1. M

    UPDATE: Finally got my 1st Gibson. Is this normal?

    Hello everyone out there, it's great to meet you all! So I finally got my 1st Gibson; a 2013 Les Paul 70's tribute. My question is this: Is it normal to see what appears to be a seam running the length of the fingerboard just underneath the fret tangs? I realize Gibson does hand scraping and...
  2. L

    Squeaky rosewood fretboard, HELP!

    I got a new LP recently, Tokai LS-107. Now I wanted to change strings and cleaned the rosewood fretboard too, using lemon oil cleaner bought from a local music store. After this there was a squeaky noise that wasn't before. It doesn't come through the amp, luckily, but drives me nuts when...
  3. Rob the Photog

    Inlay gaps - okay or need filling?

    Hi everyone. My first post here in the Land of the Luthiers. :) I hope this post is appropriate for this forum; if not, I hope the mods will move it to the appropriate location. I recently acquired an awesome Gretsch G2657T (an excellent Les Paul-sized, overseas-made semi-hollow that won't...
  4. KenA

    fret{notes} -- a free app I made available at Chrome Store

    Hi everyone, Just posting the info for this app that may be used to learn, study, preview, etc , things related to the guitar fretboard. From Scales, related Modes, Intervals, add/del strings, changing tunings, etc. Nothing fancy, but it helps me so maybe it may help you too. It's free and...
  5. B

    Brand new Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro - Dye coming off Fretboard leaving lighter obnoxious Spots!

    Hey guys, my situation is a double whammy. Just bought a brand new Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro from Guitar Center, sat down and played it tonight for about 10 minutes for the first time and when finished I not only noticed the black dye from the rosewood (or whatever it is) fretboard had come...
  6. S

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 2018 Fretboard Issues

    Dear all, I recently bought a brand new Gibson Les Paul Standard 2018 MB. First of all I am very happy with this guitar, but I'm slightly concerned about some small fissures in the fretboard directly in front of the nut. What do you think? Is this acceptable or can this lead to some serious...
  7. Jewel the Sapphire

    2018 Epiphone using ebony on Les Paul Custom?

    Hey MLP, thought to share with you guys what appears to be a Les Paul Custom Pro (serial number 18082306171) with a smooth black fretboard made of decent grade ebony. Here are the photos from the owner, he had bought the guitar this month online and lives in Italy. :photos: 9 Do you think...
  8. GuitarTalk

    Rosewood Species?

    Under direct sunlight: Even more up close: What do you think it is based on the photos?
  9. Jewel the Sapphire

    Finish crack or worse?

    This epiphone custom I'm looking to buy has some splitting at the binding and nut.. What is the worst case scenario and how to fix? Any diagnosis is welcome, it's driving me crazy.. Should I happen to buy this guitar this thread will have more of the processes..
  10. gdx65

    2011 Les Paul Custom Shop fretboard

    Hi, I have a 2011 Les Paul CS 1958 and someone told me that Les Pauls (even CS and Gibson other models) produced around 2011 period may not have a true rosewood fretboard due to the CITES issues around that period before and after 2011. Thus GIbson used laminated fretboards and the only way to...
  11. DeeTee

    Possible to refinish one fret on MIM telecaster fretboard?

    Has anyone ever refinished a single fret on a poly finished maple board? I had a ding which was drop-filled, however it's still quite noticeable. Rather than go to the expense of a total refinish on a MIM, would it be possible to strip this particular fret down to the wood, mask the rest of the...
  12. avatar2100

    Replacement fingerboard for a vintage Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

    Hi guys, this is cocobolo fretboard for a great guitar, I hope you like it. Cheers There are many photos here:

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