1. L

    Fender American Original '60s Telecaster Thinline

    Very clean and plays and sounds great. Tim Shaw designed '60s Thinline Telecaster single-coils, ash, nitro, mid '60s oval C neck, 9.5" radius. Weighs 7 lbs 9 oz. OHSC and case candy. $1750 Paypal shipped in US.
  2. L

    Which Fender guitar do you think compliments a Les Paul the best?

    I’ve owned my Gibson Les Paul over 4 years now and it’s a keeper. I’ve owned and played other guitars along the way including 3 Fenders. A 2013 American Deluxe Stratocaster, a 2019 American professional Stratocaster HSS, and currently own a 2007 Highway One Telecaster. To my ears the Tele has...
  3. Elektriks 2021

    Elektriks 2021

    All my electric guitars and basses, 2021.
  4. All Guitars Driveway 2020.jpg

    All Guitars Driveway 2020.jpg

    Here are all my electric guitars and basses, and amps, as of Summer 2020.
  5. bossaddict

    NGD: Fender Custom Shop "Chicago Special" '62 Jazzmaster

    I recently narrowly missed out on a great opportunity to get a vintage custom color Jazzmaster and decided to get my custom color matching headstock Jazzmaster fix in modern Custom Shop form instead, which was commissioned by Chicago Music Exchange. The finish is Firemist Silver and it has a...
  6. bossaddict

    Sold: 2013 Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI, Black

    Up for sale is my 2013 Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI. The Bass VI (or originally just Fender VI) is essentially a six-string bass guitar, which is tuned E-E like a standard guitar, but a full octave lower. This particular specimen is in great shape, with only very minor signs of usage in the form of...
  7. bossaddict

    Sold: Fender Parallel Universe II Uptown Strat - Reduced

    Up for sale is my 2020 Fender Parallel Universe II Uptown Strat in a very cool looking Static White finish. The concept behind this guitar is that Fender wanted to create something new, but with a combination of familiar specs. This guitar has a 24.75" (Gibson-style) scale length with 22...
  8. G

    **SOLD** 1991 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

    SOLD. Please delete. thanks 1991 Fender American Standard Stratocaster Made in USA Ferrari blue color, rosewood fretboard, two digs on the top but not too bad. Includes wiggle stick and gig bag. No scratchy pots, no issues. Loaded with DiMarzio DP401 pickups. V.2 in the middle and bridge. See...
  9. bossaddict

    NGD: American Original '60s Tele

    I had a 2018 version of one of these in Fiesta Red a little while back, but I never really loved that color on it and was looking into having it refinished. I even created a thread about it in which I was kicking around a few options for other colors. Thankfully (for a couple of reasons), I...
  10. bossaddict

    NGD: 1964 Lake Placid Blue Jaguar

    Just wanted to share a new arrival to my house this week. It's a late(ish) 1964 Jaguar in original Lake Placid Blue metallic finish and matching headstock. I'm calling it late due to the serial number as well as the presence of pearl dots, whereas my earlier '64 Jag (currently on the brown truck...
  11. bossaddict

    Sold: 1964 Fender Jaguar

    NOTE: I had this listed back in 2018, but decided not to sell. This week, I got a custom color Jag and am going to have to let this one go after all. Up for sale is a 1964 Fender Jaguar. When I got this guitar, it had a stripped and crudely refinished body, but I have since sourced an original...
  12. W

    Made a lyric video for my second original song

    So this is the second song that I’ve recorded at home and I would love some feedback on it! Always looking to improve so don’t be afraid to give me honest, crushing feedback!
  13. sangandongo

    Rarest of the Rare - 1961 Fender Tremolux 6G9 (EL84 Version)

    Got a good deal on this. Offered lower than the asking price on Reverb and got it for what I was willing to pay. It arrives in my possession tomorrow. Per request by the resident 6G9 evangelist, @Soul Tramp, I am posting pics of the amp and its guts.
  14. sectado

    Cedro - Fall my new video (Les Paul with Klon and Fender Princeton)

    Well, I'm going to leave the video of my first single! its a soloist song but really in this project joined all my friends who worked or are working with me in the world of music joined !! I had no idea that it would end like this but I am very happy and I hope that I can continue adding...
  15. sectado

    Prs Mccarty 594 with Fender Princeron plus Mesa Boggie Flux Drive. what do you think?

    a friend Juan Malagrino from Argentina came to my homestudio with his new prs Mccarty, so we did this little test !! - Prs Mccarty 594 - Mesa Boogie Flux Drive - Fender Princeton Non Reverb from 1973 - Marshall 1936 With Celestion Creamback Audioengineer: Mariano Alvarez Cedro
  16. bossaddict

    NGD: 1965 Stratocaster

    I thought you all might enjoy seeing this pre-CBS (if you use L-series as a deliniation) Strat that I got right around Christmas. The guitar itself is all original, but it came in a later (maybe early '70s) case. I mentioned elsewhere that our house is being renovated, so I had so I had to...
  17. J

    FS: Carol Ann OD2

    This is an amazing amp. Extremely versatile, hand wired point to point build. Truly one of the best boutique heads available and Alan isn’t building them anymore. Goes from D tone cleans up through singing harmonic laden overdrive reminiscent of a cranked Plexi with a little something extra...
  18. bossaddict

    Sold again: 2018 Fender American Original '60s Custom Telecaster - $1250

    Here's the latest victim of my recent spending spree. 2018 Fender American Original '60s Telecaster. These were designed to be a combination of features from a vintage 1960s Custom Telecaster. In particular, they feature the double bound body, Fiesta Red finish, rosewood fretboard, and...
  19. bossaddict

    SOLD: 2012 Fender Custom Shop 1951 Nocaster Relic, Blackguard Telecaster - $2075

    Up for sale is my 2012 Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster. This received the relic treatment from the Fender Custom Shop, but is otherwise in great condition. There are some minor fret divots in the cowboy chord area, but nothing that affects playing. The frets overall are in good shape and have...
  20. bossaddict

    SOLD: 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom, Natural

    Up for sale is my 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom in original Natural finish. It is in good working order, but does have a bit of natural play wear on the body and the back of the neck, including some circular wear marks from possibly a capo. On the body, there is a bit of arm wear, such that the...

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