es les paul

  1. Brucesu

    Gibson ES Les Paul Custom twisted neck?

    Hi folks I’m new to the forum. I want to know your guys’ opinions. I have an ES Les Paul custom and one tech said it has a slightly twisted neck. He said he could fix my bend choking problem with a fret level. The work would cost $175. I have the guitar up on reverb for sale, and I don’t know...
  2. O

    What should I upgrade: Probuckers on ES Les Paul

    Hi everybody, I recently acquired an Epiphone ES Les Paul equipped with Probuckers 2 & 3, and I must say it sounds thin, no grit (sorry I can't describe it better. Not enough low mids?) and it has low volume. Everything else is great though, very nice finish, perfect intonation, no buzz and...
  3. mdubya

    NGD - ES Les Paul Goldtop

    I have been actively, but patiently, searching for just the right Goldtop for ages. By "just the right" one, I mean a deal that I couldn't refuse. I love ES Les Pauls and they have been on my list of candidates. Someone (I apologize that I can't remember who :oops: ) mentioned CME having these...