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    Bursts Weight (1958-1960)

    I searched if the topic already existed but couldn't find one, so i made a statistics for the average weights for Gibson Les Pausl in the years 1958-1960 (the Burst years), and came with these numbers: 1958 - average weight: 4.148 Kg = 9.144 lbs 1959 - average weight: 4.004 Kg = 8.828 lbs 1960...
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    Nerd Alert, FUZZ Guitar Show 2019

    Hi, I hope I did post it in the right place at forum :cool: For nerdy guitar enthusiasts Gibson SG Special 1965 Gibson Les Paul Junior Double Cut 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior 1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1959 with 3 PAF PAF I never seen so many great and clean vintage guitars :D so i would...

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