diy guitar mods

  1. GuitarTalk

    Quick & Easy: DIY Nickel Aging (takes 15minutes)

    Hey guys, Introduction (skip if in a hurry): So as you may know I finally got my hands on my favourite Les Paul a couple months ago, a Murphy aged 59 True Historic. It’s a perfect guitar but the one thing that stood out to me was how shiny the pickup covers were compared to the rest of the...
  2. modernrelic

    Surface Mount Parts/Kits?

    Hey all. First-time poster here. I'm about to start a guitar build and I'd like to make the pickups as well. Since the guitar is a Ric-inspired build, I'd like to make surface mounted pickups, ala Ric toasters or maybe DeArmond style. Could anyone recommend a source for parts for that style of...

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