epiphone les paul custom pro

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    Please help me identify this Epiphone Les Paul

    Hello, I'm considering this Epi Les Paul listed in my local market. Few questions - i) Do you think this is real or fake? ii) Looking at the serial number, what year this is from? iii) I'm under impression that Custom Pros came in only Alpine White or Black? This one looks Maple / Spruce? iv)...
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    Used guitar pricing help: 2015 Epi LP Custom Pro

    Hey all, I'm not very good at judging the used guitar market, so I could use some help. I'm currently looking at buying a used 2015 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro for just under $500 total including shipping. Includes hard case and setup. Is this a reasonable price? I would have assumed guitars...
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    2019 Model Question: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro

    Hey all, I’m currently looking to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro. Found one used from a music shop in Minnesota, but they said the 2019 model only has coil splitting and not phase reversal. Is this true at all? I thought the guitars had both features since early 2010s.

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