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  1. 1st LP TookLongEnough

    1990 Gibson Firebird Custom Shop Inverness Green

    Hello, Recently on youtube there was a channel giving away a 1990 Gibson Firebird Custom Shop in Inverness Green with the pearl pickguard with a black bird on it. Unfortunately, I did not win that guitar. But ever since I have not been able to stop thinking about that guitar. I have searched...
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  3. 519tbarr

    2019 Gibson Custom Shop Reissues still not available in Canada

    Its almost May 2019. Still at our national retailer Long & McQuade (Canada) and they have yet to even put details on their website about the 2019 Gibson Custom Shop Reissue lineup. Gibson's old stock on the L&M website has been depreciating significantly during April Gibson month. As of this...
  4. 519tbarr

    A 2019 - 58 Reissue video for your delight.

    Another new Wildwood video - this time a 58 reissue in Lemon Burst - new for 2019. Nice to see videos of these rolling out. For the Canucks in this room - L&M still doesn't even have info posted on...
  5. 519tbarr

    New 2019 1960 Reissue - Wildwood Video

    If people haven't seen this yet - here's a good quality video of the new 1960 2019 Les Paul reissue in Washed Cherry. It's the first time I have heard the new unpotted Custom Buckers in action. Nice guitar. Enjoy the listen...
  6. Z

    Rubbing Wet Alcohol Tissue on Nitro Finish?

    Guys my guitar's neck was super sweaty and dirty because I was playing for hours and I cleaned it with dry microfiber cloth which is for the guitar and what i did after that is I rubbed it with wet alcohol tissue and wiped it right off again with that dry microfiber cloth I had. Now when I...
  7. Z

    Replacing Parts On A 1959 Les Paul?

    Hey guys. You guys probably have seen a lot of 1959 Les paul videos on youtube. A lot of them guys say “Its all original parts” or “its bone stock” etc Does that mean nothing at ALL is replaced on this guitar? How does a toggle switch for example on a 59 60 les paul manage to last that long...
  8. Z

    Check the sound of this guitar

    Hey guys! I finally managed to record a sound demo video of my guitar. Don’t judge my playing alright and forgive the mistakes cause there are a lot of em. Here is the link but please read the msg before you watch the video please!! I wanna clear one thing first that everything is recorded...
  9. Z

    Finally got THE ONE!

    First of all I am gonna start this thread by thanking all those people who have took time to reply to my threads and give me great opinions and advice! You guys are amazing! So yeah I finally hit the buzzer on the 95 classic custom shop les paul quilt top in emerald green. Man..This thing...
  10. 519tbarr

    Gibson Website Updates

    It seems Gibson has updated their website at some point today. Missing - Custom Shop reissues & HP Standard (USA). Also some reclassification of models as you will see when you browse.
  11. Z

    Les Paul Custom Shop Class 5 vs Les Paul Traditional 2018

    Alright guys! So I have been hunting a les paul so much lately and most of you guys probably know that already. Now for the final decision, I am only left with three options. I know I should get what speaks to me but I want you guys’s opinions on what you would get over the other and why? Are...
  12. GuitarTalk

    1957 Everything. Perfect combo. Coincidence? [VIDEO DEMO]

    Let me know what your guys’ favourite combination is.:run: I thought I’d share what a perfect combo this is: - 1957 Gibson True Historic Goldtop (2016) - 1957 Fender Bandmaster Reissue (2016) With no pedals (apart from a basic reverb through the front).
  13. E

    Tokai LS1 R8 vs Gibson CS 58' Reissue V.O.S. Les Pauls

    Hi guys. I'm gonna buy a new Les Paul. I will choose one of these: Tokai LS1 R8 and Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 1958 Reissue V.O.S. Tokai has 1 piece hand-selected African Mahogany back, 2 piece hand-selected and bookmatched Canadian maple top, one piece hand-selected African mahogany neck with...
  14. gary moore 92

    FS 2016 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul Reissue Iced Tea Gloss

    Looking for 2800€ Paypal (fees and possible import taxes on your side), shipping inside Germany/the EU on mine. Here I'm offering you a Standard Historic 58 Les Paul from 2016 in Iced Tea Gloss. It's Custom bucker equipped and has long neck tenon. It weighs 3,99 kg. The neckprofile is a thicker...
  15. GuitarTalk

    Post The 1 Guitar and Amp That You Would Take With You to a Deserted Island for the Rest of Time

    Let's see them: only ONE amp (cab/head or combo) and ONE guitar that you wouldn't mind playing for the rest of time.:hippie: For me, I have found THE tone that I think will never get old :bowdown: 2014 R9 "Tetley", the Sunrise Tea Burst + Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini (no pedals needed, except...
  16. christophervolume

    NAD Limited Edition "Fudge Brownie" Princeton

    2014 Limitied Editon "Fudge Brownie" Princeton. Made in Corona, Cali. Absolutely sings. Spank and sparkle. Fantastic tremolo and reverb. You can even get a slight surf drip going on if you dig in with the reverb cranked. Got this in a straight up trade for a MIM jazzmaster I just couldn't bond...
  17. Kim

    True Historic 2015 with Historic Makeovers® Standard Package

    2015 Custom Shop True Historic with Historic Makeovers® Standard Package. As you may already know the Custom Shop outdid themselves with their latest creation of the True Historic. This was purchased by a prominent Collector who has owned and sold more original 1959 Burst than most of us...

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