gibson les paul custom

  1. T

    2016 Les PAul Custom Nashville bridge Should I convert to ABR1 or top wrap

    Picked up a 2016 Custom black with chrome. anyway i was playing the other day and noticed the string break angle and basically the strings are resting on the back of the bridge. I had this problem before on other les pauls and tried raising the tailpiece up. I can raise it up a little bit...
  2. Brucesu

    NGD 1997 Gibson Les Paul Custom Florentine Cherry Burst (bantam)

    Heee! Just wanna share my new guitar that I'll take with me to my grave! Sold a little of my Bitcoin stash to be able to afford this one. Kind of a bad idea to sell now before the next bull run, but this guitar is one in a million. I bought the ebony one a couple years ago (I found its brother...
  3. GrayHawK1

    1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

    I’ve had this guitar now for about 6 years. Just wanted to know a little more about it. I was wondering if anyone knows the production number of these? Also if there’s a way to tell whether I have TTops or Shaw pickups without removing the pickup cover?
  4. J

    Nerd Alert, FUZZ Guitar Show 2019

    Hi, I hope I did post it in the right place at forum :cool: For nerdy guitar enthusiasts Gibson SG Special 1965 Gibson Les Paul Junior Double Cut 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior 1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1959 with 3 PAF PAF I never seen so many great and clean vintage guitars :D so i would...
  5. Z

    Rubbing Wet Alcohol Tissue on Nitro Finish?

    Guys my guitar's neck was super sweaty and dirty because I was playing for hours and I cleaned it with dry microfiber cloth which is for the guitar and what i did after that is I rubbed it with wet alcohol tissue and wiped it right off again with that dry microfiber cloth I had. Now when I...
  6. PierM

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Custom '54 RK Aged #045

    Hey guys, a while I'm hunting for a '54, True Historic, Historic, searched for years for a good deal... But yeah, always being attracted by the aged look they repro in the Robby Krieger '54 replica, other than interested to try that pickup combo, but price was totally insane so I always searched...
  7. ToroChi

    Can Someone Verify If This Is Real or a Knockoff?

    Hello, Im interested in picking this guitar up locally. Ad says its a 1987 GIBSON LES PAUL CUSTOM BLACK BEAUTY No serial number on the back seems fishy... Can someone confirm this is real Gibson?
  8. NMGu

    Looking for buying a Gibson Ace Frehley Budokan (Custom shop one!)

    Hello members I have a urge to buy a Gibson Custom Ace Freely Budokan VOS. However, I've searched online for a long time and found all the lists are either sold out or ended. There are two aged versions on eBay and Reverb but aged reissue is not my taste. Therefore, I started to look into...
  9. PierM

    (NGD) Gibson Les Paul Custom 1989....

    Hey fellas! Was searching for a 57 reissue...and (as usual) I've been hijacked by that gorgeous 1989 Les Paul Custom, which is in an incredible good shape for its age, and didn't resist. It has a gorgeous carved top. All original, no repairs, (bridge set was ordered that way, not sure if I'll...

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