1. T

    Help, looking for wine red MIJ LP custom. FGN? Suggestions??

    Hey guys, I’m jonesing for a wine red custom with an ebony board. Will most likely be buying used. I’m leaning towards a newer model like FGN, of which I really like the look of. Only thing is I’m not positive if FGN ever made a wine red custom? I’ve seen one past listing online that was listed...
  2. aroomstudios

    FGN Expert Before and after nitro finish

    Well I know this is not really a Les Paul. But some you you guys turned my of to FGN guitars from this site. Bought a Few of their Les Pauls then Bought a few History guitars (Fujigen also makes them). One of you guys said the Expert was worth getting. Well I got one a 2011 one from YJ. A...
  3. aroomstudios

    FGN NLC 10 or 20?

    I have 2 FGN guitars right now. I love them. Well actually 1 is still in transit. I have a 2013 NLC 20E in black and love it. Plus the 20 standard in the mail right now. I was thinking about picking a 3rd one up. The guy had it advertised as a 20E in White. After looking at it more in...
  4. blacai

    NGD FGN Neo Classic LS30

    EDIT: NOW it is a NGD :) FGN LS30 German link: http://www.fgnguitars.de/serienuebersicht-gitarren-baesse/neo-classic-ls/ls30.html It is by far the best LP I have ever played. Compared with my LC20, it has a warmer tone and the neck profile is thicker, what I do like. Weight is the same, 4.1Kg...
  5. AerenS

    NGD FGN Neo Classic LC10-R

    Hello After really long search for a LP Guitar today i have take the leap of faith :D and put an order FGN Neo Classic LC10-R from local distributor. The guitar is a NOS. Seller says that they got the stock in 2015. There were 4 left and the all of them are on the sale. I got my for 800 USD...
  6. paruwi

    Artist Endorsements

    Hello FGN fans, We need your help! We are trying to make a splash in the United States in 2017 by looking for talented guitarists to join the FGN family. Please tag "the coolest" and "the best" guitar players you know that fit our brand! Also please like and share. It will help us find the best...
  7. paruwi

    FGN-Guitars (FujiGen)

    This thread was made for the FUJIGEN's original Brand (FGN Guitars) which were started in 2009 for the 'overseas market' FGN Guitars Brand new Video... (FGN) GUITARS JAPAN - FACTORY TOUR - YouTube edit: added another video and another interesting factory tour Fujigen Gakki Factory...

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