1. ranchonmars

    NGD....sort of 1978 Greco EG800 Custom Cherryburst

    Bought this Greco 1978 EG800 Custom Cherryburst from a U.S. Seller for what I thought was a fair price. I knew it wasn't going to be in mint condition, but due to their poor packaging the neck got one of these... I've obviously started a return on eBay, but if they offer a partial refund...
  2. B

    Greco EG 800 identification help?

    The only store that is anywhere nearby that sells Greco guitars, sell either the earlier 70s models or mid 80s models. The one which seems the most appealing is the EG 800 which was supposedly made in 1985, but when I look at the Mint Collection 1985 catalog I can't find any guitar with that...
  3. krugerj

    Greco LES PAUL CUSTOM -- new guitar incoming!! Thoughts?? [pics inside]

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've posted on the forum, how are y'all doing? So I recently made a Rinkya account to bid on some Japanese guitars (HUUUUGE mistake for my bank account), and like a moron bid on something absent-mindedly, and ended up winning the bid by accident! So I wanted...

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