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  2. B

    Interchangeable parts for Gibson?

    So I’m in the final planning/ begin assembly stage for a guitar build (80s explorer style). I’m trying to find all of the pieces I need and I’m struggling finding a replica bridge for it. I haven’t, however, found any shortage of Les Paul replica bridges and tailpieces. Does anyone know if a Les...
  3. G

    Saddle height - Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue

    Hi guys. Need help from my fellow guitar nerds! I have a Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue (https://www.long-mcquade.com/71160/Guitars/Electric_Guitars/Gibson/Explorer_76_Natural_w_Gold_Hardware_Ltd.htm) and I *really* love the way it plays. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the height of the G...
  4. J

    WTB: 59 RI Korina V or Explorer

    Looking for a Gibson custom shop 59 RI, not a 58 RI 1993-2005ish Korina V or X RI. If you have one, lemme know! Thanks!
  5. Rick Benegbi

    Gibson Les Paul Special '57 Style Single Cut- 2001 Transparent Ferrari Red-WOW and Rare!

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the MLP Forum but have been on TGP for years as "Juicyproducer" and on Reverb as ricksvintage. Check my stellar feedback. Don't know why it took me so long to join but here I am. MLP members, you can have this one for $1199 instead of $1399 :)...
  6. Jinmary

    SOLD - Tom Bartlett 1958 Explorer

    Price: $6999 If you are familiar with Tom's work, you know he makes a beautiful guitar. This is no exception and is rare "in the wild". Highly resonant, Korina wood spec'd to 1958 plans. Tone for days?? CHECK!!! Complete with Sigil Vintage Wire PAFs (Hybrid 1958/1959)
  7. Londonbus


  8. SunDog

    Gibson Explorer copy or ???

    Got this guitar a few weeks ago. It came in an original Gibson USA explorer case. The guitar and case appear to be possibly 20 to 30 years old. - all mahogany body and set neck with lacquer finish - r/w fretboard with 22 frets - real MOP fret markers and real MOP Gibson "G" inlay in...
  9. Jinmary

    Old Growth Guitar SALE - Vaschenko, Bartlett, MAX

    Making room ($ and actual room!!) for a vintage purchase so cleaning house!!! All are very fair prices but bring your best offers......always open to a reasonable deal (no trades please). Gibson Custom Shop Slash "First Burst" VOS- $5150 1958 Bartlett Explorer w/Sigil NOS Vintage Wire Hybrid...
  10. Starchilduk

    HNGD - White Lightning Explorer

    It has been a while since I have posted about having a new guitar. Well today I took delivery of this bad boy. Its quit light in comparison to my Les Pauls. Need to spend some time with it, to give a fair review of how it sounds etc. But so far through the H&K its not bad. '][/URL] '][/URL]...
  11. J-Dizzle


    .... and by Explorers I also mean the Explorer copies like Hamer Standards, etc... For all of you that have owned, played and loved them, tell me about your explorers and why you like them. What did you like? what didn't you like? What's great about them? What isn't? I've owned numerous...
  12. bossaddict

    SOLD: 1977 Gibson Explorer, White - $2395

    Well, this is my second one of these and I just don't get along with the body style. I love the way these look, but just have difficulty adjusting to how the body interacts with my right arm. I'll probably miss having one as soon as it's gone, so if I talk about wanting another Explorer...
  13. deadringer


    Sold on Reverb.
  14. UKPortista

    New Explorer Day: Custom Shop 2017 Ebony

    I was going to try and hang on for the new Lzzy Hale 'Explorer Dark' but I just couldn't help myself... Happy days!
  15. aBunchOfPedals

    Spaceman Effects - Explorer Deluxe (Phaser/Vibrato)

    Spaceman Effects - Explorer Deluxe (6 stage phaser/vibrato). I was never a huge fan of phasers but when I got the Midnight, it got me back into it. The Explorer Deluxe sounds awesome as a phaser or vibrato but some of the coolest sounds come from the pitch shifting, sea sick settings. Almost...
  16. bossaddict

    NGD: 1977 Explorer, White

    I had a birth-year '77 Explorer in natural finish a couple of years ago and ended up selling it to fund my '61 LP/SG. I don't regret it in the sense that that the LP/SG might be my favorite guitar, but I always missed it. I've been on the hunt for quite a while, but couldn't find one from that...
  17. RLG167

    WTB Gibson Thunderhorse!!!

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone has some lead on a Gibson Thunderhorse. I've been searching for one for a while and can't find a single one for sale. I'd appreciate any help finding one, or if you have one for sale let me know what you want for it. Thanks!
  18. M

    Gibson 1959 Explorer Replica build

    This is my first post here! A little bit about me, I am a 17 year old luthier named Ben and I have a fascination with building replica guitars to every detail possible. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, WI, where I went to see the 1959 Gibson Explorer they...
  19. Dropq

    FS/FT: 2002 Gibson Explorer

    Minty 2002 Gibson Explorer up on the block! All original as far as I know, the only mark I can find on her is some string scratch near the "B" tuner. Total closet queen. Will come with a nice padded gig bag and she has just been freshly restrung with 11s. Cash price is $900, local pickup...

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