1. Luboy

    [NGD] '13 R8 lemon/blonde

    After months of CITES kicking my behind I found an affordable plain top lemon drop (burst) nearby. At almost 9.4 lbs it is heavier than my previous '14 R8 ice tea, but somehow it is more resonant. Seems to have a more pleasant neck angle and neck carve too, thus it operates and feels better...
  2. GuitarRUSH

    Edwards E-LP 135 - Lemon Drop

    It's that time again where I let go of an awesome MIJ Les Paul replica... For sale is a WONDERFUL Edwards E-LP 135 in a Lemon Drop finish. This is a factory relic'd model that has light scratches, pick marks, and wear already on it to give it that vintage feel and look. Item is described as...