1. LesPaulBluesFan

    Epi Firebird, Wilshire, or Crestwood?

    Huge Johnny Winter fan, listen to him at least 2 hours a day. Love the tone and vocals. He has played all of these guitars before, and I'm wondering which I should buy? Firebird was his main until the Lazer, but early years he played wilshires and crestwoods. Thought i'd see some other opinions...
  2. LesPaulBluesFan

    Firebird ceases production?

    Do you think the firebird will be discontinued from Epiphone and Gibson's product line? I love the guitar, I'm attempting to get one soon, but I feel more and more guitar players are turning their backs on the firebird.
  3. R

    1997 Unsung Epiphone Les Paul Classic Birds Eye Maple Top (I think?)

    Dear Forum, I have an Epiphone Les Paul which I bought second hand in Cardiff, Wales in 1999. I believe from looking at the serial number U97041386, that it was made in the Unsung factory in South Korea, in 1997. I have been told that it is a Birds Eye Maple Top. Someone else suggested that...
  4. G

    Raw Nickel Covers for my Epiphone - Help!

    Hi! I want to buy raw nickel covers for my Epiphone Tribute 1960+ with Gibson 57 and 57+ pickups. I am between these two PLT options: https://www.philadelphialuthiertools.com/pickup-making-parts/pickup-covers/humbucker-pickup-cover-49-2mm/...
  5. pondcaster

    Epiphone Joe B Flying V Amos: 2nd Time's a Charm!

    Amos just arrived and as advertised, has some finish issues on neck near nut. Not to mention the case was filthy but will clean up nicely. Sorry for crappy pics but my question is "Would you keep him? Not worry about it. Have it fixed to keep from getting worse? Or just return and go about my...
  6. ThePanda

    FS: 2004 Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500R acoustic

    Here is your chance to own one of Epiphone greatest acoustic guitars. In the early 2000s, Epiphone launched the now legendary Masterbuilt acoustic line which sought to re-capture the magic of old Epiphone acoustics. The lineup has all solid woods and released too much praise. This is one of the...
  7. L

    Epiphone Ltd Ed Les Paul Special Singlecut Electric Guitar, TV Yellow vs Newer LP Special

    I watch many review that saying good thing about newer 2020+ Epiphone Les Paul Special. So I'm looking for one for my backup guitar. But all I can find here is "Epiphone Ltd Ed Les Paul Special Singlecut Electric Guitar, TV Yellow" with older headstock. When I try to find the spec about this, I...
  8. NU9

    Fun little DIY mod

    Hi all, Just finished a DIY mod I wanted to do for a while on my Epiphone Les Paul Tribute 1960 (plain top). I changed the back plates from cream to black a few years back and I was not 100% satisfied with how the screws fit (just a tad misaligned, which meant the screws heads were sitting on...
  9. T

    FS: UPGRADED Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50’s - Sweetwater Limited Lemon Burst w/ Case - PRICE DROP!

    ** First time selling here but I'm a regular on The Gear Page, Offset Guitars, eBay and Reverb. Happy to provide references. ** Selling a Limited Edition Epiphone Les Paul Standard with some serious upgrades... This was a Limited Edition for Sweetwater in a beautiful Lemon Burst finish. Seems...
  10. A

    is my epiphone les paul legit?

    hi guys, my grandpa recently passed away and he left me all of his guitars, it would mean so much to me if you guys could tell me if it’s legit.
  11. TheNewGuy94

    I bought this LP second hand and i have some questions about its genuinity

    Hi, ive recently purchased this good looking Epiphone LP and when i was buying it this felt kinda special i got the feeling like i must have this because i had 500€ budget and this was like 300€ because it was second hand. And this price is pretty nice for a epiphone lp. I am having difficulties...
  12. LesPaulBluesFan

    Epiphone Les Paul express pickup covers

    Les Paul express with pickup covers, what do you think? Also the neck(bolt on) seems to be angled upwards, I don’t think the truss rod needs adjustment as that part is just how I like it, but the neck itself is angled upwards some, is that normal for a bolt on?
  13. LesPaulBluesFan

    Epiphone Les Paul Special VE

    Pretty neat finish, what do you guys think?
  14. Anand Mahangoe

    Epiphone Les Paul Classic Honeyburst - AWESOME TONES !

    Hi Gentz ! A student of mine bought this Epiphone Les Paul Classic Honeyburst.....at first I thought like "hmmm, okay guitar for a starter"...;) Once he got it and I saw the looks and especially when I plugged it into my Marshall Silver Jubilee......KICKASS Guitar for that money !!! Here is the...
  15. LesPaulBluesFan

    Opinions on Epiphone Les Pauls?

    What Epiphone Les Paul do you think is best for the money?
  16. superglidecory

    My Les Paul 50's with a Bigsby B7 and Vibramate V7 (the "dog bone" adapter)

    Whazzup guys n' gals. I put a Bigsby on my Epiphone Les Paul 50's and wanted to share. Some different angles to show how the Bigsby B7 and Vibramate V7 rest on the guitar. It looks like a super tight squeeze, but the guitar actually sits just fine in the EpiLite case...
  17. F

    Epiphone Les Paul Modern - 8 months review

    I have received this guitar (bought used) in early June 2021. It is now about 8 months since then, and I thought I would share some of my thoughts with others - maybe someone is considering an instrument like this. When I received the guitar I assumed that the original owner had done some...
  18. M

    Epiphone Les Paul Silver Sparkle Standard

    Here’s one of the oddballs of the bunch - a silver sparkle epiphone les Paul. It’s one of the heavier guitars in the collection as it pertains to weight. It has a neck that I would refer to as a baseball bat - and it had a small break by the nut that was roughly repaired. When I bought it on...
  19. sectado

    Epiphone Les Paul Std Mod + Marshall Jcm 800 2204. Do you like the tone?

    Hi! The other day a friend came by with an Epiphone Les Paul Std modified with Seymour Duncan Jb (Bridge) and Alnico Pro II (Neck) Do you like de tone???
  20. M

    epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty upgraded

    So a while back on eBay I grabbed an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty - I remember it being affordable enough and coming with a nice hard case, and I’d always wanted to check out the 3 humbucker sound - open it up and see what the wiring looked like. The first two pics are how she looked...

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