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  1. TVBob

    2nd episode dedicated to this fabulous 1959-1960 ES-335 Dot, New Video!

    Second episode dedicated to this fantastic original vintage 1960 Gibson ES-335 Dot. We are examinating his sound more in depth, in a direct comparison with a Custom Shop Reissue. We are also proud to announce a special guest: Manlio Maresca, one of the most talented Italian guitar players...
  2. Z

    Japan Limited Color Epiphone ES-335 Pro!!

    Im getting this along with Gibson les paul trad 2018. Man... I played this guitar and Gibson 335 right after I played this and I literally felt no difference in sound at all. They sound almost identical to me. But Gibby had much much more of a luxurious and high end feel to it obviously! But...
  3. Luke Duke

    Cash Has Exchanged Hands....the 68 335 Refurb is Underway

    So in case you guys didn't see here I was considering a 68 335 to re-furb and was curious about what little info Gibson had on it. It was painted with a rattle can, over binding and all, had a phase switch installed, changed 2 pots out, and had a stop bar installed too far back. All that said...
  4. treyrab

    NGD - Vintage 1959 ES-345 TDSV

    Aloha folks! I thought I would share a cool new vintage ES that I recently found. Those who know me understand that I just can't say "No" to any vintage ES, but particularly '59 ES-345s, which I think are very special guitars. I didn't currently have a Sunburst, so found one and added it to...
  5. Deus Vult

    The ES335 is best non Les Paul Gibson ever

    Change my mind. In fact, I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that after 20+ years, I might actually like this guitar more than my Les Pauls. :Ohno:
  6. mdubya

    ES 335 heaven; '67 vs '58

    Great demo of a 1967 ES 335 vs a 1958 ES 335. The 1967 holds up very well and has that super cool Burgundy Mist finish. But the 1958 is just... :drool::drool::drool: The '67 sounds like Angus to me. The '58 sounds like EC. I am betting a '62 or '64 would hardly sound different at all.
  7. mdubya

    NGD! 1959 ES 335 RI - CME etc

    Gah! I have been resisting the CME temptation for months. I already scored an ES LP Goldtop last fall at the beginning of this sale. And I have a 335 Dot that I love. It is an awesome guitar. But the 1958 and 1959 ES 335 RI's just haunted me. :eek2: I made several low ball offers over the...
  8. Crotch

    NGD 2005 Eric Clapton Crossroads 335

    Not sure if this should go here or the other Gibson section but I post here so I chose here. I've been wanting one of these for about 10 years but had a price in mind I was willing to pay and not a penny more. With my waning interest in the Les Paul and rising interest in Strats and 335s I...
  9. 2011 Gibson 335 Memphis Custom Shop Block Inlay Antique Red

    2011 Gibson 335 Memphis Custom Shop Block Inlay Antique Red

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