1. GuitarTalk

    PRICE DROP - FS: 1965 Gibson ES-330 (Vintage and all Original)

    Price: $6100 USD, now $5750 USD. I’m pretty easy to deal with and consider trades (including high end automatic watches). Payment: cash in person preferred (located in Ottawa, Canada, can meet in person in Toronto and Montreal areas as well), but will accept wire, Friends and Family Paypal...
  2. BurstOrBust

    FS: 1962 Gibson ES-330 TDC

    1962 Gibson ES-330 TDC ("C" = Cherry) Great playing vintage guitar with all-original hardware (w/exception of bridge and strap button, and possibly a refret) and sweet P-90s. Non-original ABS HSC. Not interested in trades. Simply need to downsize. (OK, I'd be interested *maybe* in a vintage...
  3. wierzbowski

    Epiphone Casino 1962, real deal classic

    For sale is an Epiphone Casino E230TDV in faded Royal Tan. Made in 1962 the second year of production, this classic thinline hollowbody is in very good condition with transitional appointments including square headstock with pearl inlay logo, Brazilian rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays...
  4. Fez Bear

    What Gibson Is THIS?!

    I was watching the Hall & Oates' Liberty Concert from 1985, and at 16:17, the band plays 'Say It Isn't So'...but Daryl Hall plays the most curious ES guitar I've ever seen. Here's the link for the concert on YouTube: I've never seen anything like this before. My best guess is its a Gibson...

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