1. aBunchOfPedals

    Pladask Elektrisk - BAKFRAM (Delay, Glitch, Time Stretch)

    Here’s a weird little pedal that does a ton of cool stuff. I can do simple delay but that’s not really important when you’re dealing with something like this. The time stretching and freeze features kind of make it a glitch master! The whole pedal is controlled by a clock controller, so you...
  2. lakeburst

    Introducing the new Keeley ECCOS Delay Looper

    Introducing the new Keeley ECCOS Delay Looper The true-stereo Keeley ECCOS artfully combines a delay pedal and a looper. At the heart of the ECCOS is a neo-vintage delay with unprecedented control over tape-style echoes. Create long and majestic sounding tape flanged delay lines and then...
  3. aBunchOfPedals

    Mastro Valvola - Lysergic Emotions Module

    I made this video last week but the more I play with it, the more fun I have. There’s 8 different delay types that range from reverse, vibrato, filter, bit crushing and all kinds of weirdness. I never had a pedal from this company but I jumped all over it when they asked if I wanted to try it...
  4. jonesy

    Getting Robin Trowers "Bridge of Sighs" Tone by Jonesyblues

    I have been working on "Bridge of Sighs" by Robin Trower and here is my take on how to get his guitar tone that you hear on that song. Had fun making this video hope you like it... Jonesy
  5. TrippyStormtrooper

    WTB Belle Epoch Delay Chrome

    Lost out on a bid for one today so now I’m irked. Maybe hoping that one of you has one you’re willing to let go. Looking for a Catalinbread Belle Epoch Delay, limited edition chrome. Willing to pay a reasonable price for one if any of you have one to sell. Thx
  6. bossaddict

    Pending: Strymon Timeline delay pedal w/ power cable and box

    I've decided to downsize from my Strymon Timeline and just picked up a DIG to replace it. I just never use anywhere near all of the features and am much more of a set-it-and-forget-it kind of player. It's in excellent condition and comes with the power cable, quick start guide, sticker, and...
  7. aBunchOfPedals

    Pladask Elektrisk - BAKVENDT (Granular Synthesis and Reverse Delay)

    So this little fella uses granular synthesis to produce a reverse delay kind of sound. It’s pretty unique and comes in a small footprint. Unfortunately they were only built in a very small batch so they’re hard to come by. It’s got a lot of interesting controls and looping functions. Super...
  8. Bluesytone

    SOLD: Timmy Overdrive, Carbon Copy Delay

    Paul C. Timmy Overdrive. Black with orange led. V2. Mint condition only used once in home office. With box. $SOLD MXR Carbon Copy Delay. Mint condition only used once in home office. With box. $SOLD All prices are PayPal and shipped via priority usps. No trades. Check my feedback for...
  9. aBunchOfPedals

    Dwarfcraft Devices - Witch Shifter

    I really wasn't expecting this pitch shifter to have so many different sounds in it. Sometimes it gets close to a weird reverb and when you add in the delay circuit, it's just awesome. You can use it for pretty, ambient music or make it totally gross with the fuzz circuit. I was pleasantly...
  10. aBunchOfPedals

    Chase Bliss - Thermae (analog delay and pitch shifting)

    This is a long one folks but it's got a ton of good info in it and I hope it can shed some light on this mysterious pedal. You should definitely check out the YouTube description for some really interesting information... you won't regret it :) Anyone else have a Thermae? What do you think?
  11. aBunchOfPedals

    Smallsound/Bigsound - No Memory (Modulated Delay)

    This is one of the weirdest (I mean that in a good way) delay pedals I’ve ever played with. It can be a little finicky at times but once you get the modulation dialed in… it’s awesome. Super unique delay and pretty hard to find. Luckily, there’s talk of a new version coming out! This is the...
  12. aBunchOfPedals

    Hungry Robot Pedals - El Castillo (Pitch Shifting Reverb)

    I got this a while ago and it was just recently released. It's a pitch shifting reverb but you can quantize the shifting to up an octave, down an octave or both. You can also turn off the quantize and use the pitch knob to select different frequencies... it gets weird, the good weird. There's...
  13. aBunchOfPedals

    Electronic Audio Experiments - Beholder (fuzzed-out reverb)

    This is the first pedal I've ever had from EAE but it's pretty dang cool. The reverb consists of a brick of digital delays... then it gets fed back into itself. After that, it gets mixed with a high-gain fuzz circuit to give you some of the meanest sounds ever. It can be dialed back to achieve...
  14. aBunchOfPedals

    Homenoise Effects - Deep Space (ambient delay)

    This pedal is basically a self-feeding, double delay. It's easy to get straight forward dual repeats (like a quarter and dotted eighth). There's no tap tempo, so don't even start whining :p The two delay times are set with sliders. The Lo-Fi mode slows down one of the delay lines (up to 1...
  15. aBunchOfPedals

    Red Panda - Tensor (Timeshift Glitch/Delay)

    So this is my first Red Panda pedal. It does a lot of cool, glitchy delay type stuff. There's a built in looper and a ton of pitch shifting. I liked it as kind of a mellow pad in the background. Anyone else have one? I've seen a lot of videos on the other RP pedals, thoughts?
  16. Page/lespaulfreak

    How do you set your delay in a live setting?

    I bought a BOSS ME 80 Multi FX pedal last year and have been learning how to set up the delay for home use and recording with it. Since the pedal has a small screen that displays the milliseconds of the delay, I take out my phone, tap the beat of the song on my metronome app to get the bpm...
  17. aBunchOfPedals

    SolidGoldFX - Electroman MKII - (Modulated Delay)

    Here’s the new Electroman MKII from SolidGoldFX. It’s got some really nice feature and sounds pretty damn awesome. There’s an fx loop, which is nice. There’s also a REALLY nice modulation circuit with variable speeds and depth. This is the first pedal I’ve had from them them. What do you...
  18. Bluesytone

    SOLD MXR Carbon Copy Delay

  19. aBunchOfPedals

    Bookworm Effects - Delayvid Foster Wallace (light sensor delay)

    Well, it’s got a damn light sensor in it. There’s a lot of cool sounds you can get if you mix it with the hold switch. Some parts of the video show it better than others (the low light parts worked out a lot better). At it’s core, it’s a nice digital delay. If you turn up the Time knob past...
  20. aBunchOfPedals

    RedShift Effects - Mirage (Magical Delay and Modulation)

    So I've had this for about a week and it's pretty damn cool. You can program your own delay patterns with octave changes (up to 15). It's got two external controls for an expression pedal and button control. There's a reverse mode (can still use custom patterns), there's octave mode too (can...

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