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  1. Ibanez George Benson (GB10)

    Ibanez George Benson (GB10)

    Just finished a valet/clean & setup on this. Some parts are pretty gone (lot of the shiny plating) so I am leaving with their patina. Fair few scratches/dents. Stored out of its case in an attic next to a water tank. With stuff on top. Fun it was. Bridge is not fixed. Forgot and took the...
  2. Pearly Gates in an R7

    Pearly Gates in an R7

    I wouldn't change the pickups. The R7 Goldtops have excellent pickups in them. It would be kinda like changing out a set of Tim Shaw pickups.
  3. Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's/Heritage Cherry

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's/Heritage Cherry

    So I got a new guitar in the mail today and it's a Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's in Heritage Cherry! Im so excited. Ive been playing on a Fender Stratocaster for 15 years and I've always wanted a Gibson Les Paul, so I saved up for the past year to buy one. I love it! It sounds so rich and warm...
  4. cracked neck

    cracked neck

    Strap fell off when I let my friend use my guitar. It fell on the ground (carpet) and there are multiple cracks in the neck as well as some chipped wood. Don't know how deep the cracks run. Fretboard is separated at the top as well. Repairable? Cost?
  5. FrankenTele PartsCaster

    FrankenTele PartsCaster

    A £100 Special. I went to see this not quite believing the Ad. No photo. The kid who had it had bought the bits bar the body. He got it all together and sold it. Banana neck. Strings were a good 3/4 inch off at 12th fret. I told the kid it probably just needed setup. He told me how he...
  6. 1982 Ibanez AR250, Mint. Absolutely mint.

    1982 Ibanez AR250, Mint. Absolutely mint.

    A 1982 Ibanez AR250. Beautiful. Lovely cap. Thin and light. Switched out the bridge pup to a seymour duncan.
  7. Any love for the Marauder?

    Any love for the Marauder?

    Hi all, newb. Loving the photos. Here is my baby, a 1975/6 Marauder. My favourite guitar. Banged up and beat. Just great to know it's been played like it should be. The neck is pure butter. Lovely punchy sound, Bill Lawrence epoxy sealed pups - which are humbuckers but are very single-coil in...
  8. Les paul ll epiphone limited edidion  sj03041746

    Les paul ll epiphone limited edidion sj03041746

  9. My Les Paul's

    My Les Paul's

    1996 - 57 Custom Black Beauty, 1977 Deluxe Goldtop w/ Duncan humbuckers !, 1982 Heritage 80, 1999' 68 Custom shop, 2001 - R9 Historic.
  10. Wall of Paul

    Wall of Paul

    1.R6, 2.Deluxe 3.R7 4.ES 5. Limited with EMG's and Piezo 6 is going to be a Custom Goldtop just cant find one :) updated ..oh look what he found ... been kinda busy so its been home for a few weeks and well I freeking love the LP Custom Wildwood Goldtop. It found problems with my fender amp bec...
  11. 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded

    2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded

    2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded Satin Fireburst nitro finish Mahogany body with modern weight relief Carved maple top Mahogany neck Rosewood fretboard 22 medium jumbo frets 24.75 scale Burst Bucker Pro pickups Coil splitting: no Trapezoid inlays Got this guitar in late June 2021. The finish...
  12. New toy

    New toy

    After selling my Les Paul Standard 10 years ago, much regret, I’m finally back on the band wagon with a new LP Tribute. Such and easy guitar to play
  13. PRS Silver Sky - RW + MN (with video)

    PRS Silver Sky - RW + MN (with video)

    Maker: Paul Reed Smith
  14. Epiphone refinish

    Epiphone refinish

  15. Les Paul Scale Length

    Les Paul Scale Length

    When i measure from the nut to the center of the 12 fret it has a 12 inch, does it mean i have 24 inch scale length? But when i measure it from the nut to the saddle, i got 25Inch can somebody explain it to me?
  16. My Scratch Build Les Paul

    My Scratch Build Les Paul

    My Scratch Build Les Paul Spec Sheet. Backstory: 30yrs ago a family friend who happened to be a State Trooper and 3rd Generation Luthier asked what was my favorite guitar; I said a Les Paul but I'll never afford one. A month later he gifted me an unfinished/unbuilt guitar and told me if I want...
  17. 2018 R8

    2018 R8

    Just got this 2018 R8 from Really Great Guitars in England. I was not intending buying just yet but it was such a nice Guitar and I got a good deal from Andy the proprietor that I had to have it. I am not much of a player but treated myself as a retirement present and will leave it to my Son...
  18. 59 Lp

    59 Lp

    Two peice mahogany body with maple cap.
  19. Gold top

    Gold top

    Gold top les paul 91 and R4 custom shop Video . 2 video
  20. 2020 R0 Tight Flame

    2020 R0 Tight Flame

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