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  1. R

    Late 90's Les Paul Studio oddball

    I believe I have a Les Paul Studio that is fairly unique. Hoping someone on this forum can shed some light, since Gibson cannot. The serial number dates the guitar to 1998. It is painted in amethyst, but it is not a Jem series guitar, as it has 2 humbuckers. I've learned that Gibson used the...
  2. S

    Weird reaction on fretboard after using masking tape

    hi there! So the guitar is a second hand Les Paul Studio 2011 with a baked maple fingerboard, it is the first time that I am masking the fretboard for fixing a dent. The problem is there are these marks appearing every time after using masking tape (generic stuff, nothing too strong), since it...
  3. ATFTS

    "That Old Church" A Thing From The South´s debut album

    Hi! I'm so pleased to announce you that our first Lp "That Old Church" has been released! You can listen to it a the main music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, etc.) I think it combines our deep love for blues, southern rock and americana sounds. :) Here is a spotify link so you can...
  4. Bubba Z

    Gibson Les Paul Studio tone versatility (Videos)

    Hello all! I joined this forum a while back and haven't posted much since then (a lot going on lately!). Shortly before I joined I purchased my first Les Paul; a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Studio. It's a pretty damn versatile guitar, so I figured I'd post a few videos here to give a rough idea of the...

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