1. mucklup

    2003 Gibson ES-335

    Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue Gloss finish, very good condition. All original, including hard shell case. Minor buckle rash, no visible imperfections on top or sides. Absolutely no issues. $2,050 PayPal delivered.
  2. Homeras

    FS/FT: Edwards E-SA-138 LTC 2008 like ES-335

    Edwards E-SA-138 LTC 2008 in mint condition, like new except small scratches next to switchcraft. All stock. Hard maple, mahogany block and neck, ebony fretboard. Pickups are SH-2N and SH-14, gold hardware in perfect condition. ESP case included. Asking 1000€. Trades - Crews, Navigator...
  3. Death Incarnate


  4. BurstOrBust

    FS: 1962 Gibson ES-330 TDC

    1962 Gibson ES-330 TDC ("C" = Cherry) Great playing vintage guitar with all-original hardware (w/exception of bridge and strap button, and possibly a refret) and sweet P-90s. Non-original ABS HSC. Not interested in trades. Simply need to downsize. (OK, I'd be interested *maybe* in a vintage...
  5. TVBob

    P.A.F.'s at work on an all original 1960 ES-335, New Video!

    I'm pleased to introduce what is nothing short of one of the best guitars I ever came across: an all original vintage 1960 Gibson ES-335 TD, with 1959 features and a couple of terrific sounding PAF's pickups. This is the first of two episodes dedicated to this unbelievable guitar, more focused...
  6. Death Incarnate

    NGD: ES-335 blue burst

    Snagged one of the blow out sales on a 2018 ES-335 blue burst. Sold my black 2014 ES-335 Studio, and this is quite the upgrade. I have since upgraded the pickups to a Gibson P-94R and P-94T. I love the finish, and contrast between chrome, blue burst, black trim, and black binding. After...
  7. bossaddict

    NGD: 1968 not-so-Sparkling Burgundy ES-335 TD(C)

    Not too long ago, I posted a '68 Sparkling Burgundy EB-2C bass that I had gotten. I ended up selling it as it was just a little too much for me to have in a bass as little as I tend to need one. I really did like the finish, though. A couple of weeks ago, I replaced it with this ES-335 from...
  8. treyrab

    NGD: Vintage 1959 ES-345 Cherry Red

    Hi Everyone - I wanted to share a "new" vintage guitar with you all. I believe this is now the 7th cherry-red 1959 ES-345 found (Lucky #7). I happened to be in a lucky scenario traveling to NYC for work last week when I connected with the family who owned the guitar. They decided it was the...
  9. jkes01

    Intonating a 12 String Tune-O-Matic Bridge?

    My friend at work challenged me with an intonation issue he is having on his '67 ES-325TD-12 string guitar. A very common problem with these bridges on 12 strings. There are aftermarket bridges that have 12 individual saddles, but they are hard to come by and rather expensive. So I searched...
  10. dothedew

    FS: SOLD 2014 Gibson Rusty Anderson 335

    After much deliberation I have decided to sell my '14 Rusty Anderson ES-335 Prototype. This is #22 of 25 total prototypes produced, I believe these were handpicked by RA himself and he signed the prototypes. Weighs ~9lbs on my digital scale. The original owner had a set of WCR...
  11. bblooz

    Incoming! NGD ES-335

    Well, I couldn't resist - once I get an itch, I won't be happy until it's scratched! I just pulled the trigger on a recent Dot Reissue Sunburst ES-335. I hope to have by the end of the week! It was supposedly only played in church (sounds familiar, wonder if an old lady drove it - well, I...
  12. JDZ

    81 Tokai ES-150J

    This guitar arrived last week and it is something pretty special. Transparent red with Cashew Lacquer finish. Neck for the model is ebony, which looking at it must be striped ebony. There were Jazz and Rock versions of these, this one is a jazz version the difference being the pickups. Jazz...
  13. L

    Gibson ES-335 – Highly Flamed 2016

    Finished in beautiful nitro Lightburst and in mint condition. It's only been played occasionally in my nonsmoking home studio and is as near new as you will find. COA and original hard case included. 8.2 lbs. Neck depth 1st fret: .90", 12th fret: .98", right in the '59 ballpark and not too...
  14. L

    Gibson ES-335 – Highly Flamed 2016 Lightburst

    This 335 is finished in beautiful nitro Lightburst and is in mint condition. It's only been played occasionally in my nonsmoking home studio and is as near new as you will find. COA and original hard case included. Retails for $3149. $2600 PP shipped in US...
  15. deadringer

    FS: Bigsby B7 & Vibramate V7-335 E-Series Mount & String Spoiler

    Selling a used Bigsby B7 and a Vibramate V7-335 E-Series 8" mount and a Vibramate String Spoiler. The Vibramate mounting bracket has a slight bend in it. I'm not sure if this is from use of being mounted, or if it came that way originally. I had this mounted on a Gibson Custom Shop '59 RI...
  16. deadringer

    FS: 2012 Gibson ES-335 1959 Dot Custom Shop Reissue Pelham Blue Limited Edition 1 of 25

    Selling a rare Limited Run 2012 Gibson 1959 Dot Reissue Custom Shop ES-335 in Pelham Blue gloss. This is one of 25 total that were made and this one is number 5 of 25. This was made in the Gibson Nashville Custom Shop. Includes custom shop case, COA and paperwork as pictured. The pickups...
  17. nayoud

    Third Guitar

    I've had strats and Lesters on and off since the late seventies. Lately, I own one of each, a Standard LP with OX4 A4 low wound pickups and deluxe Start with David Allen 54/59's. What would your third guitar be? Do the PRS's help us oldies with the GAS issue? they look fabulous to be open...
  18. DDF

    1981 Gibson ES-335 Dot RI Black

    Hi. I'm selling a 1981 Gibson ES-335 Dot RI in Black with a Bigsby. Bought from Willie's American Guitars. All original, besides a refret (you're welcome) and a ABR-1 bridge (the original Nashville is in the case). Includes Gibson HSC that is not original. Will send more pics if interested...
  19. Fez Bear

    What Gibson Is THIS?!

    I was watching the Hall & Oates' Liberty Concert from 1985, and at 16:17, the band plays 'Say It Isn't So'...but Daryl Hall plays the most curious ES guitar I've ever seen. Here's the link for the concert on YouTube: I've never seen anything like this before. My best guess is its a Gibson...

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