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  1. FuriousMopar1968

    Help on Question about “modern”(2015-Present) Gibson Nitro Finish Aging and Wear

    Hello all, I recently got an R7 Gold Top from 2021 and love the way Gibsons (Supposedly) wear out, finish check, and in a GTs case oxidize green. So the question is do they still finish check like they used to or even rub through anymore? I hear a lot of talk about plasticizer and thicker...
  2. E

    Gibson les paul custom 2004 neck finish crack?

    Hi guys, two years ago I bought a beautiful used 2004 custom shop les paul custom, which still inspires me everytime I play it. At the time, it had a a finish crack (a line) along the fretboard, starting from the nut, up to end of the first fret. I was told by a luthier, who checked the...
  3. E

    Finish checking or neck crack?

    I recently bought a used Epiphone Les Paul Standard and when I got it home I noticed a small crack running along the neck joint and along where the fingerboard meets the body. Wondering if it's a finish crack or a crack in the wood, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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