these? Will it...
  4. mapletmtnguitarguy

    SOLD: 2010 Slash AFD - Gibson Les Paul Slash Signature

    Selling my 2010 Gibson Slash Signature Les Paul in the iconic Appetite For Destruction (AFD) finish. Gibson only made 600 of these Slash AFDs in 2010/2011. Comes with Slash "skully" hardshell case + COA. Price = $5,000 + $100 shipping. Here's the Reverb link but if we can avoid seller fees I...
  5. Architect

    Sold: Hague Greenie '59 Replica - Build a Burst

    Up for grabs is an absolute stunner "Greenie" Peter Green/Gary Moore '59 replica from Steve Hague. As far as I know the only one Steve ever created. This recreation is incredible and so close to the original in terms of aging and appearance. This was built in 2016. These are the original pics...
  6. L

    New Member from Indonesia & NGD My 1st Gibson!

    Hi, I'm from Indonesia and just bought my first Gibson, Les Paul Special Tribute Humbucker. I know it's not some fancy expensive guitar, but this is the 2nd most expensive instrument I ever bought (or trade). I'm not on a market honestly, satisfied with my acoustic and Squier Mustang. But I got...
  7. nohair330

    WTB- 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T

    I’m looking for a 2016 Gibby LP Standard T in either fire burst, desert burst, or tea burst. This would be my first purchase of a Standard and I’m really wanting one with weight relief plus the slim tapered 60s neck. The locking tuners are also desired. I don’t care for the push/pull pots, but...
  8. Z

    FS 2015 Gibson Les Paul CM Upgraded

    Tough sell, really like this guitar, will take offers, more pics upon request. Tusq XL nut Grover tuning machines Dunlop straplocks DiMarzio D-Activator pickup PRS wraparound bridge (korean made, fairy rare bridge) A plug is covering the tone hole and the pickup is mounted to a bracket (no...
  9. 519tbarr

    Current Les Paul Standard series 2019-2022 - Has anyone refretted?

    Hey everyone! Any owners of the current USA Standard's (50's and 60's original series 2019-2022) - have you re-fretted your guitars yet? If so how did the re-fret process go? Good, bad or ugly? What size of frets did you go with? Admittedly the size of frets on USA production guitars has been...
  10. D

    Is this a One piece back or not?

    Hi guys, i want to buy a les paul. i searched online and came across a great store that has high resolution pictures of every guitar in the store. i searched for a one piece body LP, i found 2 LP's that seems to have one piece but i'm not sure. need your opinion guys! i'll post the 2 pics of the...
  11. S

    The Les Paul is the most popular guitar model when you look at video views on the Five Watt World channel on YouTube

    1. Gibson Les Paul (1.2 million views) 2. Fender Stratocaster (1 million views) 3. Fender Telecaster (924K views) 4. Gibson ES-335 (748K views) 5. Gibson SG (674K views) 6. Fender Jazzmaster (425K views) 7. Gibson Explorer (306K views) 8. PRS Custom 24 (286K views) 9. Gibson Flying V (268K...
  12. TXOldRedRocker

    NGD GLP Custom Classic Gold Top 2011

    This is the follow-up thread for the Incoming NGD thread I started a few days ago. Absolutely love this guitar. I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of Gibson pickups. But these 2011 '57 Classic sound great. I'll be leaving this guitar completely stock. It's stunningly beautiful. Only two very...
  13. bigwhitecloud

    NEED HELP selling a Les Paul.

    Looking to sell my Les Paul Standard 50s. It has a lacquer issue. There’s lacquer there but doesn’t match the body. How much would you sell it for with and without the bigsby?
  14. Veritas0Aequitas

    Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone Frost Blue 2006 RARE w/ ReWind Custom Wiring Harness & OHSC

    Up for sale is my RARE 2006 Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone in Frost Blue w/ Original Hard Shell Case & ReWind Custom Wiring Harness w/ Real Sprague Bumblebees & 500k Pots Asking $3999 shipped. Payment via PayPal. This is a very rare and sought after guitar. It is in EXCELLENT (borderline...
  15. S

    Trans Amber / Lemonburst Gibson Les Paul

    Hello All! First post here, So I’ve always wanted an Amber / Lemonburst type colour Les Paul and I’m finally at a point where I can afford a standard. I’ve always preferred to buy new, but the current 2020 line up doesn’t offer an Amber Les Paul. The closest is the Unburst but not exactly what I...
  16. bigwhitecloud

    Burstbuckers 1 & 2. Unpotting potted pickups.

    I have a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s. I love how the neck pickup sounds. Very open and articulate. The bridge pickup sounds articulate, but choked, if that makes any sense. Not as open. I have a few questions: Like the title entails, how can I safely remove wax from a potted burstbucker...
  17. bigwhitecloud

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s Tobacco Burst 2019

    If anyone was ever curious as to why the new tobacco burst/ dark burst Les Pauls were “black”, they’re not. I was actually really happy to figure this out. All of the research I’ve done, always showed them being a dark reddish brown. That’s exactly the color they are, you need to put the guitar...
  18. 519tbarr

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's - Dimazrio PAF 59

    I have been waiting a very long time to finally get these pickups installed in my 2019 Les Paul Standard 60's. In all honesty I have no clue what they sound like as life has been super busy. But I finally had time to get these installed this week. I must admit #Dimarzio has done a super poor...
  19. Veritas0Aequitas

    FS: RARE Limited Ed Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus Quilt 2011 Royal Blue AAAA Quilted Maple Top!

    Up for sale is a RARE Limited Edition Gibson Les Paul Premium Plus Quilt 2011 Royal Blue with a AAAA Figured Quilted Maple Top! $2850 shipped & fully insured via FedEx. Payment via PayPal. As per Gibson this was a Limited Run in 2011. The guitar is very clean and has a brilliant Royal Blue...
  20. GrayHawK1

    Opinions on my Tool “Adam Jones” tone

    I wanted to know your opinion on my tone for the Tool covers I’ve been doing. I think I have it down pretty good. Everyone’s ear is different though. Sorry for the quality on this one. It wasn’t uploaded the same as the other since it’s just a work in progress.

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