1. P

    Neck shape of Edwards Les Paul Custom w/o serial number: w/ vs. w/o "by Navigator"

    It is known that Edwards Les Paul Custom w/o serial number on the headstock (i.e. made in 90s) and with "by Navigator" on the truss rod cover has fat neck (chunky C-Shape or U-shape). Now consider exactly the same instrument but w/o "by Navigator". What is the neck shape in this case? Is it the...
  2. S

    NGD + NAD + family shot etc (LTD EC1000 / Edwards / Gibson BFG / Taylor / Vox)

    This is long overdue. New guitar day was about a month ago. Just been busy with a new house, renovation, etc. The amp I got last week. Not really going to blab on about what I got, but this is a new guitar for me in over 6 or 7 years? The guitar I bought, the LTD EC 1000T used from the States...
  3. J

    Preserial Edwards E-LP SD/P Gold Top P90

    Hi Guys, Do you think it is worth to consider that guitar? To be honest it's the first time I have encountered Edwards, but seems that they are quite highly regarded in guitar society. Seems like preserial model, made around 2000, so no serial number on back of the headstock and also wondered...
  4. EDBF645A-CAD2-4B05-8994-EE51E1FBEA4E.png


    Edwards E-LP85 CD
  5. Homeras

    FS/FT: Edwards E-SA-138 LTC 2008 like ES-335

    Edwards E-SA-138 LTC 2008 in mint condition, like new except small scratches next to switchcraft. All stock. Hard maple, mahogany block and neck, ebony fretboard. Pickups are SH-2N and SH-14, gold hardware in perfect condition. ESP case included. Asking 1000€. Trades - Crews, Navigator...
  6. Gtarzan81

    Gibson 1986 Studio - Edwards Jimmy Page - Edwards John Sykes

    Any of youse in the market for any of the following? 1. 1986 Gibson LP Studio $ 950 shipped. Only changes are a pro setup and new strings. It plays better than when I got it. https://www.mylespaul.com/threads/sold-1986-les-paul-badmojo-makeovers.430014/...
  7. Homeras

    Edwards by Navigator?

    Hi there! Could anyone say few words about what the Edwards by Navigator (written on a truss rod cover, photo attached) will differ vs. regular Edwards? I can buy a guitar, it's said to be e-lp-85, 1992 year (probably). Thank You!!
  8. Greco

    The MIJ Compatability Thread: Helping you find the MIJ LP you've been searching for.

    Hey guys! So I had an idea pop up when another member of our little MIJ community said he wanted suggestions on MIJ guitars. I then had the idea where instead of people making individual threads, why not make one consolidated thread where the new guys would like help on what model they are...
  9. J

    '83 Greco EG59-65 or new MIJ?

    Hi All, Long time lurker first time posting. I'm ready to pull a trigger on an MIJ LP style guitar, but I'm stuck between buying an '83 MC Greco or buying a new or new-ish LP, either from Edwards or one of the new Grecos with the truss rod adjustment at the bottom of the neck. Would a new...
  10. Z

    Edwards Les Pauls discontinued?

    Hi, I’m new here, sort of (used to occasionally posted under a different name, but I digress). I just visited the ESP/Edwards website and they list the two ALS E-LP guitars as discontinued. The 130ALS and the 135ALS. I’m wondering if anyone has heard about this or if this is a very recent...
  11. chimi

    3 Guitars FS/FT

    I have 3 guitars i am looking to move. Adding links to the Reverb page for the 2 Fenders. A few pics of the Edwards attached. 1) Edwards Les Paul (John Sykes style) The details: Could definitely use a set up. Has a bit of paint missing (chip) that I took some black sharpie to. Has a ding on...
  12. Jenzzz

    Burny's - Made in Japan?

    Who can tell me which of the new Burny RLC models are made in Japan? So far I thought if they have a three-screw TRC, they're made in China, but doesn't seem to be the case. Any infos on that? Thanks, much appreciated!
  13. justinspv

    Double-cut MIJ

    If anyone is thinking of selling their MIJ double-cut please message me. thank you
  14. theusualdan

    Sold - Edwards E-LP-112LTS/RE Jimmy Page Relic Les Paul MIJ w/ Bare Knuckle Mules

    Edwards MIJ Les Paul in Honeyburst with lots of upgrades. Bare Knuckle Mule PAF style pickups. Locking tuners. Bigsby w/ vibramate attachment (I'll include the tune-o-matic bridge). Strap locks. SKB hardcase. Plays and sounds fantastic. Get your Jimmy Page on with this. Relic'd with some natural...
  15. LTigh

    NGD 2011 Edwards E-LP 125 ALS and Buyee Shipping PSA

    Right. So really wasn't in the market for yet another Edwards E-LP after the John Sykes, but thanks to boredom and peer pressure (well, more like bargain-hunting buddy sending me pics of an Original Series Horizon II he scored for $650 on Yahoo Auctions Japan-- bastard loves to torture me with...
  16. LTigh

    NGD: ...So it looks like I joined a small, exclusive club (Early Edwards E-LP)

    So I normally don't do NGDs, instead posting in the General threads, but thought I'd post this because reasons. Work schedule and Photobucket fail had pretty much kept me from creating the post when I first got this, but slight respite from Day Job (not long, still gotta head back and work over...
  17. GuitarRUSH

    Edwards E-LP 135 - Lemon Drop

    It's that time again where I let go of an awesome MIJ Les Paul replica... For sale is a WONDERFUL Edwards E-LP 135 in a Lemon Drop finish. This is a factory relic'd model that has light scratches, pick marks, and wear already on it to give it that vintage feel and look. Item is described as...

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